Herbal medley

Herbal Medley is a commission for Vital Arts to provide a permanent solution to the privacy issuein the new wing of St Bartholomew’s (Bart’s) Hospital, London. The rooms are overlooked by the offices of the Bank of America from across a narrow alley. Theiraim was to create a permanent treatment of the windows that would provide privacy and at the same time a level of transparency to still enjoy a view from the inside. The façade is 108 metres long and 8 storeys high. 300 windows had to be treated, including 240 windows of wards. The pattern is a mix of 24 different herbs and plants with medicinal qualities: from Arnica to Rosemary and Dandelion to Lavender. They set out to create a pattern for the windows that would make the patient feel good about being in the rooms. The herbs add a botanical, floral and healing quality to the space. Vital Arts is the arts organization for Bart’s Health NHS Trust, East London, who commission art to improve the hospital environment for patients.