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How to Become Ordained

How to Become an Ordained Minister

Have you ever wanted to become an officiant for a wedding? All it takes is getting ordained to officiate a ceremony.

The ordination process can be completed in five easy steps. Once you achieve your ordination, you will be able to officiate your friend, family member, or other engaged couples as a legal minister. 

5 Easy Steps to Becoming an Ordained Minister

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One of the most beautiful moments in life is hearing the words “I do” at the altar of a charming wedding ceremony. Besides the couple in love, the only thing needed for this magical moment is a trusted person to marry them. How would you like to be that trusted person performing at your friend’s or family member’s wedding?

Although some engaged couples turn to their church ministers as their wedding officiant, many prefer their friends or family to join their hands in marriage. If you are seeking to become a wedding officiant, you must start with getting ordained, which only takes five simple steps to complete.

With this quick and easy process, you will find yourself standing at the wedding altar as an officiant uniting two lovebirds in no time. 


How to Achieve Ordination

There are only five easy steps to get ordained online and become a wedding officiant. To complete the free ordination process, all you will need is a mobile phone or computer and internet. Follow along the process and you will learn all you need to know to become a wedding officiant for your friend or family member’s marriage in as little as ten days. 


Visit the Universal Life Church Online

Universal Life Church

Although there are many online ministries that anyone can become an ordained minister at, such as the American Marriage Ministries (AMM), the Universal Life Church is one of the most widely known non-denominational organizations due to its universal inclusion.

Universal Life Church is an online non-denominational organization that works quickly to ensure your ordination goal as a future minister for free. The ULC has legally ordained over 20 million ministers worldwide, including famous names, such as Conan O’Brien and Lady Gaga. Furthermore, they offer ordination to those who do not decide to take the path of ministry. 

If you are seeking to officiate wedding ceremonies, the Universal Life Church site is the place to get ordained online. 


Search Your State Laws through the ULC

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Although becoming ordained online is the quickest and easiest way to officiate a wedding, not all areas will accept online organizations and their certificates of ordination.

To know if your area accepts the Universal Life Church certification of ordination, all you have to do is click the option “Wedding Laws” at the top of the site. This will take you to a map of the United States, where you will click on the state you plan on officiating a wedding at. 

Once your state page pulls up, you will find all the research information needed for the requirements, such as state recognition of the certification, minister registration requirement, residency, and even the age requirement for the program. Furthermore, it will even grant you information about your area’s licensing rules and a step-by-step process towards ordination. 

Be aware that guidelines also vary from county to county. If your county does not recognize the online ordination certification, contact your local city’s marriage officials or county clerk’s office to find out if you need to take a seminar or get a degree in your area to be a wedding officiant.

If your hometown does recognize the online certification, you are on your way to achieving your ordination and being an officiant for your first wedding ceremony. 


Fill Out the Application Form

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Now that you have learned your local requirements, the rest of the steps will be smooth sailing. On the ULC homepage, there is a free application form, titled “Online Ordination Request,” to the right in bold letters.

This form only requires your name, state, country, email address,  a password of your choice, and a verification that you are at least 18 years of age to register. 

Once this form is completed, the ULC will ordain you instantly. Within less than five minutes, you can get ordained online and will soon be able to legally perform wedding ceremonies for any couple near you!


Train through the ULC Online Program

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The Universal Life Church offers a training guide to support new officiants performing weddings. At the top of the website, you will see an option called “Minister Training.” Here, you will find different ceremonies that you can learn how to officiate, including weddings.

This location provides information on how to contact any of your local marriage officials, as well as a link to the laws provided in your area by the ULC program to perform a wedding. 

To add on, the site also gives you tools to prepare for your first officiated wedding, such as training for consulting with the engaged couple, ideas about how to rehearse your role as an officiant for the big wedding day, and even a prepared wedding ceremony script. Take note of this free training guide to ensure the wedding’s success.


Receive Your Ordination Certification

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Obtaining your receipt for getting ordained is completely free. However, due to county guidelines, you may be required to provide hardcopy paperwork of your certification and marriage license. Check your local requirements before purchasing your ULC ordination certificate package, as it could save you money. 

If you are required to have the physical documents to officiate a wedding, the certification package starts at $39.99 with a shipping fee of about $8.49, which includes two copies of a marriage license for the ceremony.

Your area may also require an Official Letter of Good Standing certificate to officiate a wedding, which verifies through the organization’s written signature of your legalization as a minister and marriage officiant. To obtain this particular letter, you will have to pay an additional price of $18.00 to present to the wedding officials as a minister.

After all the fees are paid, the organization will send your package within 3-10 business days and it will be completely legal and official to marry anyone at their ceremony as a wedding officiant. 


How To Get Ordained: FAQ 

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Common questions about how to get ordained and who can become ordained!


Can anyone be ordained?

In some states, the only requirement for getting ordained is to be at least 18 years of age. In others, you must take a ministry seminar or have a degree in ministry or divinity. If your state accepts online ordinations, you may be required to fill out an application or a statement of your denomination. 


Is being ordained online legal?

Being ordained online is perfectly legal. However, some locations do not recognize people who undergo online ordination as valid officiants. To search your state requirements, you can visit the Universal Life Church website to view your area’s guidelines or call your local clerk’s office for information. 


What states recognize the Universal Life Church?

The Universal Life Church has a number of states that recognize their online ordination certification, including Alabama, Illinois, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Washington. If your area is not listed, it is important to visit the ULC website to view your local laws or call your nearby clerk’s office for more information. 


How long does it take to get ordained at the University Life Church?

Becoming an ordained minister through the University Life Church only takes less than five minutes. Once you fill out the application, you immediately receive the receipt of your completed ordination. If you are required to have a physical copy of your certification, you can order the ordination package through the minister store and receive your certification within 3-10 business days.



It is common for a couple to want to be married off by a friend or family member as an officiant at their wedding ceremony. Through online ministries, this wish is made easy and widely acceptable. An abundance of ministers has completed their ordination through this online organization to officiate weddings across the country.  

In just 10-20 minutes, you can become that trusted friend or family member that can grant the lovebird’s marriage request to perform the couple’s wedding ceremony on their special day. Follow these five simple steps, and you will get ordained online in no time and obtain your license of credentials to perform and officiate a wedding.

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