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Author - Erin

woman in red dress at a wedding

Can I Wear Red to a Wedding?

Although the etiquette surrounding weddings is complex, we rarely get a chance to use it. The question “can you wear red to a wedding?” is one of these areas that no one seems to be sure about. We aren’t going to...

Female wedding planner discussing ceremony with clients in office

Cost of Wedding Planners: Our Guide & Tips

Are you planning to hire a wedding planner to bring to life the wedding that you’ve always dreamed of? Are you wondering about the cost of wedding planners? Here’s the thing: There is no set price for hiring a wedding...

wedding cake on stand

Average Wedding Cake Cost Guide

One of the main centerpieces of a wedding, both for decoration and appetite, is the traditional wedding cake. Some couples have recently been using fun alternatives to mix up the process, but the wedding cake still...

Portrait of active pretty young DJ woman playing music on laser lighting background

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

A wedding is a lot of preparation. You have to think of the venue, invite your guests, go dress shopping, coordinate the food, and one of the most important aspects is the music. A wedding DJ is more crucial to your...

Bride Holding Wedding Bouquet

14 Best Columbus Wedding Florists

Wedding flowers are an essential element of any wedding. They not only provide a beautiful visual part to the big day, but they are also critical players in tying together the overall vision of your wedding theme and...

Lot of Flower Bouquets at the Florist Shop

The Top 12 Napa Wedding Florists

World travelers come to Napa Valley for its legendary wine, especially chardonnay and cabernet. Dozens of familiar and boutique wineries have created some of the most delicious varietals and blends anywhere on earth...