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12 Outdoor Wedding Venues for the Perfect Philadelphia Wedding

Whether you’re a local or visitor to the City of Brotherly Love, choosing a ceremonial space from a bunch of different outdoor wedding venues is no easy decision. The space that you and your partner will eventually choose to celebrate love with your family and friends ultimately sets the tone for this special day. Luckily, there are plenty of Philadelphia outdoor wedding venues to choose from if you want the gorgeous scenery of mother nature!

If you find yourself thinking about choosing a space that will create the most unforgettable memories but don’t know how or where to start looking, just know that many other brides and grooms have had the same questions during the planning process.

Where are the best Philadelphia outdoor wedding venues? How do I get into contact with the outdoor venues near me? Whether you’re trying to decide on garden weddings, wedding estates, or unique venues in Philadelphia as the setting of your marriage rites, we’ve got you covered in this list.

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Best Philadelphia Outdoor Wedding Venues

  1. Bartram’s Garden
  2. Awbury Arboretum
  3. Horticulture Center
  4. Greensgrow Farms
  5. Morris Arboretum
  6. Ridgeland Mansion
  7. Historic Strawberry Mansion
  8. John F. Collins Park
  9. American Swedish Historical Museum
  10. The Philadelphia Cricket Club
  11. Betsy Ross House
  12. The College of Physicians of Philadelphia


Bartram’s Garden

5400 Lindbergh Boulevard, Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 729-5281
Visit Website


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Founded in 1728 by the Quaker botanist John Bartram, Bartram’s Garden has become one of the most popular outside wedding venues among the City of Brotherly Love’s locals and visitors. Consider these gorgeous gardens for your wedding day!

The 45 acres of green space is perfect for anybody who wants to have an unforgettable Philadelphia wedding among some of the country’s oldest botanic gardens, wildflower meadows, tidal wetlands, and river trails on the Lower Schuylkill River.

Many exquisite and rare tree species, such as the Franklinia and Bartram, live at Bartram’s Garden and truly make for one of the city’s most beautiful outdoor wedding venues. The newly-built Eastwick Pavilion accommodates up to 350 guests and is conveniently located 15 minutes away from Center City.

You can host both your ceremony and reception here, or walk from religious ceremony for your wedding reception in the garden.



Awbury Arboretum

1 Awbury Rd, Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 849-2855
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As the largest green space in Germantown, Awbury Arboretum and its 55 acres of meadows, woods, ponds, wetlands, and hills takes magnificence to a whole new level for your wedding day. There is plenty of outdoor space at this wedding venue, and with some good weather you’re sure to have a lovely summer wedding!

Dating back to 1852 when Henry Cope purchased the property, Awbury Arboretum was designed in the English landscape tradition that has helped it become known as one of the prettiest outside wedding venues in the city.

Brides and grooms can take their romantic pictures at the Francis Cope House, a Victorian stone mansion, or among the 140 species of trees that live at Awbury Arboretum. You could move through the property as you go from the wedding ceremony, to cocktail hour, to the wedding reception. Marriage rites are limited to 175 guests or fewer. 



Horticulture Center

100 N Horticultural Dr, Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 685-0096
Visit Website


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Located near the Shofuso Japanese House in Fairmount Park, the Horticulture Center is the ideal setting for people who are looking for outdoor wedding venues. This elegant wedding venue is perfect for anyone looking for lush greenery in an outdoor space.

The Horticulture Center was built in 1979 and sits on the former 1876 Centennial Exposition building. The reflecting pool, water fountain, sculptures, manicured gardens, and modern exhibition hall creates a charming atmosphere that can’t be found at other venues in Philadelphia.

Couples can invite 300 guests or fewer to attend their ceremonies at this greenhouse wedding venue. Both the greenhouse and the exhibition hall are indoor spaces, making it possible to have indoor and outdoor options. Keep in mind that this event venue has an exclusive caterer, the Constellation Culinary Group, in case you wanted your own wedding vendors.



Greensgrow Farms

2501 E Cumberland St, Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 427-2780
Visit Website


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As a non-profit organization that is focused on promoting urban agriculture, social entrepreneurship and food access to low-income communities, Greensgrow Farms has become one of the most unique garden wedding venues in the City of Brotherly Love.

Located in the Kensington neighborhood of North Philadelphia, this greenhouse wedding venue sits three miles away from Center City. Greensgrow Farms only hosts ceremonies from July to November and their outdoor spaces can host up to 100 people for more intimate ceremonies.

If you want a larger party, consider Greensgrow Farms for your outdoor ceremony and head elsewhere for a bigger reception space.



Morris Arboretum

100 E Northwestern Ave, Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 247-5777
Visit Website


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With 92 acres of Victoria rose gardens, meadows, water fountains, and sculptures, it’s no surprise that many brides and grooms want to have their ceremonies at Morris Arboretum instead of other venues in Philadelphia.

