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15 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate the Aisle at Your Outdoor Wedding

Deciding how to decorate your aisle at your wedding can be difficult. If you’re planning on an outdoor venue, figuring out outdoor wedding aisle decorations can be slightly more complicated, but there are still plenty of gorgeous ideas for outside. 

Here is a wide range of aisle decoration ideas for your perfect and unforgettable outdoor wedding. 

Outdoor Aisle Ideas for all Styles

Whether you are going for a vintage vibe or a bohemian paradise, these aisle decoration ideas are sure to make your outdoor wedding unique and beautiful. 


Bundles of Pampas Grass


Pampas grass is a simple yet versatile plant that looks gorgeous with practically any color scheme. Whether you are going for a fun bohemian vibe or you just want to break away from floral tradition, clusters of pampas grass placed along the aisle are the perfect decoration.

The muted colors and wonderful texture are sure to add some visual intrigue to your aisle without being too over the top. 


Garlands of Greenery


Garlands are a great twist on the classic bouquets of greenery. Their length makes them the perfect piece to use to line the aisle or string from chair to chair. You could even use it to frame your altar.

Garlands are effortless to style and easy to make your own


Custom Walkway


Beach weddings means sand is guaranteed to get everywhere and floor runners are not necessarily a practical choice for such a venue.

If your ceremony is to occur somewhere with a lot of sand or dirt, opt for a wooden walkway. Not only are they beautiful and sure to keep your dress clean, they are also customizable. Get it painted to suit whatever color scheme or vibe you are going for. 


Picket Fencing


A wonderful way to frame your walkway is by using white picket fencing. Fencing is simple and easy to decorate and make your own.

Accent the fence with the previously mentioned garlands of greenery or with smaller bouquets that match your own. The coordination across floral arrangements is sure to look amazing. 


Line with Light

wedding aisle lined with candles and flowers

If you are looking for that gorgeous wedding day glow, opt to line your aisle with candles. Choose simple white pillar candles sitting on a bed of greens. For a pop of color, add a colored flower or two of your choosing.

Place one candle at the end of each row of chairs for a beautiful radiant aisle. If you are worried about fire, you could always choose to use flameless candles. They are a simple, safer alternative that will still look perfect.  


Rose Petals

rose petals on wedding aisle

A classic choice for your aisle is to cover it in rose petals. You can either choose to have a flower girl or boy sprinkle some down the aisle or you could opt for something bolder like a walkway made out of flower petals. You could go a step further and create a design on your aisle with the petals. 


Decorate the Aisle Entrance 


Instead of decorating the entire aisle, decorate just the entrance to the aisle. Adorn the entrance with large bouquets of your wedding flowers or frame it with an archway covered in ivy.

Decorating just the entrance ensures that all of the attention will be on you as you make your way down the aisle. 


Aisle Runners

white wedding aisle runner

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life so why not feel like celebrity royalty and add an elegant aisle runner? Depending on your wedding colors, you can act like true celebrity royalty by having a red aisle runner. It can be your very own red carpet!


Multi Colored Petals

floral aisle walkway for wedding

Similar to the rose petal option, you can choose an array of multi colored petals to decorate your aisle. Make an ornate pattern or sprinkle them about in a random array that everybody is sure to love. Whatever your style, this pop of color will look amazing in your wedding photos. 


Bouquets on the Chairs

bouquets and tulle on wedding chairs

Flowers are always a great choice for decorating your aisle. Create small bouquets of your wedding flowers and affix them to the chairs lining your aisle. 


Potted Succulents 


Potted plants scattered throughout your ceremony venue are a great way to add pops of texture and color to your decor. Choose whimsical patterned pots and plant your favorite succulents.

Better yet, create your own mini succulent garden. Place them at the entrance to your aisle or surrounding your ceremony area. 


Lanterns and More Lanterns

lanterns and flowers lining wedding aisle

If you are going for a more vintage feel for your outdoor wedding, lanterns are a great decoration to add. You can hang them on shepherd’s hooks down your aisle. If you choose larger lanterns, you could also sit them right on the ground.


Tulle Draped Between Chairs

red tulle on white wedding chairs

Get some tulle in white or in your wedding colors and drape it between the ceremony chairs. This light and airy material will billow beautifully in the wind while adding a hint of color to your aisle.

If you do not want it connecting the chairs together, you could always hang the delicate material over the backs of each chair or tie it on the back to make gorgeous bows. 


Patterned Rugs

patterned rug for wedding aisle

If you are not the type to roll out the red carpet, why not go for a few patterned rugs layered on top of one another or one long patterned rug? This is a good option especially if you are going for that boho vibe. Pair the layered carpets with pampas grass and you will have the perfect bohemian wedding. 


Small Green Trees


Line either side of your aisle with small topiaries or tiny green trees for a beautiful natural glow. Choose ones that are the same height as your ceremony chairs. They help to frame the aisle beautifully and draw the guests eyes to the altar at the other end. 



Whatever your style and wedding theme, these outdoor aisle decorations are sure to please. Take any of these ideas and personalize them to suit your vibe!

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