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Elegant Engagement Party Ideas

Recently engaged and looking for some ideas for how to kickoff the wedding process? Look no further, we have the best engagement party ideas that are unique and fun for all types of couples. 

Our list of creative engagement party ideas makes it easy to plan an engagement theme, decorations, and activities for your celebration!

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Here are some of the best engagement party ideas for a unique, fun, and special night you and your guests will not forget!

Murder Mystery Parties

Host a fun and mysterious engagement party by making your guest solve a murder mystery. There are many kits that are sold to have a murder mystery party from the comfort of your own home. 



Host a simple, fun, and rustic bonfire in your backyard to celebrate your engagement. Serve s’mores, tell you and your partners’ love stories by the fire, and sing traditional bonfire tunes for the ultimate camping themed engagement party.

Costume Party

costume party

If you and your partner love dressing up in fun and interesting costumes, a dress up themed engagement party is perfect for you! This celebration can tie into holidays like Halloween or hobbies like comic con dressing. 

Kickoff Pool Party

pool party engagement

Kickoff your wedding planning process by planning the best engagement pool party ever. This is ideal for couples who get engaged during the summer, because guests will want to enjoy the weather. 

Halloween Party

halloween engagement party

Are you and your partner super Halloween fans? Or was your engagement relatively close to this spooky holiday? Celebrate this major milestone by hosting a Halloween themed engagement party. 

Cocktail Party

cocktail party

For a simple affair, host a cocktail party at your home or a rented out venue to make sure guests have a great time. With lots of hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and music guests are sure to have a fantastic time at your engagement party. 



Host a backyard BBQ with an assortment of different grilled items. Serve hotdogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, grilled seafood, or whatever creative barbecued foods you can think of! 

Brunch Party


Brunch parties are a trendy and classy way to celebrate. Serve your favorite breakfast food items and brunch cocktails at your brunch engagement party.  

Ring Hunt

One fun game to play at your engagement party is ring hunt. Make your guests look for hidden rings in your venue. The ring can be something obvious and large, or perhaps a smaller faux ring that guests have to really keep an eye out for. Give out fun prizes to the winners!

Shooter Favors 

Serve mini shooters of your favorite type of alcohol for a fun party favor to give out to guests.  Unique ideas include getting the shoots customized with cute phrases such as “take a shot we’re tying the knot.”

Family Dinner

family dinner

If you really want an intimate affair, have a personal family dinner with just your relatives. Rent out a table at your favorite family restaurant and enjoy some good times with your family members.

Donut Wall

donut boards

Donut walls are a new trendy choice for parties and weddings. Place cutely decorated donuts on pegs to create a visually exciting “donut wall” that guests can walk up to and eat donuts from. 

Make-Your-Own Cocktail Buffet


Let your guests be their own bartenders at your engagement party. Set out “build your own” cocktail stations for different commonly ordered mixed drinks. Examples include mojitos, margaritas, and cosmopolitans. 

Garden Party

garden party engagement

For a beautiful spring engagement party, host your event in a gorgeous garden. Use garden themed decorations such as flower pots and seed packets to decorate and create engagement party favors. 

Movie Night

movie night outside

Are you and your partner huge movie fans? Do you love to cuddle up and watch an entertaining flick with your fiancé? Plan a movie themed engagement party complete with a projector and popcorn!

Black and White

Keep it classy by sticking to a color scheme like black and white. A classy engagement party calls for black tie attire, so plan a fancy black and white themed party if you dream of elegance. 

Boat Party

champagne on boat

Rent a boat and host a once in a lifetime party on a boat! An engagement party on a boat is an amazing and memorable way to kickoff your wedding planning

Your Love Story

Decorate your engagement party space with engagement photos of you and your partner. This will remind your guests why they are here and add to the sentimental vibes of the evening. Let your guests know how much you love your partner and how excited you are to marry them!

Photo Booth

engagement photo booth props

A photo booth is the perfect way to make sure your engagement party is remembered. Allow guests to take pictures at your engagement party with a custom photo backdrop with props. Make sure you add hashtags so guests can tag your party on social media after the party is over!

