WE ARE NOT going to tell corny jokes on the mic.
WE ARE NOT going to play trance at your wedding!
WE ARE NOT going to play desperate, crappy disco to try to “Please everyone.”
WE ARE NOT going to be an ego driven “artist” & only play what “we” want to hear.
WE ARE NOT going to play hip hop at your dinner (unless of course…)
WE ARE NOT going to play iPods/CDs.
WE ARE NOT going to be shitty wedding DJs!

WE ARE going to play VINYL (remember that format?)
WE ARE going to play the perfect music for the mood of the people in attendance.
WE ARE going to be able to read the crowd and build the energy accordingly.
WE ARE going to seamlessly blend from dinner to dance party.
WE ARE going to make you dance your ass off.
WE ARE going to make you laugh.
WE ARE going to make you cry.
WE ARE going to make your friends jealous.
WE ARE going to create lifelong memories…



We think you, your family celebrations, your friends and your true loves are beautiful, and any images that represent these milestones should illustrate the pure joy in these moments. In fact, our team will no doubt disarm you with there gentleness and charm while we loosen you up with our cynical witticisms so that before you know it, you've got a miasma of artful photographs so achingly beautiful it will make your heart break like an egg. In fact, that is our hope here at Yeah! Photographers, to break open everyone's heart, because a closed heart is not photogenic.  



They are a group of filmmakers who also like to shoot weddings. Instead of long comprehensive uncut videos, they produce heavily edited, stylish short vignettes that encapsulate the feeling of your big day. They use crisp high definition video and even captivating time lapse sequences to craft films that are as unique as your event. They try to approach each wedding with an artistic curiosity in their shark brains and love in their pig hearts.



The Smilebooth is a fresh, new rendition of the old school photo booth that encourages a hot mess of fun and spontaneity. A dummy-proof way to get professional photos of your guests! It's a mini photography studio that inspires creative, fabulous-looking photographs, animated GIFs, and videos that are instantly social media ready and shareable. It's an exciting addition to any memorable wedding reception.

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