What exactly is the deal with this deal?!

YEAH! Weddings is a collective of artists that love weddings and know how to have a great time! The parent companies (The Flashdance, Our Labor of Love, Sharkpig, & Smilebooth) have been doing this for almost 10 years and those companies have collected a lot of talented assistants, second shooters, and hyper creative people...

YEAH! only costs a fraction of what the parent companies charge individually. We want to work with our friends and colleagues that we trust and collaborate with everyday, you want to save some time and money... Think of us like a one-stop-shop for photography, video, DJ, and photobooth at an amazing deal: $10,000! Check all those big things off your list in one easy step! Here’s what you get:


5 hours of performance time by a Flashdance DJ - did we mention that they’re the best around?


8 hours of wedding wedding coverage by a YEAH! Weddings photographer. High resolution digital negatives fully edited and processed digitally and delivered via a password-protected online gallery.


8 hours of wedding coverage by a Shark Pig videographer. One HD vignette highlighting the best of the wedding. Uncut vows delivered separately, and a DVD with your wedding video.


Up to 4 hours of Smilebooth usage.  Setup and delivery of Smilebooth. A fun and helpful attendant for the duration of your wedding. Online hosting of Smilebooth images for free download (low-res jpg) or purchase ($1 for 4x6).

What if I only want 1 or 2 of the services above? Do you have a package for that?

We do not have a package for only 1-2 services, but we do have a smaller package where you can book three services for $9,000.  If you’re looking to book any of our artists à la carte, we’d be happy to connect you with the parent companies directly to learn more.  

At YEAH! we believe that we are better when booked together, hence the package price.  Having all of the artists on the same team creates a better experience and a better final product for you. Our photographers and videographers share a similar aesthetic and never step on each other’s toes. We feed off each other’s’ creativity, resulting in more meaningful visuals.  Our DJs know how to read the room. If the guests aren't on the dancefloor a Flashdance DJ can turn that around (and if they're in the Smilebooth the operator will be dancing with them, hell, wherever you guys are someone from our team will be dancing with you). We want your dance party to feel more like a house party... And trust, we know how to throw a houseparty!

Can I pick my photographer / videographer / DJ?

All of our shooters and DJs have been trained by the owners of the principal companies and since we are have hectic travel schedules it works best to assign the artists as the date approaches. We have exceptionally high standards, pinky swear, it's going to be GREAT!

Do you travel?

Hell YEAH! we travel! We’ve taken the YEAH! package all over the world and we love traveling because it allows us a fresh perspective. We ask that our travel expenses be covered.

What if I want to add extra hours? Or video coverage of the toasts? Or ceremony + cocktail hour sound equipment?

We have a full list of add-ons available for all these things and more!  Please send us an email and we’d be happy to give you a custom package quote.


Once a year we throw a party for the entire event industry and we go WAY over the top with it.  Here is a video from a recent event that Shark Pig shot. The Flashdance is spinning, Shark Pig is doing video, and every photographer and blogger in the industry is dancing their asses off. NSFW-ish.