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28 Thoughtful Ideas For 14 Year Anniversary Gifts

After giving their 13th anniversary gifts to each other, many couples find that their next annual celebration happens in a heartbeat!

If this anniversary milestone is closely approaching and you’re feeling uncertain about finding a 14th wedding anniversary gift, don’t worry for another moment!

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We’ve curated a list of 14th anniversary gift ideas that’ll take your significant other over the moon!

What is the Traditional Theme For 14th Anniversary Gifts?

Traditional anniversary gifts for this year are typically made out of ivory. This hard white material is meant to represent the strength of this long-lasting relationship. 

Since real ivory is banned in most places, couples have opted for gifts that are made in the same color for their 14th wedding anniversary celebrations. 

Traditional Gifts For Her

If an ivory gift screams romance to the love of your life, don’t hesitate to buy one before your personal commemoration! 

Find your 14th anniversary inspiration by reading our gift list! 

Rose Earrings

What could be a more romantic choice than rose earrings?

These 14th anniversary gifts are ideal for husbands and wives who are looking for more permanent options than their living counterparts. 

Disc Necklace

Plan the perfect commemoration by finding a disc necklace made out of ivory.

All eyes will be on this 14 year wedding anniversary gift no matter where your wife goes! 

Bangle Bracelet

What isn’t there to love about receiving a bangle bracelet during a marriage celebration?

It’s hard to imagine a better piece of jewelry for your spouse’s 14th anniversary gift! 

Butterfly Hair Clip

It’s an understatement to say that this butterfly hair clip is timeless and alluring!

Your loved one will never get tired of wearing this 14th wedding anniversary gift! 


Embrace the ivory theme of your personal commemoration by buying a candelabra for the love of your life.

Don’t think twice about including tapers along with this 14th anniversary traditional gift.


Keep your 14th anniversary gift ideas short and sweet by selecting an ivory planter.

This decorative container contrasts well with desert plants like cacti and succulents. 

Buckle Strap Handbag

If your spouse already owns a magnificent collection of jewelry and prefers another kind of stunning alternative, consider a buckle strap handbag!

Keep in mind that this 14 year wedding anniversary gift tends to be more expensive than the other suggestions on this list! 

Elephant Print

A picture is worth a thousand words so it’s no wonder why countless couples are opting for elephant prints as their 14 year anniversary gift ideas.

This artwork feels even more special if you ask the artist to include your names and wedding date!

Traditional Gifts For Him

Choosing a traditional ivory anniversary gift is easier said than done for some couples. If you feel the same way, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration!

Learn all about the 14 year anniversary gifts that are available for your spouse who wants to follow the traditional theme!

Mahjong Set

Flex your creativity by picking a fun gift like a Mahjong set for your marriage celebration.

You and your significant other might enjoy this tile-based game during a future date night! 


What could be more memorable than a keyboard for a husband with musical talent?

It would be super sweet if he played some anniversary songs while using your present! 

Lapel Pin

Leave a lasting impression on your loved one by giving him a lapel pin.

This 14th wedding anniversary present will be appreciated if he’s been invited to any upcoming espousals! 


Every man needs a new set of razors from time to time, so consider this practical option for his 14 year wedding anniversary gift.

The old-school design will surely make his heart flutter!

Letter Opener

Who could say no to an ivory letter opener during their marriage celebration?

These 14th anniversary gift ideas look amazing when carved with intertwining details!


Go big or go home by ordering him a powerful blender.

This 14th wedding anniversary gift will win your spouse over in more ways than one!


Strive for elegant simplicity by deciding on an ivory fedora for your personal commemoration.

He’ll be completely obsessed with wearing this 14th anniversary traditional gift as a symbol of your everlasting affection! 

Hand-Painted Figurine 

Who wouldn’t be happy with receiving a hand-painted figurine during their 14th anniversary celebration?

Don’t be surprised if you catch him staring at the decorative details of this romantic gift! 

Other Gifts For Her

If you already know that the love of your life wouldn’t swoon over a 14th anniversary traditional gift, don’t be afraid to seek out other possibilities that’ll fit better with her style and hobbies!

Explore the different options for a 14th wedding anniversary gift that’ll make your wife feel like she’s on cloud nine! 

Tea Towel

Defy tradition during your personal commemoration by buying a tea towel for the most important woman in your life.

She’ll definitely treasure this thoughtful anniversary gift if it was designed with your wedding colors

Pumice Stone

With a pumice stone as her 14th wedding anniversary gift, your spouse will experience the rest and relaxation that she deserves after a long day at the office.

The inexpensive price of this possibility works the best for cost-conscious couples

Tree Ring Art

Is there a better alternative to a 14th anniversary traditional gift than tree ring art?

There’s nothing boring or overdone about a present that’ll remind her of your forest wedding ceremony!

Lip Pan

When browsing for 14th anniversary gift ideas online or in-person, most people don’t consider a lip pan.

This piece of cookware will definitely be cherished by a loved one who enjoys experimenting with new recipes!

Rolling Pin

Rolling pins aren’t falling out of fashion anytime soon as a 14 year wedding anniversary gift.

Your romantic partner will owe all of her delicious pizzas and pies to this cooking utensil. 

Lighted Mirror

Why not celebrate your personal commemoration with a lighted mirror?

The most important woman in your life will surely be jumping for joy after receiving this 14th wedding anniversary gift! 

Other Gifts For Him

When it comes to 14th anniversary gift ideas, the possibilities seem never-ending. If you need help with limiting down these possibilities, have no fear!

Scroll through to discover a 14th wedding anniversary gift that your spouse will cherish forever! 

Travel Chess Board

Show your support for your loved one’s favorite pastime by purchasing a travel chess board.

This 14 year wedding anniversary gift comes in a wide range of designs that’ll fit his personal style! 

Leather Journal

Go from tradition to interesting by choosing a leather journal for your marriage celebration.

Your significant other will enjoy every minute of using your 14th year anniversary gift for his work or leisure!

3D Printer

Nothing says modern gifts for a 14th anniversary celebration quite like a 3D printer.

He’ll be more than thrilled to talk to his closest friends and family members about your thoughtful investment! 

Gadget Bag 

Get your husband ready for his next home project by obtaining a gadget bag as his 14 year wedding anniversary gift.

With double layers and removable dividers, this waterproof option will be appreciated for the years to come!

Life Jacket

Break the mold for 14 year anniversary gift ideas by placing an order for a light jacket.

These alternative gifts feel like a dream for a spouse who spends most of his free time along the waterfront. 

Passport Wallet

When shopping for 14 year anniversary gifts, a passport holder proves time and time to be ideal for a loved one who is constantly on the move.

He won’t be able to ask anything more from this present if you choose to personalize it with the date of your wedding!

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