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9 Inspirational Barn Wedding Ideas

One of the most popular wedding venues and themes is that of a barn wedding. A barn wedding is the perfect mix of something classy and country. It is also an easy way to work with a natural or rustic theme, as most barn weddings are a mix of indoors and outdoors. If you’re considering this rustic theme, look no further for some barn wedding ideas. 

From inspiration for lighting, centerpieces, and all the food your guests can eat, the barn wedding aesthetic has a lot of interesting and beautiful routes you can take. You can go more country or you can go more earthy– both are possible when you choose a barn for your venue.

Rustic Barn Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. There are so many different elements to add your own personal touch to. A barn wedding is a distinct aesthetic, and you have a lot of opportunities to create a unique and rustic space for your dream day that your guests will never forget.

Barn Wedding Lighting

One of the most popular lighting ideas for a barn wedding are string lights, also known as fairy lights. String lights are trendy and classic. They bring a whimsical and elegant element to your space. In a barn, they add so much extra shine because of the towering height of many barn’s rafters. They are also easy to put up and are the perfect mix between classy and country.

Another great lighting option for a barn wedding are paper lanterns. Paper lanterns are stylish, affordable, and very chic. White paper lanterns add some needed brightness to a barn, which can sometimes be a very dark space. 


Barn Ceremony Space

One thing that many barn brides do to lighten up a ceremony space is to hang white sheets from the rafters. This creates a very elegant look for your ceremony, brightens up the space and adds some softer textures to the harsh woods of the barn.

Many that are using the barn as a reception space do the ceremony outside. During an outside ceremony, you could mimic the rustic look of the barn by using wooden chairs and country-inspired details.


Table Arrangements & Seating for a Barn

Due to the oblong construction of many barns, some barn weddings seat guests in a few long tables instead of the more traditional set up of many small tables. This is not only practical, but it also provides an interesting look inside the barn.

However, if you would like to do many small tables, this is easily achieved by staggering them to fit the barn’s structure. This is a more traditional set up and can have a rustic look through wooden chairs and stripped-down centerpieces.


Rustic Table Centerpieces

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and rustic look, you will want to incorporate some wood into your centerpiece to match the vibe of the barn. Some people do this by placing their centerpieces on a small piece of a tree stump, which is practical and gives the table an earthy look.

Another avenue to take a barn wedding’s aesthetic down is a very country look. This can be achieved by using mason jars in your centerpieces. Mason jars are having a serious resurgence because they represent a country vibe while still looking chic and being practical.

You can use mason jars in your centerpieces as candles or containing favors.


Country Themed Bar

It might be difficult to set up a bar in the barn, so there are some creative solutions. For one, you can set it up by using wooden barrels, which will further emphasize the country look. The two barrels can hold a piece of wood on which drinks can be served.

For an authentic country wedding, you might want to serve drinks with a hint of Americana, like American beers or Kentucky bourbon whiskey. These country-themed drinks will fit perfectly with the spirit and vibe of a barn wedding.


Barn Wedding Dance Floor

Another concern that one might have about a barn is that there might not be a clear dance floor. While it’s true that most barns are not made for dancing, one thing you can do is to have a dance floor brought into an open space.

If your barn’s interior doesn’t have enough room for its own dance floor, then you can bring the party outside! Set up a panelled dance floor in a grassy area outside of the barn with lots of string lights and lanterns so that the party doesn’t have to stop at sundown!


Best Rustic Floral Arrangements

One flower popular in rustic arrangements is baby’s breath. Baby’s breath is often thought of as a filler flower in a bouquet, but these little white buds shine on their own, as well. They bring a sweet and airy look and scent to your bouquets and tables, a necessary element in a barn wedding.

For a summer wedding, another great flower to use in a rustic barn wedding is a sunflower. Sunflowers bring wonderful light into any space and have an at-home feeling. They are also very bright and distinctive.


Country Chic Dessert Table

To give the dessert table that same rustic feel, you can structure your sweet treats around wooden crates. The texture of the wood will create a great contrast with the fluffy look of the pastries and cake.

If you want to bring a rustic feel into the dessert itself, consider doing an unfrosted cake. Unfrosted cakes have been very trendy and have a stripped down feel. Just like your wedding, an unfrosted cake is more about the bones.


Barn Wedding Favors

One great idea for favors goes back to the aesthetic of mason jars. When giving favors, you could give all sorts of great treats in a mason jar, from jam, to honey, to moonshine! These homemade treats give off the simple, authentic Americana that is so charming about a barn wedding.

If you want to encourage your wedding goers to give back to the Earth, another great favor is a cute little seed packet. By giving your loved ones the first bits of a new garden, they’ll always remember the experience of your barn wedding and how much they enjoyed being connected with nature at the event.


Why Have a Barn Wedding?

An elegant barn wedding will never be forgotten. It is the perfect combination between down-home fun and a classy event. A barn wedding is also a great solution for a couple looking to have a unique wedding on a budget.

If you grew up in a rural area, a barn wedding will be a happy reminder of your childhood. It is also a wonderful way to combine an indoor wedding and an outdoor one. It brings nature into your space, perfectly topping off that rustic vibe.


More Barn Wedding Ideas

If you’re really running with the country theme, check out these must-play country songs. If you are attending a barn wedding and are unsure what to wear, check out this guide to barn wedding attire

For more on logistics of planning your barn wedding, learn how to find barn wedding venues in your area!

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