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21 Best Engagement Gifts for Any Couple

If your friends or relatives recently got engaged, you may be looking for the perfect gift to say “Congrats on the engagement!” There are plenty of great engagement gift ideas out there, so it’s all about finding the right gift for this particular couple.

Consider your relationship with the happy couple, their relationship with one another, and their personalities to find the best engagement gift that is thoughtful and shows how happy you are for them. No matter your budget, you can find a lovely engagement gift to celebrate a win for love. 

Whether you’re looking for an engagement gift for a couple, or you’re looking for an engagement gift for the bride or groom specifically, we’ve got you covered. Choose between traditional engagement gifts like flowers and wine or unusual engagement gifts with a personal touch.



Wine is a classic gift, regardless of the occasion, so it makes for a lovely engagement present. Give the couple a bottle of champagne to pop in celebration, or their favorite red to enjoy while wedding planning together. You can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine. 

For a more customized gift, consider getting a personalized wine label with the names of the happy couple and the date of their engagement. Once they drink the wine, they can keep the bottle as a keepsake. 

Check out these customizable labels on Etsy!

engagement wine label
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wine label
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wine label engagement
Source: TheIvoryShoppe

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wedding flowers

Another classic, traditional engagement gift is flowers. If the engaged couple shares a home already, a beautiful bouquet will brighten up their home and their day. Choose the bride’s favorite blooms, or opt for classic beauties like roses, hydrangeas, or peonies. 

To make this gift bigger, include a vase that you think the couple will like! For an elegant gift, consider crystal vases, or pick any vase that you know fits with the couple’s style and home decor. 

Handwritten Card 


Most couples don’t expect expensive engagement gifts, or gifts at all. If you’re tight on cash but you want to congratulate your friends, consider hand-writing a note sharing your well wishes! This is a thoughtful gift that will mean more to them than physical gifts. 

If you plan to buy something, you can always include a handwritten note as a personal touch to share how excited you are for your friends or family members! 

Ring Dish 

ring holder

A great engagement gift for the bride that the groom can also use is a ring dish. This is a small dish or holder to keep rings in, that way they don’t get lost when they take them off. 

There are plenty of customizable ring dishes on sites like Etsy, so you can give a personalized gift with the couple’s initials, names, anniversary date, or other personal details. 

Check out gorgeous handmade ring dishes on Etsy! Most can be personalized with names or initials as well.

gold ring dish
Source: MudAndMarble

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black and white ring dish
Source: CourtPerkDesigns

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rustic ring holder
Source: ThePaintedPress

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Wedding Planning Book

wedding planning

Once the excitement from the engagement wears off, it’s time to start planning the wedding! Wedding planning is a stressful endeavor, so help the happy couple get organized with a wedding planning book.

There are lots of books that offer planning tips and templates, or planners with plenty of room for brides and grooms to fill in their own ideas. Check out our favorite wedding planning books!

Custom Stamp 

Between engagement announcements, save the dates, wedding invitations, and thank you cards, an engaged couple will have a lot of mail to send. Consider getting them a custom stamp for their return address. It can include their names, address, and other cute design details.

A custom stamp makes it much easier to complete cards, and it will give all of their correspondence a neat, professional look that can be done at home. 

return address stamp
Source: StampCustoms

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couple address stamp
Source: ChelseyEmery

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gold return address stamp
Source: 904TieTheKnot

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Photo Album 

photo album

Help your engaged friends relive all the best memories of their lives together with a photo album! You can give them a blank photo album to fill with wedding photos later, or even create a scrapbook of their relationship so far. 

Whether you choose the pictures or you leave it up to them, a photo album is a lovely commemorative gift for engagements. 

Check out some beautiful custom photo albums on Etsy!

wood photo album
Source: CadesAndBirch

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mr and mrs photo album
Source: TheBlackDesigns

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Engraved Cutting Board

engraved cutting board

Home goods are always useful for young couples starting a life together. One popular gift idea right now is an engraved, custom cutting board with the couples names. You can include both of their first names, or engrave it with the name they’ll share after marriage.

A custom cutting board is a practical gift that an engaged couple can use to chop up their next meal together, or they can use it as a decoration that hangs in the kitchen. 

custom cutting board
Source: CopperFoxCompany

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couple cutting board
Source: TrueMementos

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engagement cutting board
Source: CircleCityDesignCo

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Decorative Sign 

Another creative engagement gift idea is a decorative sign featuring their names or other details of their engagement. Help the happy couple decorate their marital home with a beautiful sign that commemorates their love and commitment to one another.

There are plenty of customizable signs in all styles online on websites like Etsy, so you can get a totally unique gift that the future bride and groom will love. 

engagement date sign
Source: YourWeddingPlace

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infinity sign
Source: WeddingsDecorandMore

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engagement sign
Source: PinkeeArt

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Family Doormat 

Another great personalized engagement gift idea is a family doormat! If the happy couple will share a last name after their wedding day, consider getting a doormat for their home that says that name, like “The Smith Family”.

There are plenty of customizable doormats online, so you can get creative to find the perfect one for your loved ones. Consider including their beloved pet or other details to make it even more personal! 

Check out our favorite custom doormats on Etsy!

family doormat
Source: WoodByStu

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last name custom doormat
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family pet doormat
Source: ShopPennyLanes

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Wedding Keepsake Boxes

wedding keepsakes

When you get married, there’s a lot that you may want to hold onto as a keepsake. Many brides preserve their bouquets, store wedding dresses, or keep other keepsakes like swatches of your dress or veil. 

To efficiently and stylishly store sentimental items from the wedding, consider giving the engaged couple a wedding keepsake box. This will make it easy to preserve their memories from the wedding, and it’s something they might not have considered in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. 

