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Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

What is more romantic than being under the starry night sharing your vows at an illuminated wedding? There are plenty of unique and gorgeous outdoor wedding lighting ideas to consider.

Light up your wedding with these breathtaking outdoor lighting arrangements. Whether your wedding takes place during sunset or in the late evening, these radiant orchestrations will leave you and your guests in awe. 

beautiful outdoor wedding lighting ideas

Along with flowers, centerpieces, and ceremonial backdrops, lighting designs are important features in an outdoor wedding. Luckily, there are many styles of lighting to choose from.

No matter the time and place your wedding is set in, these lighting ideas will make your outdoor wedding gleam in elegance. 

Drooping Canopy

canopy lights

Canopies are one of the most popular outdoor wedding decorations for receptions. Make your canopy glow by using string lights instead of cloth material. Aligning the string lights in a relaxed manner will bring the stars closer to you and your guests. 

This lighting arrangement is perfect for any outside wedding and provides a tasteful twist to your typical reception canopy. For this plan, it is best to design your drooping canopy with LED fairy lights for natural lighting and helps you save money on the light bill since it preserves its source of fuel. 

Create a starry sky by lighting up your special night with this romantic, and environmentally friendly, lighting arrangement. 

Starry Night String Lights

starry night string lights

Outdoor string lights are easy, affordable, and a gorgeous way to light your wedding reception! Go all in on fairy lights and create a starry night canopy draping over your outdoor space.

Layers of fairy lights will create a starry night effect, where it looks like there are stars shining above your outdoor reception. As the night wears on, the magic continues with this whimsical look!

Glowing Lanterns

lanterns with string lights

Lanterns are a sophisticated and charming way to brighten your wedding ceremony. There are various styles for this display.

Whether you choose to rest lit candles in the lanterns or decorate the insides with small, glistening strings of lights, you will find that lanterns create a fairytale scene for your perfect outdoor lighting solution. 

You can find a pre-made lantern through many online home decor stores or create an easy DIY project for your ceremony. 

Traditional Lanterns

paper lanterns

These paper lanterns may seem like typical party decorations, but they make for tremendous wedding decor. The soft glow of the lanterns is perfect for those warm summer weddings where keeping it casual is a must.

You can buy single-colored lanterns to match any color scheme or purchase personalized lanterns with intricate designs to add a unique touch to your wedding reception. Find your perfect traditional lantern for your lovely outdoor wedding. 

Flameless Sparklers

flameless sparklers

Want to add a bit of excitement to your wedding? These large, flameless sparklers will brighten the wedding ceremony in a wonderful, yet thrilling way. Position them at your grand entrance to your wedding ceremony to leave the guests in awe.

Unlike gunpowder sparklers, these sparklers can be timed and last up to ten minutes once presented. Furthermore, the sparklers are 100% safe. Some even say that you could run your hand through them without any burn. 

For more information, look here to order your own flameless sparklers for your big outdoor wedding day!

Icicle Drip

icicle lights

Although strings of icicle lights are famously known as Christmas decor, who said you couldn’t use them for your wedding venue? These icicle string lights will leave your outdoor wedding glistening as white as snow.

They are cheap to purchase but remain elegant for your romantic big day. Light up your wedding ceremony or reception with these wintery icicle string lights. 

Candlelit Aisle

candle-lit aisle

Nothing says romance like candles. With this candlelit aisle, you will have the magical walk to the altar of your dreams. The soft glow of the candles creates an elegant touch for your perfect outdoor wedding ceremony while provided much-needed light for your pathway. 

As a precaution, make sure to steady your candles in stable holders to prevent the fire from tipping onto the aisle. The candles are easy to find and great for your picture-perfect wedding. 

Lit Tree

tree wrapped in string lights

Why not incorporate nature and a great lighting arrangement into your wedding backdrop? Wrapping trees in string lights is a great way to create a unique and gorgeous ceremony backdrop for your outdoor wedding. 

You can wrap the tree tightly to keep a clean presentation or drape the string lights on the branches for a mystical design. No matter your preference, this natural backdrop is an easy and creative way to achieve a beautiful backdrop to share your vows in front of. 

Layered Curtains

If you are seeking a softer glow for your wedding ceremony or reception, you can easily layer bulbs along with a sheer white curtain. This design may seem simple, but you will be surprised by how simplicity adds sophistication to your wedding. 

Drape the lit curtains above the dining tables of the reception area for a relaxed, cozy theme for your guests. These layered curtains will make for great, picture-perfect wedding decor that can go along with any theme you have planned. 

Hanging Vines

Another great accent to your wedding ceremony or reception is the use of hanging vines in outdoor spaces. By wrapping the vines in string lights, you will achieve a show-stopping view for your outdoor wedding. 

hanging vines

Whether you choose to hang your vines from a tree branch or from a reception tent, these hanging vines are a beautiful touch to any themed wedding. 

Simple Arrangement

String lights draped above wedding ceremony ends and reception tables, creating a cozy atmosphere with bistro string lights.

Keeping it casual can go a long way when planning an outdoor wedding. Stringing the lights from the ends of your wedding ceremony or above your reception tables is an easy way to achieve a homey theme for your wedding. For this decor, it would be best to use bistro string lights

The larger bulbs add an industrial style to your decor without getting lost in the background. Thus, you will not need a huge abundance of string lights to maintain a great among of lighting. If you are seeking a cozy outlet for your decor, use bistro string lights as your source of a lighting arrangement for your outdoor wedding. 

Hanging Teardrop Lights

hanging candle holder

For a romantic candle-lit look, use hanging glass candle holders to light up the sky at your wedding reception. You can find these circular glass holders, add in candles, and hang them above tables, in the trees, and around your outdoor venue. Tear drop holders also create a gorgeous look!

Candles alone may not be enough to light up your wedding once it gets dark, but in addition to some fairy lights or larger Edison bulbs, this will create a lovely glow and decorate from above.

Outdoor Chandeliers 

white chandelier

For a royal look, consider hanging chandeliers outside! Search in thrift shops and consignment stores for vintage chandeliers, or find affordable ones online that you can hang outside.

Hang them from trees or other structures, and add candles (flameless may be better for safety reasons) or battery powered lights. If you have a power source conveniently located, you can even get a chandelier that plugs in. 

Chandeliers are often associated with elegance, like the gorgeous one pictured above. If you’re going for a more rustic or outdoorsy vibe, however, you can find chandeliers to fit your style! Consider using wicker or rattan chandeliers, or even specially constructed wooden ones. 

Candle Centerpieces

candle lit wedding table

For a simple but timeless look, light up the tables at your wedding reception with candles. Candles are a classic centerpiece. They’re also affordable, and you can find candles to fit any theme, style, or color scheme. 

Go for tall white pillar candles for a simple but sophisticated look, or go crazy with different colored candles, cool antique candle holders, and different candle shapes. You can really customize this lighting option to fit any look. 

As seen above, you can add extra light to your tables by stuffing small string lights in the transparent vases of your flower arrangements as well! The soft glow of candles and fairy lights creates a romantic setting for your big day. 

Vintage Lamps


For a unique outdoor lighting solution, consider placing vintage lamps on reception tables and around your venue! This is the perfect look for anyone going for a vintage theme, and it adds necessary light to your outdoor reception as well as a cool piece of decor! 

If you have the power supply handy, simply search for vintage lamps and set them up! If finding outlets is an issue, consider searching for battery powered lamps or finding ways to light them up without having cords all around your venue. For a super unique look, you could even use a vintage oil burning lamp – but be careful of the potential fire hazards.

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