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Gorgeous Red and White Wedding Ideas

There are so many aspects that go into planning your dream wedding. From your venue to your food to your dress, making everything perfect definitely seems daunting and overwhelming when you’re starting to plan. Picking wedding colors is another big step in the planning process, but you can’t go wrong with classic red and white wedding colors. 

However, one of the best places to start is to choose your wedding’s color scheme. Once you have settled on a color scheme, you’re in a great spot to pick out decor, wedding party outfits, and design a cake. 

Though there are a wide range of potential color schemes, sometimes your favorite thing will be simple, primary colors. If that sounds like you, keep reading for red and white wedding ideas.

Choosing the Best Color Scheme for Your Wedding

There are also a lot of factors that go into choosing your color scheme. One of them is the look of your venue– if you’re getting married in a rustic ski lodge, a bright, tropical color palette may not exactly fit. 

Further, there’s also the season to take into account. For example, many people getting married in spring may look to pastels, whereas an autumn wedding may be colored by dark oranges and reds.

Thankfully, red and white can go with a lot of different things, from a holiday-styled winter event to a summer BBQ. As you’ll see if you keep reading, the red and white color scheme is pretty versatile and there are a ton of great ideas.


Red and White Ceremony Decor

For example, this aisle design really ran with the red and white theme, from red and white rose petals surrounding the aisle to a gorgeous altar decked out in similar flowers. Something like this is bright and bold, and totally unforgettable!

If you want to keep it more subtle, you may incorporate the red and white coloring just in the altar by way of a flower arch. This is a beautiful but classy way to incorporate your wedding’s colors, and will make for stunning photos of the moment you made your lifetime commitment.


Beautiful Flower Arrangements

One of the most obvious possibilities for a red and white wedding bouquet are the classically romantic red roses! Red roses are always beautiful and incredibly romantic. This bouquet also has white roses, creating a nice juxtaposition.

This bouquet uses red and white wildflowers to the same effect. With a more textured and wild look, a bridal bouquet like this one adds a bohemian flair to any event. This bouquet also works all-year long, so be sure to talk to your florist about their feelings about wildflowers.


Bridesmaids Dressed in Red

Dressing the bridesmaids in red is perfect with this color palette, as the bride will act as the obvious white in photos! These goddess-like bridesmaid dresses offer a cute little white buckle to offset the starkness of the crimson. These will really turn heads as they walk down the aisle.

If you want to incorporate more white into the dresses, then these v-neck looks are a perfect option! With the white collar on the red, they really fit the theme and are perfectly classy for all year round. This style will also look really flattering on all of your bridesmaid’s body types, as the neckline provides a lot of support and the bodice hugs curves.


Table Settings in Red and White

For a winter wonderland affair, this sparkly and mystical table setting is perfect. Featuring silver branches, a tree stump vase, and decorative cardinals on the chairs, this is really perfect for a winter wonderland wedding that calls back to fond memories of childhood Christmases.

This table setting is less explicitly seasonal, but is definitely super classy and will look great in every venue. From the glass vases to the way that the crimson napkins are styled, this is definitely some great inspiration.


Cute Red and White Decor Ideas

If your venue has a white wall, then you can fake red flowers to make a flower wall. A flower wall is a beautiful feature to any wedding reception, as it adds some lovely texture to a room and is a great spot for guests to take photos. You can click here for more on how to build a wedding flower wall.

It has also become increasingly popular to include a wedding program for your ceremony. This helps guests follow along with everything happening. These wedding programs utilize the red and white theme to great effect, with red and white flowers painted in watercolor on a white background. 


The Perfect Wedding Cake

Of course, the wedding cake is one of the most exciting aspects of having your wedding. For many couples, the wedding cake acts as a symbol for the sweet and rich years to come! This wedding cake really utilizes both the red and the white to full effect, highlighting a color-blocked effect and some bright, beautiful flowers. 

Instead of something more expected like roses, you can decorate your white cake with red cherry blossoms, like this one! This is a lovely way to highlight your wedding colors and to do something a bit creative.


Red and White Wedding Favors

One of the best ways to bring your wedding colors into the favors you give is to put them in a color-themed box or bag! This striped one is totally cute with a nautical theme and looks roomy enough to hold a variety of different favor ideas.

In terms of favors, you could give out red and white beer koozies! This is a funny way to make your wedding memorable in a form that your guests will surely appreciate. These are Christmas themed, perfect for a holiday wedding!


More about Color Schemes

Here at Yeah Weddings, we have everything you need to plan your special day. From all black wedding ideas to 33 wedding theme ideas for any style, keep reading for everything you need to nail down your wedding’s aesthetic.

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