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21 Fabulous Winter Wedding Ideas

Here are some of the best beautiful ideas for your winter wedding! Turn your wedding venue into a winter wonderland with these ideas to fit a winter theme. 

Get married in the winter weather with ideas like holiday themed details, a rustic wedding reception space, or a winter color palette with jewel tones like emerald green and ruby red. There are plenty of ways to decorate your big day for a gorgeous winter themed wedding!

Here is our list of the best winter wedding ideas for every bride! 

1. Cozy Winter Wedding Photos

winter wedding ideas

One perfect way to get some winter wedding photos is to take pictures of you and your partner cuddled up under a blanket in the snow. Not only will it capture the magic of your winter wedding, it will also be an adorable, cozy picture from your wedding that you will have forever. 

2. Fir Decorations

winter wedding ideas

Decorate for your winter wedding with fir needles artistically will add a little bit of winter woods into your indoor venue. You can place the sprigs in napkins, use them for your bouquet, or even use garland to decorate.  

Pine cones are another wintry look for cold weather nuptials. Use pine cones as table setting decor or even use them to decorate your wedding cake!

3. Fur Decorations

winter wedding ideas

Alternatively, use fur to warm up your venue by placing fur pelts over the backs of the chairs at your ceremony or reception. Use fur rugs in your wedding or wear a fur jacket on your wedding day. This will go perfect with your magical, but also cold, winter wedding. 

For a winter bridal party look, have them wear fur shawls over their dresses to keep the bridesmaids warm.

4. Seasonal Table Display

winter wedding ideas

Use holiday decorations to create the ultimate holiday tablescape. Use pine needles, pine cones, candles, and Christmas lights to create a cute festive look. You can also decorate your tables based on a specific season, such as Christmas or Hanukkah. 

If you have a long table, consider a table runner in colors like red and green. For an elegant winter look, you could also go all white or use shimmery silver fabric to mimic snow. Complete the look with greenery garlands along the runner!

5. Pinecones and Twine

winter wedding ideas

If you are looking for cute, wintery decorations for your wedding, use pine cones! These cute decorations are perfect for accessorizing your winter centerpieces, putting in your bouquet, or using them for place settings. 

6. Let it Glow 

winter wedding ideas

One perfect decoration for winter weddings are candles. Candles create a luminescent and romantic glow for your wedding. Decorate your centerpieces and reception area with lots of candles for a beautiful candlelit dinner at your reception. 

If you’re worried about fire hazards, consider using string lights instead. Twinkling lights will remind guests of Christmas tree lights, and if you pick a warm light color it will have the same soft glow as candles.

7. Hot Cocoa and Coffee

winter wedding ideas

Serve hot cocoa and coffee at your wedding. Set up a hot chocolate bar with marshmallows and different flavored hot chocolates to choose from at your dessert table.

Also offer coffee with a variety of sweeteners and milks for coffee drinkers to enjoy. A peppermint hot chocolate or chocolate peppermint flavored creamer would be even more on theme!

8. Getaway Car

winter wedding ideas

A fun getaway car, or other type of vehicle can make the end of your wedding night a special memory. For a winter wedding, let your imagination take over and make your getaway memorable.

Don’t think that you need an extravagant luxury car… make your wedding unique and getaway on a horse drawn carriage, or even a snowmobile! Another cool idea is to take pictures leaving on a ski lift, although that may be harder to accomplish if your wedding ends at night. 

9. Holiday Joy

winter wedding ideas

Go all out on a holiday theme and devote your wedding to Christmas, Hanukkah, or another winter holiday. For example, transport your guests to the north pole for a Christmas themed wedding.

Add Christmas trees with gifts under them, or even hang stockings over a fireplace at your venue to add a holiday flair. A holiday theme will make your guests feel like they are celebrating at your wedding! For another festive touch, consider wrapping the wedding favors like Christmas gifts.

10. Cookies Instead of Cake

winter wedding ideas

Try having cookies instead of a wedding cake at your wedding. Not only will your guests love a selection of holiday cookies, it will also save money on buying an overpriced cake.

A cookie bar with hundreds of decorated cookies will wow your guests and they will be able to take something home with them from your wedding. Don’t forget to decorate the dessert table with candy canes!

11. Mittens and Hat Party Favors

winter wedding ideas

Hand out mitten and hats at your wedding reception if you are having an outdoor ceremony. This will not only keep your guests warm, it will also be adorable to see all the knit mittens and hats on your guests during your nuptials. 

Another great idea for a wedding favor is fleece blankets! These are useful favors your guests will use again and again, and they can snuggle up at your wedding reception. 

12. Signature Red Cocktail

winter wedding ideas

Consider having a signature winter cocktail at your reception. Use winter berries as a garnish or serve mulled wine as a way to warm your guests up.

