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man wearing khakis

Can I Wear Khakis to a Wedding?

Choosing what to wear for a wedding can be a challenge, especially with today’s more relaxed standards. It gets even trickier if a couple doesn’t provide a suggested dress code on their invitation. Should you bust out a...

woman wearing pants at wedding

Can Women Wear Pants to a Wedding?

Getting dressed for an event is difficult, no matter what it is. But weddings are challenging. The chances are good that you’ll be meeting new people as well as catching up with others who you haven’t seen in a while...

woman in short dress

Can I Wear a Short Dress to a Wedding?

Getting dressed for a wedding can be a stress-inducing task. You’re likely to see people you don’t know or people you haven’t seen in a long time. What’s more, there will undoubtedly be photographers and even...

woman in vintage wedding dress in frozen

27 Gorgeous Winter Wedding Dresses

A wintery wonderland creates the perfect setting for a dream wedding. With the bride being the star of the show, her dress should help her stand out on the big day. And, it always helps when the winter wedding dress...

indian wedding attire

Can I Wear White to an Indian Wedding?

Are you thrilled to receive an invitation to your friends’ Indian wedding ceremony but remain unsure about what to wear? The question often arises, what do you wear to these ceremonies? Can you wear white to an Indian...

man wearing jeans and sport coat

Can You Wear Jeans to a Wedding?

While planning a wedding, the bride and groom put care and concern into the decorations, theme, and apparel for the wedding party and their family members. When you are invited to a wedding ceremony or reception, what...