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26 Mason Jar Centerpieces For All Kinds of Wedding Receptions

After finalizing your matrimonial theme and booking your venue, one of the next steps involves deciding how you want to decorate your wedding guest tables. 

While a floral arrangement is usually the most common idea, many couples have gotten creative in recent years by including mason jar centerpieces and decorations

If you’re considering mason jar decor as your table accents but don’t know which style will work for your special day, have no fear! 

Find out everything you need to know about mason jar centerpiece ideas! 

Unlike other wedding centerpiece ideas, decorative mason jars are versatile enough to be part of any ceremonial theme without feeling out of place. 

Here’s a round-up of our favorite wedding ideas with mason jar decorations!




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Give your guests the full experience of a winter wedding with your mason jar centerpieces by using epsom salt to create a snowy effect. Throw in some pinecones, hollies, bells, and candy canes to make them look like something straight from a fairy tale! 


If you prefer DIY centerpieces for your special day, chances are that you’ll love the look of a chalk-painted mason jar. These table accents work their magic by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere along with a beautiful flower arrangement. 



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It’s no wonder why so many couples include glitter as part of their mason jar centerpiece ideas. These displays become a popular choice for anybody who wants their decor to be particularly eye-catching. 


For brides and grooms who want to skip out on traditional flowers with their decorative mason jars, succulents become a popular option. As a relatively uncommon idea, you won’t have to worry about your guests thinking that your displays have been overdone. 


Nothing screams New Years Eve ceremony quite like mason jar decorations filled with confetti. This unforgettable detail will surely put your guests in a celebratory mood. 


Bring some colorful charm to your mason jar centerpieces by painting them with stripes. These displays will feel right at home during a nautical-themed celebration. 


Embrace the country theme of your wedding by tying bandanas to your rustic centerpieces. These table accents truly look their best when paired with tiny horseshoes!


Most couples wouldn’t think of including pebbles as part of their table accents, but this option shouldn’t be disregarded completely without a second thought. These simple centerpieces have much to offer as beautiful decorations, especially when placed along with fresh flowers.


You can never go wrong with creating DIY centerpieces with fishnet for a waterfront wedding. Make sure to choose blue-tinted mason jars to complete the aqua aesthetic. 

Metallic Gold

Create a luxurious look with your wedding table centerpieces by having mason jars painted with metallic gold. This classic arrangement contrasts really well with white flowers. 


Pay tribute to your espousal’s celestial theme by adorning your mason jar centerpieces with a starry design. These remarkable decorations will definitely be remembered by your guests for the years to come. 


Make the most of a barn ceremony with plaid patterns as your mason jar centerpiece ideas. The versatility of this design works for weddings that are planned during every season of the year.

Burlap Wrapped

Burlap wrapped mason jars are such a classic choice when following a country theme. Flex your creativity by tying a key with some ribbons to these rustic centerpieces.


Pinwheels aren’t falling out of popularity any time soon as ideas for DIY centerpieces. The younger guests in your wedding party will certainly appreciate these carefree table accents.

Sweethearts Candy

If you and your future spouse are tying the knot around Valentine’s Day, think about including mason jar decorations that pulls the entire holiday theme together. Fill the containers with sweethearts candy and your guests are guaranteed to be impressed! 

Sand and Seashells

Bring your beach wedding dreams to life with decorative mason jars full of sand and seashells. Don’t forget to add some sea glass as an extraordinary touch to these beautiful centerpieces. 

Polka Dots


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Polka dots often go hand in hand with springtime ceremonies so consider using this design with your centerpiece ideas. This style is incredibly easy to create in bulk with your wedding colors and becomes ideal for anybody who plans on having a larger reception. 

Citronella Candle

If you’re looking for backyard wedding ideas that are both practical and stunning, go with citronella candles as part of your mason jars. Make them float with some water, mint leaves, and rosemary! 


If you’re planning on hosting your romantic celebration in a desert location, don’t think twice about including mason jar decorations filled with cactus. Keep in mind that cactus only need to be watered once a week so these plants are low-maintenance in comparison to other alternatives.


Go the extra mile with your mason jar centerpieces by incorporating pictures of you and your fiance. The photographs will surely start some conversations among your wedding party. 

Lemon Slices

If you’re searching for DIY centerpieces that’ll fit right into an espousal during the warmer months of the year, look no further than lemon slices. These table accents will look particularly refreshing to your guests during an alfresco celebration. 


Not every couple is interested in an extravagant style for their mason jar centerpiece ideas. If you and your future spouse feel the same way, adorn your centerpieces with some flags that match your wedding color scheme.


Geodes bring a magical element to a mason glass jar that can’t be found with other centerpiece ideas. These remarkable rock cavities will certainly grab the attention of your entire guest list.

String Lights

Add some string lights to your vintage mason jars and you definitely won’t regret it. This beautiful arrangement feels especially appropriate during romantic celebrations that are planned for later in the day. 


Set the bohemian tone of your special day by including mason jar decorations filled with feathers. Although this option tends to be cheaper than others from this list, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing any beauty with your centerpieces. 

Autumn Leaves

Keep your DIY wedding centerpieces short and simple during the fall season by incorporating some autumn leaves. These creative decorations will photograph exquisitely during your marriage ceremony.

Dried Lavender 

If you want something extra with a beautiful mason jar with flowers, feel free to add some dried lavender. Be aware that this plant carries a strong fragrance and may cause an allergic reaction for some of your guests. 

When it comes to including these displays during your wedding reception, the sky’s the limit. Don’t hesitate to mix and match some of these decorative ideas so your table accents can better suit your matrimonial theme! 

If our suggestions for mason jar centerpieces have introduced you to the perfect idea, be sure to let us know about which one! Drop us a comment about any other kinds of inspiration that we have missed on our list!

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