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Author - Erin

rent bridesmaid dresses

Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Rental Websites

Bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous gowns, but unfortunately most women only wear them once. That’s why more and more bridal parties are opting to rent bridesmaids dresses and return them after the big day.  Renting...

tip jar

Who Do You Tip at a Wedding & How Much?

When putting together the budget for a wedding, many brides forget to include tips for their wedding vendors. This can throw an unexpected wrench in your plans or even unwanted stress on your actual wedding day if you...

casual bride and groom

What To Wear to a Casual Wedding

You’ve got a casual wedding to attend this weekend, but what to wear?   Dressing like the nuptials are a black-tie affair isn’t an option, but neither is coming in shorts and flip-flops.  Never fear –...