Darkside × Children Of The Light

“I thought I was making a dance record.“

“I thought I was making a rock record.“

“We both failed.”

Darkside is a collaborative duo made up of guitarist Dave Harrington and electronic producer Nicolas Jaar. The two musicians have vastly different backgrounds, but over the course of several years of touring together, they found common ground: Darkside. Dave and Nico use each other as mediums. They work on primal instinct and summon a hybrid of electronic music and psychedelic rock with the kind of artistic depth and breadth for which the term “progressive” was coined.

For their concerts Darkside teams up with the innovative Dutch-Norwegian live scenography duo, Children of The Light. Here is what they had to say about the collaboration:

"Our artistic visions matched very strongly from the beginning, and Children of the Light and Darkside have grown bigger with each other. Normally, reviews don’t cover the visual aspect of a performance, but in the reviews Darkside got was they wrote as much about the scenography as the music. This enhanced the idea that we were an powerful team. Something we felt on the stage as well.. The huge round double-sided mirror was the result of experiments with reflective materials. We wanted to make something that could be invisible and reflecting at the same time. The idea of the Mirror itself is very flexible, of course: it’s something that adjusts itself to the environment which makes it feel organic. We liked the ambiguous idea behind it, just like Darkside: there is no dark side, without the light side. The Mirror could become anything, even a black hole or the Big Bang."