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18 Change the Date Ideas For Couples Rescheduling Their Wedding

The coronavirus pandemic has seen the deferment of special events unlike any other time in history and weddings are no exception. Some brides and grooms have decided to host intimate ceremonies in outdoor venues that comply with local laws. Others have exchanged their vows on Zoom instead. 

We’ve compiled change the date ideas so you can find the best way to tell guests you are postponing or changing plans for your wedding.

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For couples who wish to follow through with their original ideas, writing change the date cards is an inevitable part of the planning process and proves to be difficult for anybody who has never been involved with a rescheduled celebration. 

If you and your partner feel the same way and need some extra inspiration, try some of our favorite headlines for change the date wedding cards from this list!

What Are Some COVID-19 Ideas for Postponed Wedding Announcements?

Sending out change the date cards is understandably upsetting for any couple regardless of where they stand in the wedding planning process. Some brides and grooms remain cheerful by looking at postponed wedding announcements as another opportunity to get creative. 

If you’re thinking about how to tell guests that you’ve changed the date of your wedding but want a heading that is more unique than “change the date” or “save the date,” you’re in luck. Read all about our favorite change the date ideas in this guide!


“He/she said yes! COVID-19 said no!” 

Write your change the date cards with this statement to emphasize the fact that your rescheduling is the result of circumstances beyond your control. Don’t shy away from mentioning that you ultimately decided to reschedule with the health of your guests in mind


“Love is in the air but is so coronavirus!”

Who says you can’t be clever when figuring out how to tell guests that you’ve changed the date of your wedding? Promise your wedding party that you and your partner have finalized his decision out of an abundance of caution and plan on social distancing together in the meantime.


“Don’t worry, we’ll be celebrating with the better kind of Corona soon!”

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If you and your partner are designing your change the wedding cards with this expression, don’t forget to include a picture of the alcoholic drink. Your guests will understand your deferment if you explain that their health is more important than celebrating your special day. 


“We can’t say ‘I do’ without all of you!”

This change wedding date wording reminds your guest list of their own significance during your special day. Reassure your wedding party that you have made this choice in order to follow local guidelines and that your thoughts are with everybody during these troubling times.


“We’ll party harder once this pandemic is over!”

Your change wedding date wording doesn’t have to be somber. Look on the bright side of the situation with this title. If you’re expecting guests who live far away from your wedding venue to attend, remind them that you have decided to reschedule so they don’t have to worry about travel restrictions.


“We can’t tie the knot while six feet apart!” 

When finalizing your change the date ideas, incorporate this humorous statement while mentioning that you’re excited to see your guests in person when it’s finally safe to host your special day. Finish your change the date cards by wishing your guests can remain safe and healthy throughout the pandemic.


What Are Some General Ideas for Postponed Wedding Announcements?

Not all wedding date change announcements are caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Many couples have found themselves rescheduling their special day after purchasing wedding insurance and learning their maid of honor or best man has been injured in an accident.

Others have faced technical problems with their wedding venue that has caused them to rebook their ceremony and reception elsewhere.

Regardless of which situation you are currently facing in the wedding planning process, these headlines for change wedding date wording will inform your guests of your shifting plans.


“Plans change, hearts don’t!” 

You can never go wrong with writing this sentence into your wedding date change announcements. Get creative by personalizing your change the date cards with a calendar and drawing a red heart around your new special day.


“A wedding so nice, we planned it twice!”

This amusing headline has proven itself to be an interesting and memorable way to inform your guests that they should disregard your original invitations. Finish your change wedding date wording by saying how you wish to hear from your guests soon. 


“Our fairy tale has a new date!”

If you and your partner prefer change the date ideas with creative statements, look no further than this title. Keep this idea in mind and don’t think twice about decorating your invitations with some castles and crown. 


“Love is patient and so are we!”

This headline works for all kinds of postponed wedding announcements. As a nice touch, include a photograph of you and your partner while telling your guests that you will follow up with more information about your rescheduled celebration at a later time.


“Love is never canceled!”

Lighten up the mood of your postponed wedding announcements with this expression and images of your wedding flowers. If you’ve created a website to showcase your romantic celebration, don’t hesitate to include the link so your wedding party can keep track of the latest scheduling updates.


“Nothing can stop love!” 

Personalize this expression in your change the wedding date cards by designing them after your own handwriting. End your invitations by thanking your guests for their continued love and support throughout the wedding planning process.


“Better late than never!” 

Who could say no to using this sentence as part of their change wedding date wording? Don’t forget to express the gratitude that you have for your guests for understanding your decision to defer your special day. 


“Same celebration, new date!” 

When writing your wedding date change announcement, incorporate this statement along with an apology for inconveniencing your guests. Reassure your wedding party that your romantic ceremony will be worth the delay. 


“Here’s more time to work on your dance moves!”

Be optimistic when finalizing how to tell guests that you’ve changed the date of your wedding. Use this title for your change the date cards so nobody in your wedding party will feel disappointed when marking a new day in their calendars for your upcoming event.


“The party must go on!”

Some couples want a lighthearted approach when creating their change the wedding date cards. If you and your partner want to capture the same attitude, consider incorporating this statement. Add a visual of balloons or champagne glasses so your guests can feel even more excited about attending your special day.


“A twist in plans!” 

Make the most of your change the date ideas by using this clever title. Reinforce the pun by including an illustration of a twisted dessert or soda bottle. 


“Our love story will still be told!”

If you and your partner share ambitious personalities, think about writing your postponed wedding announcements with a headline that reflects this fact. Conclude your change the date cards by expressing your hope that guests are still able to attend even with the rescheduled timing. 


Final Thoughts

Figuring out how to tell guests that you’ve changed the date of your wedding is a process that comes easily to some couples while being tricky for others. If you still can’t decide on your change wedding date wording after reading this guide, know that you’re not alone. 

Reach out to your married friends and family members to see if anybody else has sent out change the date cards and find out which ideas worked for them. Ask for their opinions on your favorite choices if none of them have any previous experience with creating postponed wedding announcements. 

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If you and your partner have found your inspiration from our suggestions, drop us a comment about which ones will appear on your updated invitations. We would love to hear about any of your change the date ideas that didn’t make an appearance on our list! 

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