We are giving away a free wedding!

What? Yes, you've heard it right.

That includes OUR LABOR OF LOVE, The Flashdance, Shark Pig, a Smilebooth, a dress and tux (or two dresses/two tuxes), hair and makeup, a planner, a cake, a venue, catering...

EVERYTHING is included!  



How does that sound? Pretty f$@*& amazing, no?

The Wedding will take place at
Ace hotel New Orleans
November 5th, 2017


Entrance to the competition ends july 6th at midnight

Once you are signed up you will be in the running. The board will choose 20 couples that will go though to the second round and the public will vote for a winner (the public will be voting on you based on the information you provide so make it awesome!).

What are you waiting for? Get a move on! Go go go! Fill in the form below.

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Your future spouse
Take your time, be clever, be creative, link to your website / facebook / instagram / twitter / vimeo, make something rad, tell jokes, give us a feeling for who you are, tell us all about how you guys met, what you like to do, what inspires you etc. This isn't a race, take your time & give it some thought.
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