Morris Arboretum started as the summer home of John and Lydia Morris in 1887 before joining the University of Pennsylvania in 1932. The green space of more than 2,500 plant species from Europe and Asia creates the perfect backdrop for couples who are looking for one of the best outdoor wedding venues in the city.

Couples can arrange their Philadelphia wedding ceremonies in Widener Visitor Center, a century-old stone carriage house, with 175 guests or fewer. 



Ridgeland Mansion

4100 Chamounix Drive, Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 224-1800
Visit Website


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If couples are looking for elegant wedding estates, they should look no further than Ridgeland Mansion. Built in 1719 in the Philadelphia Federal style, Ridgeland Mansion sits in the center of Fairmount Park with five acres of cobblestone pathways, water fountains, and lush gardens.

While most outdoor wedding venues are privately owned, rental fees for marriage rites held at Ridgeland Mansion directly support the Cancer Support Community of Philadelphia. This non-profit organization strives to provide education and emotional support for people who had their lives impacted by cancer.

Ceremonies are limited to 300 guests or fewer. This 18th century historic farmhouse sits on a five acre garden, so there’s plenty of room for guests. Many couples opt for a reception tent to create shade for guests.



Historic Strawberry Mansion

2450 Strawberry Mansion Dr, Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 228-8364
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With picturesque views of the nearby gardens and cityscape, the Historic Strawberry Mansion has earned its place as one of the most charming venues in Philadelphia. It’s also a historic landmark, making it a fun venue for history buffs.

As one of the most notable wedding estates in the city and the largest of seven historical Fairmount Park houses, the Historical Strawberry Mansion was originally built in 1789 by William Lewis as a summer home across the Schuylkill River. The house gained its name after being a place that served strawberries and cream to the city’s locals.

The Historic Strawberry Mansion accommodates up to 250 guests for romantic occasions. In a city full of history, this is one of the few wedding venues in Philadelphia that provides an elegant mansion as well as a historic landmark. 



John F. Collins Park

1707 Chestnut St, Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 440-5507
Visit Website


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Couples who are more specifically searching for affordable wedding venues in Philadelphia should consider John F. Collins Park. The William Foundation funded the park’s construction and finished construction by 1979.

Unlike other venues in Philadelphia, John F. Collins Park is located right within the business district of Philadelphia and adjacent to some of the busiest streets. John F. Collins Park can only host up to 70 seated guests, but still surrounds them with miniature fountains, blooming flowers and cozy stone benches.

If you’re looking for Philadelphia wedding venues for a smaller crowd in a gorgeous outdoor space. Decorate with string lights to add to the intimate feel!



American Swedish Historical Museum

1900 Pattison Ave, Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 389-1776
Visit Website


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Located in Southern Philadelphia within Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park, the American Swedish Historical Museum is an ideal option for brides and grooms who are searching for unique outside wedding venues.

The building’s design was inspired by Ericsberg Castle and resonates with the style of wedding estates. The public galleries of paintings, furniture, and textiles at the American Swedish Historical Museum are open for guests during these romantic occasions. Weddings taking place in the outdoor terrace are limited to 200 guests or fewer. 



The Philadelphia Cricket Club

415 W Willow Grove Ave, Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 247-6001
Visit Website


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Founded in 1854, The Philadelphia Cricket Club exists as the oldest country club in the United States and is located thirty minutes away from Center City.

The Philadelphia Cricket Club’s red brick patio provides breathtaking views of the nearby woods and landscape, proving itself as one of the city’s most elegant outdoor wedding venues. Ceremonies held during the summer season may even have the views of the Great Lawn being transitioned into manicured tennis courts. Weddings are available to be held year-round with 250 guests or fewer.



Betsy Ross House

239 Arch St, Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 629-4026
Visit Website


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The Betsy Ross House is perfect for any brides and grooms who want to skip out on the garden wedding venues and wedding estates in favor of having more of a historical experience in the heart of the Old City. Couples can even invite historical re-enactors to mingle with their guests!

Located within walking distance of Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and Elfreth’s Alley, the Betsy Ross house can accommodate up to 130 guests on its cobblestone courtyards and other outdoor spaces.



The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

19 South 22nd St, Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 563-3737
Visit Website


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Constructed in 1908 in the New Beaux-Arts Style by Cope and Stewardson, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia is the oldest private medical society in the United States since 1787.

Located in the Rittenhouse-Fitler Historic District, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia has shown itself as one of the most exquisite venues for an outdoor wedding in the City of Brotherly Love. Couples can take their photographs in the herb garden, surrounded by pebble walkways and sweetheart benches. Outdoor events are limited to 200 guests or fewer.



Final Thoughts

Find the perfect place for your outdoor wedding with this list of outdoor wedding venues in the Philadelphia area! Whether you love garden weddings with flowers in full bloom or you prefer a historic estate, the perfect venue is out there. Check out our favorite Philadelphia florists to add the perfect floral displays to your dream venue!

If you have specific questions about any of these outdoor wedding venues, don’t let yourself sit in wonder. Reach out to any of the event coordinators and they’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

If you have decided on a particular venue for your special day, let us know where and why in the comments!

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