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Engagement Party Gift Etiquette

If you were invited to an engagement party and you are unsure if you are supposed to bring a gift we have you covered on the best gift guide for engagement parties. 

Do you buy a gift for an engagement party? Learn the basics of engagement party gift etiquette.

engagement gift

When you first receive an invitation to an engagement party, your first thought may be whether or not you have to bring a gift. The answer is not simply yes or no, it depends on lots of factors. 

An engagement party gift is never required. The engagement party is the first announcement of the happy couple as being engaged, so do not feel obligated to give a gift. There will be many other celebrations that require gifts down the road, such as the bridal shower gift and the wedding gift. 

Most couples get engaged and do not expect any gifts. Oftentimes the engagement is a surprise and the party happens shortly after. The happy couple does not expect a gift with only short notice. An engagement party is simply to celebrate the engagement. So do not feel like you need to bring one! 

Reasons to Not Bring a Gift

engagement gift

The conventional etiquette is that you do not have to bring a gift to the engagement party. Some decide to not bring a gift for many different reasons.

One reason may be because you are not very close to the engaged couple. If you do not know the couple personally, you do not need to bring a gift. It may seem odd for you to bring a gift if you have no relation to the couple at all. 

Others do not feel as though they have the money to give an engagement party gift. This is because they may be saving up to be able to give the couple a wedding gift instead. 

Some couples will specifically indicate that they do not want any gifts at the engagement party. In this case, do not bring a gift. Traditionally engagement parties do not warrant a specific type of gift, so do not stress over finding a perfect gift for the engaged couple. 

Reasons to Bring a Gift

engagement gift

Many times people will choose to bring a gift to the engagement party even if they do not need to. 

If you are close to the couple, you may want to bring a gift that is personal to you that you think that they will enjoy. If you are especially happy for the new couple, bring a small gift that you think they will enjoy. 

If you had an engagement party for yourself and you received gifts, you may feel more inclined to bring a gift to the engagement party. Make others feel the same way you felt when you got gifts for your engagement.

Another idea is to give a unique, funny, or practical item that you think the new couple would enjoy. These gifts will not go unnoticed and will stand out from the rest.  

Need ideas for what to give at an engagement party? Here are 10 unique gifts that any future bride and groom would love to receive after getting engaged! 

1. Gift Cards

gift card

Everybody loves gift cards because it is a free experience that you can use whenever you want. Give the couple a gift card for a restaurant they love to encourage lots of future date nights. You may also look into gift cards for movie theaters, spas, or any other fun date-type of experience. 

2. Flowers


When in doubt, bring flowers! Flowers are the most gorgeous gift to give to a newly engaged couple. They will decorate their home for several days after, and it will really feel like a celebration when you give the future bride some beautiful flowers. 

3. Wine

wine bottle and glass

Wine and champagne are good gifts to give to a newly engaged couple. You many want to include some personalized wine glasses if you want to add a personal touch. Give the couple your favorite type of wine or one that you know that they enjoy. 

4. Chocolates or Candy


Give the new couple some fancy chocolates or a candy gift set. Companies like Sugarfina create gorgeous gift sets that will wow the newly engaged couple. Everybody enjoys sweets when celebrating a special moment, so give them something special. 

5. Wedding Planning Items

wedding planner

You may choose to gift the future bride with some wedding planning items so she can start planning her dream wedding (if she has not already!). Gifts like a wedding planning book, calendar or organizer, or even a cake cutting kit will be necessary for the wedding planning process. 

6. Engagement Card 

engagement card

A simple card with a pretty design is a good gift to give at an engagement party. Find a card that fits the occasion and add a personal message inside. If you are feeling generous, add some cash for the newly engaged couple’s wedding fund.

7. Candle


A candle is a classy gift to give to the new couple. Not only is there a huge amount of different smells to choose from, candles are a romantic item to have in the home. Different brands have created specific scents that are perfect for an engagement gift, like this one from Homesick.

8. Personalized Print

If you are close friends or family of the newly engaged couple, splurge on a custom made print. Whether it is the couple, or a print of the couple’s pet, they will love the personalized gift to frame and put in their future home together. 

9. Wedding Keepsake Items

If you want the couple to keep memories from the wedding planning process, give them a  wedding keepsake organizer. There are lots of these to choose from on wedding planning websites, so pick one that you think the bride will enjoy.

10. Photo Album

engagement scrapbook

Finally, you can also give the couple a photo album. This is the perfect gift to give to the couple who loves to take pictures together. Give a big photo album and maybe add some wedding scrapbook stickers or something bridal related to add an engagement touch. 

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  • what if the engagement invitation has a wedding registry website. Down the road do you also give gifts for a bridal shower and to the wedding?