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22 Enchanting Forest Wedding Ideas

One of the most mystical and beautiful spots is in a forest. Forests are immersive, beautiful, and a ton of fun. They’re full of incredible nature and cute creatures, and also feel like a place you can enter into and leave the rest of the world behind. Many couples turn to forest wedding ideas for a mystical wedding day! 

As a result, you may want to get married in a forest, or bring a bit of forest-y vibes to your wedding day! Having a forest-themed wedding is sure to be straight out of a fairytale, and will definitely solidify that your marriage is as strong as the rooted trees. If this sounds like an interesting idea for your big day, keep reading for more forest wedding ideas.

Choosing Your Wedding’s Theme and Venue

One of the most exciting things about getting married is getting to choose your wedding’s theme and venue. Coming up with these things may be a bit intimidating, especially if you’re not sure what sort of wedding you want, but you should be rest assured that there are so many great ideas for you to draw from.

Thankfully, a forest wedding can work any time of year, from winter wonderland to springtime blooms! It’s also a theme that works with a lot of different venues, whether they be literally in a forest or inside. If you’re not sure, take a look at your venue’s decor, and think of how forest-themed decor would look with it.


A Forest Ceremony

There are many different ways you can pull off a gorgeous forest ceremony. One of them is to keep the decor minimal! This couple look absolutely incredible just standing in the forest, letting the natural beauty of the Earth shine upon them. This is a great option for a very small ceremony or even an elopement.

For something a bit more traditional, you can give the forest a bit of a sprucing up, like shown here. This ceremony used the forest’s natural beauty, like the colorful greenery and texture of the tree bark, to make an incredible aisle and to hang up some fairy lights. This set-up is truly unforgettable.


Bridal Looks for a Forest Wedding

One of the routes to take when purchasing a gown for a forest wedding is an enchanted, princess-y look. A gown like this one, with a flowing skirt and gorgeous embroidery, will make you feel like you’re the queen of that forest, and will complement decor items like fairy lights and other whimsical choices.

Some forest brides may want to go for a more boho look. This incredible lace gown fits right into the forest! The bride accessorized it with a hat and a very earthy bouquet. This kind of look will be awesome with some more rustic elements, like all wood everything.


Bridesmaid Dresses in the Trees

Similarly, there are all sorts of different bridesmaid vibes. These bridesmaids are wearing a soft sage green with flower crowns. They’re perfect for a forest wedding because they look like fairies! If you’re getting married in a forest, the shorter style may be good as well, because it helps the dresses avoid picking up things like dirt and leaves.

A different vibe would be to do something like this, with flow-y styles and earth tones! The colors of these bridesmaid dresses fit in perfectly with the natural colors of the forest, and the dresses are loose and comfortable so that the bridesmaids can walk around easily.


Forest Florals

One of the best ways to have a forest-themed bouquet is to bring the forest into it! This bouquet makes great use of the wedding’s dark and moody colors while still bringing in some natural greenery. The long vines are really lovely and will add such a unique look to your walk down the aisle!

You could also use dried flowers for a forest wedding! Their muted colors will complement the bright greens of the forest well. It’s also a great way to bring in flowers while still using the trendy neutral palette that you may covet for your wedding.


Woodsy Wedding Reception

As for a reception, it may be harder to have directly in the woods than a ceremony, because you have to seat for a while, serve food, and have enough space for guests to mingle. Unfortunately, not a lot of forests have a large enough clearing for this to be possible. 

Thankfully though, there are options. This wedding looks like it’s in a forest clearing or maybe even a remote backyard, though it’s obviously set for a very small group of people. Something like this can work perfectly if your wedding is very intimate.

This venue holds a larger group, but the seating is directly in what looks like a greenhouse. This is a great option to make things look like you’re fully outdoors without too much forest in your food.

However, if these types of venues are not accessible to you, that doesn’t mean your dream forest wedding is out of reach. There are plenty of ways to decorate your venue space to make it feel like you’re in the forest of your dreams.


Tree Table Settings

This table setting is perfect for a winter or autumn wedding, or one with darker colors. The running leaves down the table look really amazing and do a lot to bring the table to life. It’s also offset by the black and white candles, which are really moody and witchy in a fun way.

For a spring or summer wedding, you could lighten up the same style with some lighter greenery and clear accessories. This table is easy, breezy, and reminds you of a summer stroll in the woods.


Dance Your Branches Off

If you’re getting married outside, you may not be sure what to do for a dance floor. One lovely set up you may want to use are some boho rugs to dance on. This is wonderfully earthy and brings a nice pattern to your outdoor experience.

You may also want to bring in a professional dance floor if you have a large enough open space. This one is a bit more classy and brings a modern flair into a natural forest wedding, but is also a bit whimsical, contributing some Alice in Wonderland vibes to your fairytale day.


Forest Fairy Lights

A perfect fairytale wedding is totally incomplete without some gorgeous fairy lights on the big day. Instead of the classic string lights, you could try something like this, by draping the lights vertically off of a tree branch. It’s totally mystical and beautiful.

If you want to bring a forest vibe without the actual trees, you could put fairy lights in glass bottles to light up the event. This combines the more mundane with the fairy tale, looking like something right out of Peter Pan!


Forest Food

Obviously, a forest wedding is going to need a lot of natural and delicious food options. This adorable fruit board is great for cocktail hour, and will have your guests so ready for the main course by letting them munch beforehand!

Serving your wedding’s food on a woodsy platter like this one is a great way to bring the forest theme into every aspect of the wedding! These tree stump platters are a precious way to bring out the culinary delights, and decorating the serving table with greenery makes it seem like the forest itself is handing your guests the food.


Enchanted Cake

This incredible woodland cake is decorated with all different types of wildflowers! This is a beautiful and whimsical wedding cake, perfect for a fairy tale forest affair. It also looks great among the forest setting, bringing some color and softness to the rustic atmosphere. 

One of the most popular cake ideas lately is the naked wedding cake. Thankfully, the naked wedding cake’s rustic look lends itself perfectly to a forest wedding. This one is presented on a stump with a lot of greenery and decorated with fresh berries, which fits in to the forest vibe completely. You can read more about naked wedding cakes here.


The Perfect Decor

If you’re looking to decorate your forest wedding, there are a lot of different decor ideas that you can enjoy. For example, this beautiful macrame hanging adds some dark hippie vibes to your gorgeous forest day. It’s also decorated with some beautiful flowers, which add a lot of color and vibrance to the area.

For extra forest vibes, decorate your tables with these flameless tree candles! With these, you get a gorgeous rustic vibe without the concern of a forest fire. These would look great in centerpieces, on serving tables, or at cocktail hour!

Be sure to practice fire safety if you use live flames!


Fantasy Favors

One of the most obvious wedding favors is the opportunity for your guests to grow their own forest! Giving them a sweet sapling like this one will surely be appreciated, and as they plant it and it grows, they’ll always think of your gorgeous wedding.

For another cute rustic idea, you can give them little jars of homemade jam! This surely won’t go unappreciated by your guests, as everyone loves some delicious jam that they can put on their toast for the coming weeks.


More About Wedding Themes

Here at Yeah Weddings, we’re here to help with every aspect of planning your wedding day. For more outdoor wedding ideas, read more for desert wedding venues and themes and other ideas for weddings that take place outdoors.

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