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Wedding Gifts For Couples Without a Registry

You’re attending a wedding soon, but the couple has chosen not to register for gifts. What do you get them? More and more couples are choosing not to create a traditional wedding registry, putting the responsibility of figuring out what to get them in the hands of their guests. 

Trying to choose a wedding gift with no registry for ideas can be difficult, but not impossible. Use our list of wedding gift ideas for those without a registry for inspiration and you may find the perfect present for the happy couple!

If you don’t have a registry to work from and you’re struggling to decide on a gift, consider this list of best gift ideas for a couple without a wedding registry.



Some people may not like this option, but often when a couple doesn’t register they’re hinting that they’d prefer cash. For couples that already have the household items they need, money is a better gift and gives them the power to spend it as they wish.

Gift cards are also good, but they can also tie a person to a certain store that they may not need anything from. The amount is totally up to you, but writing a check is a perfectly acceptable (and often encouraged) option. Follow wedding gift etiquette and your intuition to determine the right amount. 

Honeymoon Fund

Some couples opt for a honeymoon fund rather than a traditional registry, where guests can give money that the couple will put towards their honeymoon.

A honeyfund is a registry, of sorts, so a couple with no registry at all might not have such an option set up for you. You can, however, consider giving money and let them know that it’s meant to go towards their honeymoon, or directly contribute to their honeymoon somehow if you know about their plans.

Experiential Gifts

couples massage

Cooking classes, exercise courses, a couples massage or fine dining experiences (like a tasting menu at a nice restaurant) are gifts that will give the couple the chance to try new things together.

If you think the couple in question would be interested in something like this, it’s a fun way to give an unusual gift that’s not just kitchenware and is more personalized than cash. You can also tie this idea in to the honeymoon fund idea; consider buying them a fancy meal at their honeymoon destination, or paying for another excursion or activity on their trip.

Wedding Keepsake


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Giving the couple something nice to remember their wedding by is a good idea. This could be a personalized picture book, a framed wedding announcement, etc. The more creative or personalized, the better.



If you know that they enjoy wine, an upscale bottle is a good gift idea for unregistered couples. They could drink it on their honeymoon or on an anniversary if they so choose, but a bottle of wine is a classic gift, simple and elegant.

Subscriptions or Memberships

monthly subscription

Wine, cheese, hot sauce, books, even fresh flowers – there are monthly subscriptions for all sorts of items, so if you know something the couple would enjoy, this is a gift that keeps on giving (for a certain amount of time, anyway).

If the happy couple is moving into a new home together, there are even subscriptions for all natural cleaning products, interior decor, plants, and more.

There are also bridal subscription boxes that make for great gifts. If you want something for both the bride and groom, try a date in a box!

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