Check out great wooden boxes on Etsy, or a wedding keepsake library from Uncommon Goods.

wedding keepsake library

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wooden keepsake box
Source: WorldOfMemories

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Print of the Happy Couple 

A picture paints a thousand words, and you can’t go wrong printing a favorite picture of the bride and groom-to-be. Consider getting prints of the happy couple, and get creative with your format to make for a more unusual gift. 

You can buy a frame and print a picture easily, but you could also print their picture on canvas, aluminum, wood, or other materials for a more unique gift. You can also consider more artistic prints or cartoons of the couple. 

wooden photo
Source: ForeverWeddingCrafts

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aluminum print
Source: BandBCreativeDesigns

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Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags 

brown luggage tag

Get the bride and groom ready for their honeymoon with Mr. and Mrs. luggage tags. You can even customize luggage tags to include their names, their wedding date, and more.

This is a cute, inexpensive gift idea that the couple can actually use. 

luggage tags
Source: SweetLenoraDesigns

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luggage tags and passport holders
Source: ShopDeluxy

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Cake Cutting Set 

wedding cake cutter

Get something the future bride and groom really need, like a cake cutting set! If you know their style or their wedding theme already, you can easily find a nice cake cutting set that fits their colors. 

This will come in handy not only for the wedding, but they can use it for future desserts!

gold cake cutting set
Source: RedHeartCreations

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rustic cake cutter
Source: LaivaArt

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plants in white pots


Brighten up your newly engaged loved ones’ home with a nice new plant! You can’t go wrong with a simple gift like succulents or other potted plants for their home. If you’re not sure if the couple has a green thumb, opt for a low maintenance plant or succulent that is easy to care for. 

Personalized Glassware

wine glass favor

Mugs, wine glasses, pint glasses, shot glasses, and more all make for great home gifts. Get the happy couple a personalized set of glasses for their favorite drinks, whatever they may be. You can include their names, their future married name, or the date of their engagement or wedding day. 

mr and mrs wine glasses
Source: kdolenti

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mr and mrs glasses
Source: TheEngravery

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hand holding money

It’s perfectly acceptable – and usually appreciated – to give the gift of money. Wedding planning is expensive, and anyone recently engaged is probably saving up already. Give a small donation towards their wedding fund in cash or check and they are sure to be grateful. Include a handwritten note for a personal touch! 

Champagne Flutes 

There are plenty of champagne toasts in their future, so get a recently engaged couple a nice set of champagne flutes to celebrate their engagement and pending nuptials. You can get them personalized or just opt for a classic, clean look. 

Find personalized champagne flues on Etsy, or other great options on Amazon!

personalized champagne flute
Source: PersonalizationLab

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champagne flutes

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Sweet Treats

assorted chocolates

Give your newly engaged friends a gift they’ll love to snack on, whether it’s a box of chocolates, gourmet popcorn, chocolate covered strawberries, or another sweet treat.

Food is always a great gift, and if you know what sweets the bride and groom-to-be enjoy, you can provide them with a great snack while they start planning their wedding. 

Matching Robes 

matching robes

A nice set of matching robes is a great gift for any couple! Soft, cozy robes will be great for an engaged couple to kick back and relax in while they plan out guest lists, menus, and more for the big day. 

You can find “Bride” and “Groom” or “Mr” and “Mrs” robe sets online, or give them a simple matching set. 

mr and mrs robes
Source: YourPartyAndMore

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matching red robes

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Date Box Subscription 


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Keep their relationship interesting with a date box subscription. This date night in a box comes monthly with fun activities and conversation starters to make for a fun night in for any couple. This is an especially great gift for couples during the pandemic who are stuck inside. 

There are different date-in-a-box options to choose from, like Happily or Crated with Love. Read our reviews of popular date boxes here!

If you want a gift that’s more focused on the bride, consider a bride subscription box!

Engagement Gift Etiquette 

We’ll answer all of your questions about engagement gift etiquette and best practices. 

What is an engagement gift? 

An engagement gift is simply a gift you give to a couple who are newly engaged. These gifts are meant to send congratulations to the happy couple. 

Are engagement gifts necessary? 

No, engagement gifts are not always necessary. Most engaged couples are not expecting gifts, but it’s a nice gesture to give one if you are a close friend or family member and you want to congratulate them. 

Some couples throw engagement parties – if you’re attending an engagement party, you may want to bring a gift, but it is not required nor expected. Party or not, an engagement gift is totally optional, but a nice way to congratulate a couple on taking an exciting step together.

What is an appropriate gift for an engagement?

Use our gift guide above to find engagement gift ideas! Appropriate gifts include simple things like wine, flowers, and chocolates, or wedding-related gifts like a ring dish or planning book.

If you know the couple well, you’ll know what is appropriate to give them. Consider more personal or specific gifts that they’ll love! Any small gift will be appreciated. 

How much should you spend on an engagement gift? 

As we mentioned, engagement gifts are not really necessary, so you don’t have to spend much. There are other occasions for gift giving, like the wedding gift, and you may want to save up for a better gift later.

If you choose to give an engagement gift, spend as much or as little as you are comfortable with. A $10 bouquet of flowers is still a lovely gift, but if you are close to the couple feel free to spend as much as $50 on gifts or more. 

What should I get my fiancee for an engagement gift? 

Typically, the couple does not give each other gifts for their engagement, but you can! The person who popped the question technically gave the gift of an engagement ring, and you both may want to save your money to put towards the wedding itself.

That being said, you can still get your partner a small gift if you’d like. Use the ideas from our list above, or opt for something more romantic and personal. No one knows your fiancee as well as you! 

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