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wedding arch ideas

30 Romantic Wedding Arbor Ideas

Need some gorgeous wedding inspiration? Here are some ideas for the wedding arch in your ceremony venue!

wedding arch ideas

Wedding arches are traditionally used in wedding ceremony spaces to accentuate the couple as they exchange vows. It gives the couple a beautiful backdrop to take photos and exchange nuptials as husband and wife for the first time. 

Wedding arches can be useful for indoor and outdoor weddings. They can make use of the gorgeous natural surroundings of your outdoor venue, or they can be a simple indoor floral arch. The ideas for wedding arbors are endless!

Floral wedding arches are usually the most common and traditional type of arch, but the ideas do not stop there. There are many types of wedding arches for all types of wedding themes to choose from. 

wedding arch ideas

There are many different wedding arch ideas depending on what theme you choose for your wedding. Wedding arches can also just accentuate the background of your venue and attract attention to a specific focal point at your ceremony. 

Wedding arches can be made out of any material. Sometimes wedding arches are called an arbor or a chuppah— which is a Jewish term which means “covering.” Traditionally a chuppah will have four pillars and cover the couple as they exchange vows. These terms can be used interchangeably to describe a wedding arch. 

Wedding arches can have lots of different shapes, colors, and materials to stand behind the bride and groom or above them. Use your imagination and the following inspirational ideas to create the perfect wedding arch at your wedding. 

Here are our ideas for the best and most beautiful wedding arches ever! Get inspired by these themed arches for your wedding ceremony space. 

1. Tropical Florals wedding arch ideas

If you are going for a tropical paradise themed wedding, try decorating with a tropical arch. Using tropical, colorful flowers and palm leaves to create the ultimate tropical paradise arch.

2. Woodland Wonderland

wedding arch ideas

If you are planning a woodland wedding, go for a whimsical look for your wedding arch. Decorating the wedding arch with light and airy florals such as baby’s breath will create a beautiful arch. 

3. Modern Geometric

wedding arch ideas

Use an unconventional geometric shape for your arch at your wedding ceremony. This is a perfect idea for the bride who wants to add a modern touch to a minimalistic wedding theme

4. Asymmetrical Arch


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If you want a unique arch, go for one that is asymmetrical. This means that one side of the arch is more decorated than the other side. This can be achieved by layering greenery and florals on one side of your arch and leaving the other side exposed.

5. Vibrant Greenery

wedding arch ideas

If your wedding theme is natural and you’re decorating with lots of greenery, use it for your arch. Use natural greenery as inspiration for your perfect wedding arch. 

6. Simple Arbor

wedding arch ideas

If you are having a small, low-key wedding, opt for a simple arbor to decorate your ceremony space. A small frame just big enough for the two of you is perfect for a small, simple wedding ceremony. 

7. Natural Setting

wedding arch ideas

Using the natural setting of your wedding venue gives you inspiration for your wedding arch. Use different pieces of foliage from around the venue to help blend into your gorgeous venue’s landscape. 

8. Fantastic Ferns

wedding arch ideas

Use fern plants to decorate your wedding arbor to create the ultimate greenery scene at your wedding ceremony. 

9. Mixed Materials

wedding arch ideas

Use different accent metals such as gold, silver, and bronze to decorate a unique wedding arch. You can also mix metals with wooden accents to create a mixed material masterpiece. 

10. Entrance Arch

wedding arch ideas

Place your wedding arch at the front of the walkway into your ceremony. It will be a grand entrance to your wedding that your guest will not forget, and it will draw attention to your dress when you first walk into your ceremony.

11. Add a Stage 

wedding arch ideas

Add a stage to your wedding arbor so that the guests can see you and your partner from even the furthest seats away from the front. This will draw all the attention to the bride and groom!

12. Seasonal Florals

wedding arch ideas

Decorate your arch with your wedding flowers that you chose. This will bring all the florals for your wedding together and be absolutely gorgeous!

13. Door Frame

wedding arch ideas

If your theme is rustic or antique, try using old door frames as a backdrop for your ceremony. These old door frames can become similar to a arch but truly unique and memorable. 

14. DIY Arch

wedding arch ideas

If you are a DIY bride, choose to decorate your own wedding arch. It may seem like a daunting task, but if you are creative and have a theme it can be easy!

15. Circular Arch

wedding arch ideas

Use a unique circular arch if you want a wedding arbor that is not like everybody else’s. Circle arches are a newer trend and will look perfect for the modern bride. 

16. 3D Arch

wedding arch ideas

Make your arch stand out by adding elements that are three dimensional. Whether it is straw, grass, ferns, or florals, going over the top and decorating with lots of greenery will make your arch pop out!

17. Venue Views 

wedding arch ideas

If you love your venue, use the natural setting and just have a simple acrylic clear arch at your ceremony. It will add a modern feel to your outdoor ceremony and show off those gorgeous views.  

18. Something Blue

wedding arch ideas

Add a special blue element to your wedding by using a shade of blue for your wedding arch. Whether its fabric, florals, or another material, the arch will add a special touch to your ceremony. 

19. Antique Arch

wedding arch ideas

Use antique furniture to decorate a DIY wedding arch. Use your creativity to put together an arch using old picture frames or any other statement pieces that you want in your wedding. 

20. Traditional Chuppah

wedding arch ideas

A chuppah is a jewish word for an arch that the bride and groom stand under. Traditionally, these types of arbors have four pillars and a covering over top of the couple. 

21. Curtained Chuppah

wedding arch ideas

A curtained chuppah is just like a regular chuppah but with curtains on the sides of the pillars. This can add a romantic feel to the ceremony. 

22. Heart Shaped

wedding arch ideas

If you really want a romantic wedding, opt for a heart shaped arch at your wedding. The guests at your wedding will awe at the cuteness and loveliness of your decoration. 

23. Statement Tree 

wedding arch ideas

Have your ceremony in front of a dramatic backdrop such as a statement tree. In lieu of a wedding arch, use the natural setting to create a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding ceremony. 

24. Barn Background

wedding arch ideas

If you are having your wedding at a rustic country venue like a barn, use the venue as inspiration for your arch idea. Use materials from the venue such as a barn door way as background. 

25. Super Florals

wedding arch ideas

Go all out with florals that are super big. Layer lots and lots of flowers to create the ultimate beautiful wedding arch. 

26. Lots of Vines

wedding arch ideas

Decorate your wedding arch with romantic vines if it fits with your theme. Vines can be twisted into whimsical shapes that go beautifully in an outdoor ceremony space

27. Candle Celebration

wedding arch ideas

If you are having a night time ceremony, decorate the arch with lots of candles to light the ceremony and give your exchanging of your vows to be a gorgeous moment. 

28. Ultra Modern

wedding arch ideas

Use metallic material or acrylic clear material to create a modern arch. If you want a simple design, less is more with a modern minimalist aesthetic

29. Pampas Grass

wedding arch ideas

A new trend for wedding arches is using pampas grass, which is a beautiful tan-golden colored grass that is taking over millennial ceremonies. The grass is dramatic and draws the eye of everyone. 

30. Triangular 

wedding arch ideas

Use a triangle shaped arch if you want a unique and different look at your ceremony. Triangles can be an important symbol that some want to incorporate into their special day. 

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