Wynn & Scott

Wynn and Scott met five years ago while working at a garden store. Wynn made Scott so giddy that he had to resort to meditation while raking to keep his cool. Fortunately, Wynn broke the ice with a spring roll offering at lunch. Guess the spring roll sealed the deal because they have been inseparable ever since. Now Wynn is a photographer, Scott works as a gardening teacher at a Montessori school, and they have a little family of four dogs. Scott proposed on an out of the blue day in June, 2011 with music, lilies, and pups dressed in bandanas. In their five years, Wynn and Scott have been on one vacation together outside of Texas. On this amazing trip, they went to California and have been dreaming of a California wedding ever since (they are also desperate to escape the August weather in Texas)! If we win, we solemnly promise that every single guest will be on the dance floor.

Read more about Wynn, Scott, and the pups here: wynnandscott.tumblr.com