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how to clean an engagement ring

How To Clean an Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is one of those pieces of jewelry that falls on the high spectrum when it comes to your most expensive accessories. Not only is this true when it comes to matters of price, but also sentimental value.

As such, it calls for you to take care of it as best as you can. There is nothing as enthralling as looking at your engagement ring sparkling and shimmering in the light right after it has been freshly cleaned up and polished. It is indeed a satisfying feeling, and it would only be natural for you to want to maintain that sparkle.

Learn how to clean your engagement ring so that this important piece of jewelry always looks its best!

While there are jewelers who can professionally clean it up for you, it is important that you too know how to go about the cleaning process yourself. It may seem like a somewhat daunting process at first; however as long as you have a rough idea of what you are doing, you will realize just how easy it is.

Why Clean My Engagement Ring?

Regular cleaning of your engagement ring will keep it clean, shiny, and most importantly well maintained. Putting the ring on on a daily brings with it buildup of debris, oils, cosmetic residue and other forms of dirt particles on the surface of the ring’s precious stone.

This dirt ends up forming quite a good breeding place for bacteria. This can cause metal discoloration, scratches on the gems and even skin irritations. As such, regular cleaning of the engagement ring is very important as it keeps it germs-free.

However, ring maintenance does not end at regular home cleaning. It is crucial that you have it taken to your jeweler semi-regularly. Your ring dealer will professionally clean it up for you, safely removing all those hard and deep layers of debris and compressed dirt.

What To Use to Clean Diamond Rings

diamond ring

The cleaning process does not require you to invest in much. You only need a bowl, some warm water, a gentle piece of cotton cloth, a toothbrush with soft bristles, and simple dish-cleaning detergent or soap.

It is important that you steer away from harsh and concentrated house detergents and cleaners including sanitizers, as these can lead to more harm than good to your precious ring.

Engagement ring cleanings at home may not seem like much, but it helps a lot in maintaining the ring’s spark, shimmer and natural glow. Additionally, it ensures that there is minimal buildup of all those unwanted particles that could cause you some nasty skin irritations.

You can clean your wedding bands with the same products.

What Products Should I Avoid?

You can use shampoo, body wash, or a regular dish cleaning detergent to clean your engagement ring. Whatever kind of soap you settle for, just be sure that it is not a moisturizer. Moisturizing products could leave ugly films on the ring, which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

Do not use harsh cleaners including bleaching agents, acetone, or chlorine, as this could damage some of your ring’s base metals. Other abrasive products that you should steer away from are powdered cleaners, baking soda, or even toothpaste as they could lead to scratches, especially on gold.

Avoid using paper towels to dry the ring, as these tend to scratch the stone. If you are not sure whether the piece of cloth you intend on using is soft enough, you could just let the ring air dry.

In addition to the above, never use ultra-sonic jewelry cleaners, especially for regular home cleaning. While these cleaners tend to have some brilliant results, they can be quite damaging. This is because they make use of vibrations that are sent through the machine’s water and cleaning solution. Such kind of arduous movement could lead to the precious stones getting loose or even cause them to fall off. 

How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

Hairsprays, makeup, lotions, and all those other common cosmetics are the leading cause of particle accumulation on your engagement ring. The good news is that by simple following regular home cleaning practices, you will have taken the first step towards keeping it clean and well maintained.

Below are the few steps to follow, especially if your ring is made of precious gems like diamonds and emeralds:

  1. Make a solution with some warm water and a gentle soap. 
  2. Soak the ring for some twenty or so minutes, depending on how thorough you want to be
  3. Use a bristle toothbrush to gently brush over the stones on the ring
  4. Rinse it off with warm, running water
  5. Use a soft piece of cotton cloth to dry it off
  6. Depending on the results, repeat the process one more time until it regains that shimmer that you desire


How Often Should I Clean my Engagement Ring?

On average, you could clean the ring at least once in every week. This is enough to keep it sparkling while keeping dirt particle accumulation at bay. Assuming you wear your engagement ring daily, it’s likely that it will build up dust and grime fairly regularly.

When it comes to professional and thorough cleaning, you could visit your jeweler two to three times annually.

The frequency of your engagement ring cleaning process is also dependent on the kind of activities you indulge in on a day to day basis. If you are actively involved in the kitchen or in other outdoor activities, it would be ideal to clean the ring a bit more frequently.

You can request that your jeweler use high quality, professional products on your ring as opposed to regular cleaning agents. This helps in restoring its shimmer while preventing any damage coming to the precious metals on the ring.

Can You Clean Your Engagement Ring Too Much? 

As long as you are using gentle soaps and cleansers and following our advice, you can’t really over-clean your engagement ring.

Where To Get an Engagement Ring Professionally Cleaned

If you bought your ring from a reputable jewelry store, chances are good that regular ring cleaning is offered as a kind of complementary service. Be sure to ask them if they offer these kinds of services beforehand.

It is best to get your ring cleaned by the jeweler you purchased it from, as they are familiar with your specific ring. Your jeweler will know what your ring’s specificities are, so they’ll know best how to clean and maintain it. They will have specific information regarding the stones’ age, structure, and specific materials, which means that they will have a cleanup process that is best suited for your particular ring type. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to clean an engagement ring, keep your ring in beautiful, sparking shape! If you’re preparing for the big day, make sure that your ring fits or that you leave enough time to get your ring resized and cleaned in time for the wedding.

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