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16 Best Winter Wedding Colors For a Festive Reception and Ceremony

Although winter is often the last season that most brides and grooms consider when planning their weddings, this time of year brings a different kind of romance and glamour that can’t be replicated with celebrations held during the spring and summer months. 

With an abundance of winter flowers and other snowy accessories to decorate throughout a venue, weddings held from November to March don’t shy away from playing into the festive spirit that surrounds the wintertime holidays.

decorations fitting a winter color palette

Whether your heart is already set on having a romantic celebration during the wintertime or you’re still trying to decide on the right season, considering the right winter color scheme is essential with making sure that you truly feel the magic on your special day.

 If you’ve never been to a wintertime wedding, you might be wondering about your options for wedding color schemes. Look no further than our list of the best winter wedding colors here at YeahWeddings! 

With every new winter season that approaches, some wedding colors for winter celebrations remain in fashion while others fall out of popularity.

Seasonal hues, especially those of cooler tones, appear most frequently on our list as a reflection of wintertime beauty and timeless enhancement. Read on to see exactly how we pair these winter colors with other hues! 

 Red and Green


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A list of wedding colors for winter celebrations wouldn’t be complete without including the iconic pairing of red and green.

Many couples are quick to write off this classic winter color palette during the planning process in favor of other options, but red and green proves itself to be effortlessly festive during any ceremony held in the later months of the year. These are obvious colors for any Christmas themed wedding!

For a less Christmas-y option, consider red with white. 

White and Gray


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White and gray is the perfect duo for brides and grooms who prefer a minimalist kind of winter color scheme for their wedding day instead. This winter palette will truly allow you to get creative when decorating your venue space with a blend of classic and contemporary styles.

Black and Gold


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No other arrangement of January colors says art deco quite like black and gold. As some of the best winter wedding colors, black and gold will create a shimmer of glamour and opulence on your wedding day that is guaranteed to impress your guests.

Red and Pink


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Although red and pink are often reserved for wedding color schemes during the warmer months, this combination won’t feel out of place during your wintertime ceremony if it’s being planned especially close to Valentine’s Day.

These February colors will definitely create a romantic and delightful atmosphere that won’t be forgotten by your wedding party for the years to come.

Plum and Gold


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If you and your partner are more interested in a winter palette towards the bolder side of the color wheel, don’t be afraid to skip out on subtlety by choosing plum and gold. The pairing of these winter wedding colors will work their magic and naturally attract the attention of your entire guest list.

Dusty Blue and Gray


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The beauty of a wintertime sky cannot be understated and your special day can emulate this same aesthetic through a winter color palette of dusty blue and gray. These January and February colors will surely make your guests feel as if they have walked straight into a winter wonderland.

Rose Gold and Ivory


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You can never go wrong with choosing a winter wedding color palette that consists of rose gold and ivory. These winter colors will certainly achieve the exquisite and alluring effects that most couples imagine when planning their wedding day during the later months of the year.

Burgundy and Brown

Bring some warmth and coziness to your wintertime ceremony by pairing burgundy and brown together as your winter wedding colors. These sophisticated shades have truly earned their place among wedding colors for winter celebrations by inspiring a celebratory spirit to everybody around.

Snowy White

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Provide your guests with the entire wonderland experience by incorporating a winter color scheme of snowy hues. This monochrome winter palette is naturally pleasing to the eye and allows you to flex your creativity when picking out different kinds of textures for your venue decorations.

Silver and Evergreen


Some of the best winter wedding colors for creating a dreamy landscape are none other than silver and evergreen. This duo embodies an earthy and organic vibe that feels just right, even for celebrations that are being held during the coldest months of the year.

Lemon and Cream


If you’re planning for your reception and ceremony to happen towards the end of wintertime, go with a winter scheme that reminds your guests that spring will be coming soon. As some of the softest winter colors on the color wheel, the combination of lemon and cream will surely create a vibe of subtle romance during your celebration.

Maroon and Deep Purple


If you’re looking for a winter color palette that will look exceptionally breathtaking in your wedding photographs for the years to come, the pairing of maroon and deep purple has got you covered. Let your special day have a fresh and modern feel through the use of these winter wedding colors.

Emerald and Navy Blue


Play up the cool tones that are naturally found throughout the season by deciding on emerald and navy blue as your winter wedding colors. A winter color scheme with emerald blue offers a vivid appearance without forgetting to be lush and idyllic at the same time. 

Gingerbread and White


If you’re searching for January and February colors that don’t shy away from creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, gingerbread and white are your perfect answer. Think about incorporating this winter wedding color palette on your special day and you definitely won’t regret it.

Orange and Fuchsia 

Who says you can’t use brighter hues as winter wedding colors? A winter color scheme consisting of orange and fuchsia shades are guaranteed to bring the party to life and steal the show on your special day. 

Pine Green and Brown


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The pairing of pine green and brown are some of the best winter wedding colors for standing out against the snowy backdrops of a ceremony and reception. This winter color scheme works exceptionally well if you’re planning for a barn wedding or another kind of rustic setting. 

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