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Wedding Flower Guide

For those of us who aren’t florists or flower experts, picking a floral arrangement may seem like a foreign task. This guide offers popular flowers, accounting for the seasons in which they bloom, colors, and what each flower symbolizes, so that you can pick the perfect flowers to accent your special day.


This is an obvious choice, but a classic for a reason. There are many different breeds of roses, and they are available year-round, perfect for brides in any season. Roses are traditionally red, pink, or yellow, but they come in an abundance of colors depending on florist and availability. The rose is traditionally associated with love and romance, although different colors symbolize different values.


Peonies are a popular wedding flower, perfect for late spring or early summer weddings. Their delicate, fragrant petals usually come in shades of pink, red, or white. Peonies symbolize beauty, romance, and prosperity, and are seen as omens of good fortune and happy marriage.


Hydrangeas can be used as the focus of your floral arrangement or as accent flowers. Theses flowers generally bloom in spring and summer, but faded blooms are available well into winter as well. Hydrangeas range in color from pink to white to blue, sometimes with purple or lavender pink-blue hybrids, making them amenable to any color palette. Hydrangeas can symbolize gratitude and heartfelt emotion.


The gardenia is a classic wedding flower, timeless and beautiful. Gardenia’s are white, and are typically in season early spring and summer and again in late summer and early fall. These flowers have many symbolic meanings, including purity, love (often secret love), trust, and clarity.


Daisies are in season year-round, so they are a popular choice for weddings through warm and cold months. There are many different species of daisies, so they come in almost any color you could want and fit into all sorts of floral arrangements and color schemes. The daisy symbolizes innocence, purity, and simplicity.


Carnations are a popular, simple choice for floral arrangements, and can be accent flowers or the bulk of the bouquet. They are in season all year, and are often used in winter weddings because of their bloom and versatility. Carnations are typically pink or purple in shade, but range from white to orange, yellow, and dark red. The symbolism of carnations differs based on color, but often the flowers represent love, gratitude, or admiration.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath are often used as filler flowers in a bouquet, but these tiny white flowers are wildly popular and can be the focus of your arrangement as well. Baby’s Breath is available year round, and the tiny petals are white. This flower symbolizes long-lasting love, pureness, and innocence.

Sweet Pea

The sweet pea is a popular bridal flower, often used in combination with other flowers or as a centerpiece. These aromatic flowers have one of the widest color ranges, making them easily included in many arrangements. Sweet peas are generally used in springtime weddings, available from spring to mid-summer. They symbolize delicate or blissful pleasure.


The orchid is an exotic and refined flower, and is available year-round depending on what breed you are looking for. Orchids are generally purple, ranging from a gray purple to red purple hue, but other colors exist as well. The orchid represents love, beauty, elegance, and strength.


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