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Author - Erin

post covid weddings

When Will Big Weddings Be Allowed Post-COVID?

Couples everywhere have faced disappointment in the last year, as weddings have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many couples are stuck wondering, “When can we schedule our wedding...

rsvp reminder wording

How To Politely Remind Guests to RSVP

Every couple deals with this: late RSVPs, or guests who completely fail to respond to your invitation. For brides and grooms deep in the wedding planning process, it can be extremely frustrating to chase down your guest...

wedding planning on budget

How To Plan a Wedding on a Budget 

Most people have to plan a wedding that fits with their budget. While everyone would love to plan a dream wedding with an infinite budget, financial planning is essential for most engaged couples. Learning how to plan a...

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