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The Top 10 Napa Valley Wedding Photographers

Napa Valley, California is known for its ties to the wine industry and expansive views that show off the rolling hills of Northern California.

Plenty of people travel far and wide from the wine country to Napa Valley to explore world-class wineries and enjoy time away from the hustle of the city. 

Couples also come to Napa to get married, meaning they often need experienced Napa Valley wedding photographers to capture memories from their big day!

Bride Posing For Her Groom While Shooting

The photographers on our list of the best wedding photographers in Napa Valley all meet these requirements and then some.

They specialize in providing portraits and candid shots that are timeless, beautiful, and most of all unique to you! Check out our list of the best wedding photographers in Napa Valley below! 

Best Wedding Photographers in Napa Valley

  1. Blissful Stories Photography and Videography
  2. Christophe Genty Photography
  3. Willow and Ben Wedding Photography
  4. Lori Paladino Photography
  5. Jen Philips Photography
  6. Michelle Walker Photography
  7. T.J. Salsman Photography
  8. Lily Rose Photography
  9. Peter Cafaro Photography
  10. Shannon Stellmacher Photography

Read on to learn more about these talented wedding photographers!

Blissful Stories Photography and Videography

Phone: (707) 862-4777
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Blissful Stories Photography and Videography provide wedding, engagement, portraits, events, travel, and video services.

Their packages are custom fit to every couple or person looking for a photography session. Overall, their vibe is classic and romantic. 

The professionals with Blissful Stories offer complimentary meetups and consultations for every client.

They are open to travel and can conduct these consultations in person, over the phone, or on Skype. 

Christophe Genty Photography

3138 Browns Valley Rd, Napa, CA 94558
Phone: (707) 258-8559
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Christophe Genty Photography offers plenty of photography and videography services for clients looking for beautiful and timeless pictures and videos.

They are an award-winning service in Napa Valley. Their packages are customizable and they do offer photo album options. 

If you are in the market for more fun shoots, this is a good choice. They offer what they call “trash the dress” shoots where the bride is free to take photos in water or other elements that would generally ruin the dress.

The professionals at Christophe Genty know how to capture a special moment in time while having a little fun. 

Willow and Ben Wedding Photography

2641 Brown St, Napa, CA 94558
Phone: (818) 307-5636
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Looking for a more modern look to your media from your big day? Willow and Ben Wedding Photography is one of the premier vendors in Napa Valley for modern and fresh wedding photos. 

Wedding photography collections start at $5,300 and various add-ons are available for each package to make it perfect for you. They offer both engagement sessions and wedding sessions.

Lori Paladino Photography

1041 Jefferson St #5, Napa, CA 94559
Phone: (415) 595-5674
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Lori Paladino has 14 years of photography experience and a passion for the work she delivers. Her photography can be described as light and joyful. The way she captures details of your day is unmatched. 

All packages include high-resolution digital photos and she offers fully customizable packages for any wedding, any size, at any time.

She is an award-winning photographer and a crowd favorite in Napa Valley. 

Jen Philips Photography

1034 Clinton St, Napa, CA 94559
Phone: (707) 815-8368
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Jen Philips Photography is known for its fresh and natural photography that seeks to enhance and capture the natural beauty of its clients.

She offers boutique customization, beautiful photos, and flexibility in all her work. 

She has had 14 years of experience and completed over 250 weddings.

All of the wedding packages come with Jen and a second photographer, an online gallery of your photos, your finished images in 4 weeks, and 6-10 hours of service. 

Michelle Walker Photography

2185 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA 94558
Phone: (707) 867-1650
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Michelle Walker describes herself as a wedding photographer with a photojournalistic edge. She looks for the perfect shot and will make her clients comfortable on their big day so they can enjoy their experience. 

She offers four separate packages with possible add-ons. Package one is the highest price for $10,500 and the lowest price package for $1,300.

Each package comes with something different, but they all include high-resolution files, a few hours of photos, and an online photo gallery. You can add a wedding album to any photo package. 

T.J. Salsman Photography

305 Troon Dr, Napa, CA 94558
Phone: (707) 266-8767
Visit Website

If you are looking for an outdoor wedding photographer, this might be the photographer for you.

They offer services for family portraits, proposal shoots, wedding shoots, and more. 

He considers himself a documentary-style photographer who captures the essence of the day as the events unfold.

The energy in his photos comes across as timeless, joyful, and authentic. The packages offered are customizable to each couple. 

Lily Rose Photography

1055 Broadway e1, Sonoma, CA 95476
Phone: (707) 603-9062
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Lily Rose Photography brings drama in their photography sessions. They offer plenty of types of photography sessions, so you know that they are experienced and able to mold to any style the client chooses. 

They offer a lot of packages, but their most popular package costs $5,600 and comes with 9 hours of photography services.

It also includes two photographers, a photo album, high-resolution digital prints, and an online gallery for sharing your photos with friends and family. 

Peter Cafaro Photography

Phone: (707) 307-2811
Visit Website

Peter Cafaro offers Napa Valley photography services, but also loves to travel and is willing to do so!

Their photography captures your special moment in a clean, crisp style that feels timeless and full of emotion. 

Wedding packages start at $3,000, micro-wedding packages start at $2,250 and elopements start at $1,000.

Each package comes with its specific features, but you are always welcome to add on or remove services depending on your needs. 

Shannon Stellmacher Photography

Phone: (707) 631-0569
Visit Website

With 18 years of experience under her belt, Shannon Stellmacher Photography specializes in couture photoshoots that are high-fashion inspired.

Each wedding has a theme and design, so if yours requires a keen eye for fashion and the avant-garde, Shannon Stellmacher Photography might be the answer for you. 

All packages include electronic delivery of your photos through an online gallery.

Other inclusions in your packages are added by you through consultation with the photographer to ensure you get precisely what you want. 

Final Thoughts

Every wedding has its design and style, so your photos must match that vibe. There are many well-known professionals in the Napa Valley area that can likely meet your needs. Each recommendation on my list serves its customers with efficiency and professionalism to produce a perfect photo story of your day. 

Many people choose to have their wedding in Napa Valley because it is gorgeous and has a perfect climate in certain months for an outdoor celebration. If you choose to get married in this area, you will likely want a photographer that can capture the love and beauty of the day. 

When looking for a vendor, regardless of the service, you want someone who is fairly priced, reliable, quick, and efficient.

You also want someone who will not add to the stress of the day, instead, they alleviate some of the worries by tending to their responsibilities perfectly. 

Some photographers can meet every budget and location in the area. They are more than willing to work with customers to make the wedding of their dreams happen. Some are even willing to travel to provide you with the photoshoot of your dreams! 

Planning your wedding in Napa, California? Check out the best Napa Valley florists for your big day too!

Did we leave a Vendor out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment and we’ll check it out!

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