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Bridal Shower Games & Activities to Get the Party Started

As the years have passed, the rules regarding bridal showers have evolved. However, one thing remains almost mandatory: bridal shower games!

These games, believe it or not, have quite a great purpose. Bridal showers bring together guests from different walks of life, age-groups, and backgrounds, some of whom have never met, all under one roof. That means you will definitely need something to break the ice. What better way to do this than by throwing in some games? Not only will they make it easier for people to mingle and get in the party mood, but they are also a fun way for people to get to interact before the big day.

Let’s have a look at some bridal shower games and activities that are sure to keep everyone at ease and well entertained!

Traditional Bridal Shower Games

While the games below might be somewhat cliché, they remain timeless and most importantly, fun!

Who Am I?

This game is essentially an icebreaker designed to get your guests talking. It comes in many versions, including a tame one for traditional bridal showers involving guests of mixed interests and ages, a full-contract style for the more adventurous, as well as a couple’s version. As every guest comes in, the host sticks the name of a famous person on his or her back. It does not matter who it is; it could be a movie star, a historical figure, a local celebrity or even a family member. The guests keep the names on other guests’ backs a secret.

The aim of the game is to get each member to find out who their “party personality” of the day is. In order to do so, they ask each other questions such as, “Am I a political figure? Am I a woman? Am I a relative of the bride? Am I a local celebrity?” All the answers are limited to yes or no.

While it looks simplistic, this bridal shower game is a great conversation starter, getting the ball rolling on the guest’s interactions.

Two Truths & One Lie

Here, everybody introduces themselves and tells the entire group 3 things about themselves, one being a lie and two of which are true. The group should then shout or write which one they think is the lie.

“How Well Do You Know The Bride?” Games

If you are at the bridal shower, then you most definitely know the bride; but how well really? The games below are bound to test your knowledge while revealing things you never knew about the guest of honor.

Bridal Bingo

This version of bingo is a common team building exercise, and it is a nearly perfect icebreaker when it comes to bridal showers. Here, you get to fill out several bingo cards with stuff that the bride likes. It can be anything; their favorite color, best travel destination, favorite food, and so much more. Just like the traditional style bingo, the cards are required to be somewhat different but have certain squares in common with the rest.

The next step is to write each item on a different piece of paper, fold the pieces, mix them up thoroughly, then put them in a bowl or bag. Have the bride-to-be select one piece at a time then read it out to the entire group. If a guest happens to have a square matching what has been read, then the guest marks off that particular square.

Alternatively, you can fill in a bag or box with a collection of small gifts of stuff that makes the bride happy. Instead of asking her to pick a slip of paper, you could ask her to choose a gift. The only thing here is that you need to make sure that the gifts appear on the cards, just to make sure that the guests have a chance to participate as well. Have some door prizes ready for the first individual to get five guesses correct in a row and shout out “Bingo!”

Modern Bridal Shower Games

We can all agree that if the crowd you are entertaining is made up of relatively young individuals, the traditional bridal shower games may not be as entertaining. As such, you will need to get creative with your games of choice. Be sure to try out the fun and relatively risqué games below.

Purse Raid

Basically, this game is just like scavenger hunt, with the only thing being that you will be using the guest’s bags or purses. Before the day of the bridal shower, make a list of the items you might find in your purse. Start with the simple most obvious ones such as keys, credit cards, lip gloss, etc. and work your way to the silly, funny, or even inappropriate ones.

The host then collects all the paper slips and reads out items on the list. The first individual to pull out the item in question from their bag is the winner. Be sure to buy a few gifts for the guests that will make the right guesses. 

Toilet Paper and Stick

Here, you will need to divide the guests into teams and appoint a team captain for each team. Next, hand each of the captains a stick, pole, or even broomstick. They will be required to stand against a wall while holding the pole or stick between their legs. Hand rolls of toilet paper to each of the other guests. Each team member should then cross the room, over to their team’s pole, with the toilet paper roll in between their legs as well and place it on their captain’s pole. The first team with all four toilet paper rolls on is the winner.

Not only is this game fun, but it is highly hilarious and entertaining.

Final Thoughts

Keep your bridal shower interesting with these bridal shower games, or come up with your own DIY games! Comment your favorite bridal shower activities below to add to the list.

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