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50 Unique Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

Here are some of the most beautiful unique wedding rings for inspiration. We love these interesting and non-conventional options for wedding bands.

Brides are often told that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a unique wedding ring. Not every bride wants the traditional diamond ring, so open your mind to other options for wedding rings. 

unique wedding rings and engagement rings

It may be hard to choose exactly what kind of jewelry you want to wear for the rest of your life, so make sure you are making a good choice. You may like your unique ring now, but think about how you will have to wear the ring during your everyday lives. 

Choose a band and a stone that you will be comfortable with wearing often. You want your wedding ring to be a perfect match for you. You also want to make sure that your wedding ring is perfectly sized for your hand. If it is too tight or too loose, it may cause an embarrassing moment at the altar or cause you to lose the ring.  

how do you choose your wedding ring?

While it’s common to wear wedding rings on your left hand ring finger, determine this in advance so the fit is right!

You also want to keep in mind that your wedding band should go well with your engagement ring. Some brides choose to have a matching wedding ring and engagement ring. Check out engagement rings online to find more ideas, or browse our list below!

Here is your ultimate list of wedding ring buying and some amazing wedding ring inspiration ideas. If you want to go through the custom design process, here are some fabulous rings for inspiration.

Unique Shapes

unique shaped ring

Getting your gemstone in an unusual shape or setting can cause your ring to be super unique. Some ideas for unique shapes are triangle, hexagon, or circular settings.

Gemstones or Birthstones

gemstone wedding ring

Choose different colored gems to your ring to make it unique. Your ring does not have to be made out of diamonds to be considered a wedding ring.


engraved wedding ring

If you really want a custom addition to your wedding band, engrave the wedding ring with you and your spouse’s initials. You can also choose to have a personal phrase engraved on the ring.

Opal Ring

opal ring

You get the best of both worlds with an opal gemstone. It adds a modern yet vintage touch, along with a gorgeous color that will stand out.

Art Deco Ring

art deco ring

Deco wedding bands were a trend in 2020, where bigger and bolder is better. Deco is short for decorative, so these large stones are meant to draw lots of attention.

Triangle Shape

If you decide on this gorgeous cut of diamond, it will certainly draw lots of attention. This non-traditional ring shape will make yours stand out from the rest.

Two-Toned Metals

two toned gold and silver

Mixing metals are a great option for brides who want a modern ring design. Mixing silver, gold, rose gold, and copper can create a wonderful contrast of colors.

Moon Shaped

If you want a custom design that has original wedding band features, try a themed wedding band. One option is a moon shaped gemstone or a metal design engraved.

Blue Sapphire

blue sapphire ring

If your favorite color is blue, opt for a unique gemstone. Blue sapphire is a gorgeous gem that has a deep blue color that looks perfect with a silver band.

Leaf Design

For a nature wedding band, opt for a design that involves metallic leaves. These designs are great for nature lovers. 

Channel Band

thin diamond band

A channel band is an option for brides that want a plain wedding band that still has some sparkle and shine. The channel band is a thin band with diamonds.


fake diamond ring

There are hundreds of rings that are non-diamond options for brides, such as a Moissanite. This is a lab grown material that is much cheaper than natural diamonds.

Modern Square

square diamond ring

A modern design for your wedding day ring is a modern square. This is a ring with a diamond in a square shape. This can be on a silver, gold, or diamond band.

Vertical Bar

If you really want a modern ring, try a vertical bar ring. This ring is elegant and is not the typical choice for your average diamond ring shopper.

Three Tone Metal

three tone metal ring

Multiple tones of metal can add a unique and modern touch to your ring. Using an alternative metal such as rose gold, white gold, or copper can be a unique touch. 

Twisted Band

twisted band wedding ring

If you want a stacking wedding band that will go great with a diamond engagement ring, opt for a twisted band. For an extra unique touch, use mixed metals. 

Fingerprint Ring

fingerprint ring

For the ultimate custom wedding ring, have your spouse’s fingerprint engraved into the band design. This will make sure you always have a part of your spouse near you. 

