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Beautiful Boho Wedding Ideas for Free-Spirited Brides and Grooms

If you’ve attended a few wedding ceremonies in the past couple of years or have been searching across the internet to find some inspiration during your planning process, you’ve probably noticed some themes have appeared time and time again. Boho wedding ideas are abundant online. 

beautiful boho wedding ideas for free-spirited brides and grooms

Rustic weddings have remained as a favorite in recent years among couples who are less interested in following the traditional themes. Bohemian chic weddings take this creativity a step further by drawing influences from hippie culture and other quirky lifestyles, either as a whole theme or just with subtle touches. 

Boho wedding ideas are unique for working throughout most of the seasons in a variety of settings. A boho wedding reception and ceremony aims to emphasize the beauty of the outdoors, whether the romantic celebration is being held in a forest, mountainside, or a desert setting.

Couples can make a boho wedding theme work for the largest or smallest of ceremonies

The boho wedding theme isn’t falling out of favor any time soon. Every new wedding season includes brides and grooms who want to be experimental when planning their romantic celebrations before sharing their ideas across social media. 

Whether you already have your heart set on having a bohemian wedding or still trying to decide on a celebratory theme, we’ve compiled some of the most popular boho wedding ideas in this simple and easy guide! 

Rustic Boho Wedding Invitations

Set the laid-back tone for your upcoming boho wedding reception and ceremony by providing your guest list with some eclectic invitations. 

Create some watercolor stationery if you want to incorporate your artistic skills within the wedding planning process. Starry invitations also work especially well if you’re interested in astrology and want your indie wedding to reflect that fact.

Including motifs like suns and arrows in your stationery is the best way to show that you and your partner are free spirits.

Bohemian Chic Attire

Traditional wedding attire might feel out of place during your rustic boho wedding, so don’t be afraid to consider other options. 

Look into hippy wedding dresses with earthy tones made out of lightweight materials such as crochet, lace, tulle, or chiffon. Accessorize with woven bracelets, necklaces and other kinds of jewelry. Plan your makeup around wearing a braid and flower crown on your special day.

Encourage your bridesmaid to emulate these same styles to fit your boho wedding theme. Their outfits don’t have to match in length or fabric either! 

If you’re looking for boho wedding ideas for your male guests, ask them to wear boutonnieres with vibrant wildflowers or swap them out completely for vivid feathers instead.

Indie Wedding Cakes

If you and your partner are looking for bohemian wedding ideas towards your ceremonial cake, take some inspiration from rustic weddings.

naked wedding cake

Naked cakes, which are prepared with a minimal amount of frosting, have recently gained in popularity among couples who prefer a non-conventional choice.

Check out semi-naked cakes if you want some more coverage from the icing. Fondant and buttercream still work within a boho wedding theme as well. 

Boho Venue Decorations

Decorating your venue with flowers is a no-brainer for boho wedding decoration ideas. Plain furniture instantly stands out when dramatic bouquets are tied to them with some ribbon.

Boho chic wedding ideas are all about mixing styles so don’t shy away from using several different kinds of floral arrangements

Be sure to make some space within your wedding venue for pampas grass and you definitely won’t regret it.

Pampas grass is the best addition for creating a whimsical and relaxing atmosphere for everybody during your romantic celebration while bringing your boho dreams to life.

floating flower display

If your boho wedding reception venue has a pond or any other small body of water, don’t think twice about decorating the space with some flower petals.

You’ll be creating a scene that will make your wedding photographs look exceptionally beautiful for the years to come.

Nothing says vintage boho wedding quite like a curtained altar. Not only does this decor protect you and your partner from the sun, your ceremony will also look like a scene straight from a fairy tale.

Consider laying down some woven rugs to ensure a cozy ambience. 

boho wedding

Give your guests the full indie wedding experience by incorporating some dreamcatchers throughout your venue. Originating from Native American cultures, dreamcatchers are believed to protect people from negative energies.

These handmade willow loops will look marvelous on your special day while perfectly capturing the bohemian vibe.

Crystals bring an enchanting element to bohemian weddings that can’t be found with other venue decorations.

As symbols of hope and prosperity, turquoise has become the most common choice for boho wedding decoration ideas but other wedding gemstones like amethyst and emerald can provide the same beauty.

boho wedding furniture

Take advantage of your boho wedding theme by including some objects that wouldn’t be found within other wedding styles. Think about hanging some colorful pompoms from trees to create a striking backdrop.

A vintage boho wedding truly stands out from the rest when adorned with travel-inspired ornaments like suitcases and books.

calligraphy wedding sign

Signs are an essential part of any wedding venue, regardless of how many guests have been invited to your special day.

Use chalkboards to direct your wedding party with where they need to go during your rustic boho wedding. Wooden boards written in cursive are the perfect touch as table markers and menus.

If you want boho wedding ideas beyond traditional string lights, go with paper lanterns instead. Choose from round or star-shaped paper lanterns to create an enjoyable and romantic atmosphere during your indie wedding.

Indie Wedding Favors

If you’ve decided to spread boho love by providing wedding favors to your guest list, take this opportunity to flex your creativity and consider some offbeat options. 

Be sure to send your guests home from your indie wedding with some flower crowns. These beautiful accessories are guaranteed to impress your wedding party of all ages. 

Incense is another classic choice for your boho wedding reception and ceremony. Your wedding party will definitely appreciate the practicality of using your gifts for cleansing and blessings. 

You can never go wrong with giving out terrariums during your rustic boho wedding as favors. Decorate them with a mixture of flowers, succulents, and brushes to symbolize the new chapter of life that you’re about to embark with your partner. 

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