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22 Winter Wedding Flowers For the Perfect Winter Bridal Bouquet

If you’ve decided to have a ceremony and reception during the wintertime, you might naturally wonder about your options for winter wedding flowers. Whether it’s to happen around the same time as Christmas or just because you enjoy the colder seasons over the warmer months, you can find great flowers for a winter wedding.

Most people assume that the choices for flowers that bloom in winter are quite limited, but the opposite has proven to be true. Brides and grooms have the opportunity to pick from winter flowers that appear in all different shapes and sizes to fit a wide variety of wedding themes. 

Read on about our favorite winter wedding flowers in this list and get creative about arranging your winter bridal bouquet! 



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If you’re looking for winter flower arrangements that are taller in size, don’t shy away from considering gladiolus plants. Nicknamed as “sword lilies,” these winter wedding flowers photograph beautifully especially when displayed in clusters.



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If you’ve never heard of hellebores, know that you’re not alone but don’t exclude them from your winter bridal bouquet. These members of the buttercup family are some of the most stunning flowers that bloom in winter exclusively.

Consider incorporating these gorgeous plants into your special day and you won’t regret your decision. 

Star of Bethlehem 


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Native to the Mediterranean region, these winter wedding flowers later earned their name after resembling the star that appeared during the biblical story of Jesus’s birth. Your winter bridal bouquet and venue decorations will surely stand out if you decide to include some Star of Bethlehem flowers. 



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Camellias have definitely proven themselves to be one of the most beautiful parts of the colder seasons. As flowers that bloom in winter, camellias pair well with other kinds of floral arrangements and wedding attire.

These plants are an ideal choice for brides who are searching for an opulent and luxurious look for their winter wedding centerpieces.

Forget Me Nots


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As one of the only winter wedding flowers on this list that grow naturally in blue hues, forget-me-nots are frequently found in memorial gardens and wedding ceremonies alike. These tiny flowers have truly earned their place among winter wedding arrangements as symbols of genuine love and faithfulness



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Originating from China, clematis flowers are known for mostly growing along fences and arbors. These plants provide that same breath-taking view when bundled together for a winter bridal bouquet. 



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No list about winter flower arrangements would be truly complete without mentioning roses. As a possibility for every season, roses have become one of the most versatile accessories for all kinds of traditional and modern wedding themes. Be sure to include this timeless representation of love among your winter wedding flowers.



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No other choice says Christmas wedding flowers like poinsettias. As the best selling potted plant in the United States and Canada, poinsettias certainly won’t feel out of place within your winter bridal bouquet.

Most people recognize these flowers for their striking red shade, but poinsettias can be organized in other colors like white, pink, yellow, and purple. 



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Pincushions are never the wrong option for winter wedding flowers. As common plants in butterfly gardens, pincushions will add a splash of color to your winter flower arrangements and bring some extra joy on your special day.



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If you’re specifically looking for inexpensive wedding flowers for winter celebrations, hydrangeas have got you covered. These winter flowers were originally discovered in Japan and have become mostly recognizable for their pom-pom shapes.

The striking appearance of hydrangeas explains why they have remained as a popular and affordable decoration for decades among weddings and other special occasions.



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Nicknamed as “prairie gentian,” these winter wedding flowers have been treasured for their beauty and elegance. Lisianthus plants can be arranged in single or double-flowered styles, and even as fringed petals, for your winter flower centerpieces.



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Native to Southeast Asia, these winter flowers later gained popularity through Victorian England as a symbol of charm but are now usually given as Mother’s Day gifts in modern times. Be sure to decorate your winter bridal bouquet with ranunculus flowers to create an atmosphere of old-fashioned glamour.



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Originating from South Africa, Gerbera daisies are the fifth most cut flower in the world and it’s no surprise after seeing their captivating beauty. These plants are the best choice for winter floral arrangements that are low maintenance since they survive for two weeks in a vase.



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If you prefer your winter wedding centerpieces to be on the larger side, check out peony plants as a possibility. These Christmas wedding flowers can grow up to ten inches and their lush appearance will definitely make the perfect addition for your special day. Peony plants can live up to a hundred years old, which becomes the perfect symbol of the long-lasting love shared during your ceremony.



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Frequently grown throughout Ancient Greece and Rome, carnations and their ruffled appearance eludes a look of timeless elegance. While most people use white and pink carnations in their winter bridal bouquets, these graceful flowers can be found in yellow, orange, and green hues.



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Among this list of Christmas wedding flowers, amaryllis plants are known to be one of the easiest to grow. The bell-shaped pedals of amaryllis plants set them apart from other flowers that bloom in winter and their striking red color will surely attract all of the attention of your wedding party.

Paperwhite Narcissus 


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If you would rather have a subtle approach for your winter flower arrangements, think about incorporating some paperwhite narcissus plants. These flowers are closely related to daffodils  and will provide a romantic atmosphere during your special day that won’t be forgotten by your guests for the years to come. 

Lily of the Valley


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Lily of the Valley plants have remained as a royal wedding tradition for centuries after making appearances at the ceremonies of Queen Victoria, Princess Astrid of Sweden, Grace Kelly, and Kate Middleton. Think about adding these plants to your winter wedding centerpieces to achieve some of the same grandeur and magnificence. 

 Calla Lily


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Despite having misleading names since they’re not actually lilies, these winter wedding plants differ from the other kinds of plants on this list because they can grow in shallow water alone. Calla lilies create a classic look of sophistication that fits right into any kind of winter bridal bouquet. 



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As plants that bloom in early spring into late fall, anemones are used frequently in weddings and other wintertime ceremonies. Nicknamed as “wind flowers,” anemones become the perfect choice for brides who want to create winter flower arrangements that don’t carry any scents.



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If you prefer winter wedding flowers with fragrances instead, look no further than gardenia plants. Even if these flowers thrive better in warmer climates, the creamy-white hues of the pedals will work within your winter bridal bouquet and not look out of place.

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