Diamond Swirl

If you love the stacked wedding ring style but you want just one band, opt for the diamond swirl option. This ring swirls up the finger and adds a stacked band feel without wearing multiple rings. 

Trillion Cut

trillion cut diamonds

A trillion cut is a beautiful band design. It is a triangular shaped diamond on a gold, silver, rose gold, white gold, or copper band. 

Sprinkled Band

If you want a touch of color without committing to a brightly colored gem, get a sprinkled band with specks of color. 

Salt and Pepper Diamond

salt and pepper diamond

Salt and pepper diamond rings are a traditional diamond that almost looks like it is gray. It has a silky gray color rather than a shiny white color of a traditional diamond. 

Snake Shaped

If you want a custom ring that will definitely draw attention, purchase a snake shaped ring. It looks as though the snake is eating the diamond!

Asscher Cut

Asscher Cut ring

Asscher cut diamonds are a common way of cutting diamonds. They cut diamonds in a “step” creating an illusion that the diamond is not quite square, rectangle, or circular, but a mix of all three.

Diamond Twist

If you love the look of diamonds but you do not want a large rock, opt for a diamond twist band. This is an elegant infinity ring design that incorporates diamonds.

Pear Shaped

pear shaped diamond

A pear shaped gem is a great option for a bride who wants that antique wedding ring look. Not every bride wants the most modern wedding ring design. 


moonstone ring

Moonstone is a milky gem that has a blue-ish purple hue to it. Moonstones are a magical option for brides who do not want a diamond. 

Quad Princess Cut

quad princess cut diamond ring

A quad princess cut is basically a traditional princess cut ring with four settings. This is an expensive option, but a timeless design that is absolutely gorgeous.

Diamond V

Get a “V” shaped diamond ring for a uniquely shaped ring that will look great with stacked wedding ring sets.

Love Knot

knot wedding ring

Recognize that you are “tying the knot” by getting a knot themed wedding ring. These rings are perfect for bands for women. 


A braided ring design gives that knotted look while giving a more substantial amount of metal to the band.

Rose Diamond

rose diamond

A rose diamond is a gorgeous stone for brides who love the color pink. A rose-cut centre stone can be expensive. 


If your bride is a nature lover, opt for a wedding band that looks like branches. You can choose whatever type of special stone you want. 

Diamond Crown

diamond ring crown

If you believe your future wife is a queen, treat her like one. Buy a ring that looks like a crown made for a princess. 

Flat Solitaire 

A flat solitaire is a traditional setting for rings. This is when the diamond is round and is not cut in steps. It is typically placed on a silver or gold band which is flat.


emerald wedding ring

Emerald is a gorgeous option for brides who want a single stone that stands out. The green color is gorgeous and very bright.

Half Eternity with Pearls

This gorgeous ring is perfect for brides who want to stack their ring. This ring is diamonds mixed in with pearls. 

Marquise Ring

marquise ring

The marquise ring is a gorgeous setting that is unique. The shape is a diamond shape that has the appeal of a vintage piece of jewelry.

Jagged Zig Zag

If you want a truly unique design that is perfect for stacking, opt for jagged zig zag wedding jewelry.

Floral Cluster

floral cluster ring

A floral cluster ring often offers floral displays of stones. Depending on what gem you are using, you may make the petals of the floral cluster different colors.

Ruby Gem

ruby wedding ring

If your bride has a unique birthstone such as a ruby, use that as inspiration for her wedding ring. This will create that oneness with the jewelry. 


butterfly ring

If you want a feminine custom piece of jewelry, opt for a butterfly jewelry design. This design is gorgeous for the bride who loves butterflies. 

Flower Rose Diamond

If you want a floral design, opt for a flower rose made out of diamonds. Many jewelers have options, or you can choose to have some excellent custom jewelry created. 

Freshwater Pearl

freshwater pearl ring

Instead of diamonds, use freshwater pearls. Depending on what metal for jewelry you like, the design will look different.

Gold Sunflower

A gold sunflower design is great for the unconventional bride who loves florals! This nature-inspired ring is absolutely gorgeous.  

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