Give the drink a unique name that is connected to your theme. Some examples include “the blushing bride,” or “berry happy together.”

13. Red, Green, or Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

winter wedding ideas

Choose an unconventional bridesmaid dress color for your winter wedding to match your theme. Red, green, or even blue bridesmaid dresses work if you are doing a specific theme where these colors would work.

Another idea is for your bridesmaids to all wear different dresses, for a unique look. If you want your wedding to be winter themed but not holiday themed, silver or gold are great winter colors.

14. Velvet Bouquet

winter wedding ideas

Add some velvet roses into your bouquet for a wintery touch. Wrap velvet ribbon around the bouquet, and add wintery greens to make your winter wedding bouquet fit the season. 

Be sure to choose from popular winter flowers to complete your bouquet. Fresh flowers look gorgeous mixed or wrapped with velvet! 

15. Winter Centerpieces

winter wedding ideas

Use winter berries, pine sprigs, and even artificial snow to create dreamy winter centerpieces for your reception. You can even use Christmas or themed decorations if that is a part of your theme.

Make sure your centerpieces wow your guests with your creative ideas. 

16. Ski Theme

winter wedding ideas

Want a unique theme for your wedding? Choose to have your wedding at a ski lodge and decorate accordingly. To decorate, use skis to create signs for your wedding.

Find a venue that works for you, and if the location includes skiing, have some of your close friends and family join you for a ski trip. A destination wedding doesn’t have to be tropical! 

17. Ice Castle Venue

winter wedding ideas

Ice castles are the ultimate location for a winter wedding. There are only a few venues that are legitimate ice castles in the United States, so you may need to recreate the idea of an ice castle through your decor.

Use fake snow, snowflake accessories, and a white color scheme to achieve this theme. 

18. Sparkly Accessories

winter wedding ideas

Add a little bit of winter magic to your wedding by using sparkly accessories. Whether it’s sparkly heels, a handbag, or even jewelry, sparkles will remind everyone of the magic of wintertime. 

19. Artificial Snow

winter wedding ideas

If it isn’t a snowy day like you were hoping for on your wedding day, use artificial snow to recreate the cozy feeling. At your reception, you can even see if the venue will allow you to use fake snow as confetti on your dance floor at the reception. This would be the ultimate surprise for your guests when it starts to snow inside!

20. Plaid Pajamas 

winter wedding ideas

Wear cute plaid pajamas the morning of your wedding with your bridesmaids to get a cute pre-wedding photo and so you can lounge around before putting on your dress. These warm, comfy pajamas will be a cute touch to your wedding day, and they make great bridesmaids proposal gifts!

21. Winter Bridal Looks

winter bride ideas

Get creative with a beautiful winter bridal look! In the winter, you can rock long sleeve wedding dresses without worrying about the temperature. 

Lace also looks gorgeous in the winter. Another option is to go big and bold with features, furs, and more for an extravagant winter wedding look. You could even consider a sparkly New Years Eve wedding gown!  

What is a Winter Wedding? 

winter wedding ideas

Winter weddings are magical and festive as can be. From holiday tunes to snowy backdrops, the ideas for winter weddings are endless. Transport your guests into a winter wonderland at your wedding by using creative decor, and many other ideas. 

Winter weddings are popular among those who love the holiday season and cold weather. While some want warm weather and spring florals at their wedding, others dream of a winter wonderland wedding with snow, holiday music, and winter florals. 

When is the Winter Wedding Season? 

winter wedding ideas

Winter wedding season is anytime during the months of December, January, and February. These months are not normal wedding season, so some venues may offer discounts. 

For your December wedding, the month is perfect for the bride that wants to have a holiday themed wedding. With Christmas, Hanukkah, and holidays during December, this month is perfect for a big party!

For a January wedding, ring in the new year by getting married. This month is perfect for the bride who wants a winter wonderland theme and to check “get married” off of their new year’s resolutions list. 

In February, celebrate the month of love by getting married. A Valentine’s wedding is beautiful and there is no better way to celebrate the special day than by getting married! 

What are the Benefits of a Winter Wedding? 

winter wedding ideas

A lower price on winter wedding venues is not the only positive part of getting married during the winter. Oftentimes your wedding guests will also get cheaper accommodations to stay for your wedding due to the off-season. 

Winter is also the ideal time for a black-tie affair, as it will not be as hot and humid. Guests will be able to wear their finest suits and ball gowns, as it will be cold and the perfect time of year to wear them. 

Another positive is that holiday decor can double as decorations for your wedding. With many venues decorating for Christmas starting in mid-November, your wedding will have lots of holiday flair to add to the romance. 

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