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22 Ideas for a Hauntingly Beautiful Halloween Wedding

If you and your future spouse are already thinking about planning your romantic celebration towards the end of October, the possibility of an elegant Halloween wedding may have crossed your mind.  

In the same way as ceremonies scheduled around Christmastime, a Halloween wedding allows you to find some unique ideas from a holiday theme that wouldn’t be seen during any other time  of the year. 

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For any couples who want to turn their espousal into a spooky affair but have no idea where to begin, you’ve come to the right place!

Learn everything you need to know about organizing a gothic themed wedding!

Halloween Themed Wedding Invitations

Make the most of your autumn wedding day by picking a design with your wedding colors and spooky themes!

Discover your favorite ideas from our list of recommendations!



Give your wedding party a sneak preview of your Halloween ceremony and reception by creating invitations with cobwebs motifs. Feel free to incorporate some spiders to pull the entire theme together! 

Ouija Board

An ouija board design is never the wrong choice for gothic themed wedding stationery. It’s hard to imagine a better option that’ll make your guests excited for your special day!



Nothing says elegant Halloween wedding quite like invitations with illustrations of crows. These black birds look especially gorgeous when drawn next to red roses or white pumpkins. 

Halloween Themed Wedding Attire

When planning a horror themed wedding with your significant other, just remember that you don’t have to wear traditional attire.

Find your inspiration for a Halloween wedding dress and more!


Bridal Attire

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when deciding on the Halloween wedding gown that you’ll wear on your special day. 

A black wedding dress made of layers of tulle or velvet will photograph beautifully for the years to come. You can never go wrong with complimenting your outfit with a matching veil!



Add a splash of color to your elegant Halloween wedding photos by inviting your bridesmaids to wear orange gowns. If this idea doesn’t sound perfect for your espousal, encourage them to wear other autumn shades like mahogany, teal, or gold!

Like our above recommendation for brides, you could also have your bridesmaids wear black dresses for a unique and spooky look!



For a groom who wants to skip out on wearing a classic tuxedo, nothing is a better choice than a burgundy or tweed jacket for a horror themed wedding. Don’t hesitate to wear boots instead of loafers or oxford shoes as well!



When thinking of what to wear during a gothic themed wedding, keep in mind that you don’t want to outshine the groom with your attire. Choose a russet or bronze suit as a fun alternative while sticking to an autumnal palette! 

Halloween Themed Wedding Decorations

Take advantage of your horror wedding theme by including decorative details that’ll create a memorable ambience.

Get inspired by reading our list of halloween wedding decorations!


Skeleton Wedding Cake Topper

A gothic themed nuptial isn’t complete without using a skeleton wedding cake topper for your ceremonial dessert. This spooky decoration will steal the show during your wedding reception while creating a unique photo opportunity! 


Witch Brooms

 Play up the theme of your Halloween wedding by adorning your venue space with witch brooms. Be sure to tie some flowers from your bridal bouquets at the bottom!


Bat Napkins

When it comes to Halloween wedding table decorations, bat napkins never fail as part of an unforgettable arrangement. These details compliment especially well with dark cloth runners


Skeleton Hand Drinking Glasses

Jazz up your elegant Halloween wedding by decorating your reception tables with skeleton hand drinking glasses. These details will definitely be remembered by your entire guest list.


Victorian Candlesticks 

Embrace the romantic vibe of your Halloween espousal by arranging Victorian candlesticks as your wedding centerpieces. Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off this sophisticated decor. 


Black Cat Stuffed Animals

Bring some gothic charm to your Halloween themed wedding by embellishing your reception venue with black cat stuffed animals. Everybody is guaranteed to be amazed by these decorative details. 



If you’re planning your special day with Halloween themed wedding ideas in mind, chances are that you’ll love to use cauldrons as decorations. Make sure to include some cobwebs as a finishing touch.

Consider filling your cauldron with a spooky signature drink, or look for mini cauldrons to act as unique cups!


Jack O Lanterns

Jack O Lanterns are a must-have for any couples who are organizing a gothic themed wedding day. This timeless Halloween decor will surely win everybody over as table centerpieces!

Spell Books

Add some spooky flair to your venue space by using spell books as Halloween wedding decorations. These interesting details will definitely grab the attention of your entire guest list!

Halloween Themed Wedding Food

Give everybody the full Halloween wedding experience by creating a tasty menu that’ll feel right at home! 

Read all about our recommendations for halloween themed wedding ideas!


Black Candy Apples

Black candy apples are a solid addition to any horror themed wedding. Everybody will definitely be pleased after eating these sweet treats!


Haunted House Wedding Cake

Go the extra mile for your holiday nuptial by preparing a beautiful wedding cake in the shape of a haunted house. Nobody will be able to pass up a piece of this delicious dessert! 


Ghostly Chocolate Bark

Who wouldn’t love to eat ghostly chocolate bark on your Halloween themed wedding day? These tasty treats will definitely be appreciated by your attendees of all ages! Add some spooky bark to your dessert table full of treats (and maybe some tricks!)

Halloween Themed Wedding Favors

Don’t think twice about sending your guests home with a special reminder of the amazing time that they experienced during your unique wedding day. 

Take a look at our halloween wedding ideas for party favors! 


Masquerade Mask

Complete the theme of your elegant Halloween wedding by providing masquerade masks to your guests as gifts. They’ll be smiling for the days to come when wearing these face coverings during other costume parties!


Sugar Cube Skulls

If you’re looking for favor ideas that won’t feel out of place with this spooky wedding theme, go with sugar cube skulls. These creative presents will surely leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests!


Glittery Pumpkins

Pay tribute to your Halloween-inspired wedding by purchasing glittery pumpkins as party gifts for your attendees. There’s nothing about these attention-grabbing decorations that they won’t love! 

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