Custom Balloons

Create custom balloon arches and designs to make your party stand out. Balloons are a fun and festive way to make guests feel like they are at a celebration. Get special balloon arches with letters writing out “engaged” or “future Mr. and Mrs.” 

Wishes for the Bride and Groom

Put out pens and paper for your guests to write out notes to you and your fiancé. These notes can be anything from advice on how to stay married, wishes for them as a couple, or funny memories they have with you guys. It’s a really special and personal touch to your engagement party and fun to read after!

Backyard Engagement Party

backyard engagement party

Host a backyard engagement party for an intimate yet stunning landscape. Hang string lights to illuminate the venue and create a special, personal, romantic vibe to your engagement party. 

Sip and Paint

paint night

A fun activity to do at your engagement party is to host a sip and paint activity. This is when you have your guests drink wine and paint a picture. Usually there are paint experts leading the group on how to paint a specific picture, which you could make related to your future wedding. 

Custom Signs

Let your inner DIY bride come out and celebrate your engagement party by making custom signs to lead the way. Using chalkboard pens, glass, or wood, use your imagination to create the ultimate DIY engagement party sign. 

Tropical Theme

tropical engagement party

Another theme that sticks out from the rest is when you create a tropical paradise in your venue. Become inspired by the island paradise and transform your venue into one by using palm leaves, tropical flowers, and other beach-y accessories. 

Dinner for Two

candlelit dinner

Don’t want a huge fancy engagement party with lots of people? Create a uniquely special dinner for you and your fiancé to celebrate this special moment. Get food from your favorite restaurant or cook your own dinner to have a romantic evening with your future husband or wife. 

Pizza Party

pizza party

Everyone loves pizza. Why not celebrate your engagement party by having a selection of different types of amazing pizza to choose from. Whether you buy the pizza from your favorite pizza joint or create it yourself, an engagement party pizza night will appeal to all your guests.                   


Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch

apple orchard

Have a farm to table celebration at a local apple orchard or pumpkin patch. If you get engaged in the beginning of fall, this is a perfect way to use the natural scenery and gorgeous seasonal colors

Vineyard or Brewery


A great place to host your engagement party is at a vineyard or brewery. Usually these types of venues are known to have a lot of bridal related events, so call the venue in advance and see if they have any packages that will be available for planning an engagement party. 

Amusement Fun


If you and your fiancé love theme parks and want an exciting way to kickoff your engagement, try bringing a group of your friends to your favorite amusement park. Ride roller coasters, make custom t shirts for the group to wear, and snack on delicious carnival foods to celebrate your engagement. 

Ice Cream Social 

ice cream social

Let your guests snack on some frosty treats at your engagement party. A truly special idea is to rent an ice cream truck. If you would rather have a more simple ice cream party, put out sundae toppings and let your guests make their own ice cream with whatever they want on it!

Taco Night

taco trays

Do you and your fiancé love tacos? Host a fun and festive taco themed party where you serve all of your favorite hispanic foods. Rent a taco food truck or make your own tacos at home for a taco night engagement fiesta!  

Flower Wall

A beautiful decoration for your engagement party is a gorgeous flower wall. A flower wall can be used as a photo backdrop for your guests and can add a beautiful floral decoration to your venue. 

In Place of the Wedding

Some couples, especially ones who are going to have a destination wedding or a small intimate wedding choose to have a big engagement party in lieu of a wedding. If you can’t invite all of your friends and family members to the actual wedding, have a super fun engagement party in place of the wedding. 

Parisian Party

A fancy French-themed party is perfect for an engagement party. Let yourself get inspired by French foods, decorations, and music. Serve French pastries and lots of cocktails to make your French-themed bash a romantic yet exciting party. 

Virtual Engagement Party

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating difficulties of getting large groups together, you can choose to use virtual solutions. Create a zoom engagement party to celebrate your engagement with your close friends and family over zoom. Play games, drink cocktails, and celebrate all from the safety of your home. 

Who Knows the Couple Best?

One really fun game to play at your engagement party is who knows the couple best. You and your partner should create some interesting questions to ask your engagement party guests to try to see who knows the most trivia about you guys!

Make sure you give whoever wins the game a prize for being an expert on everything about you and your fiancé. 

Sporting Event

sporting event

Host your engagement party at your favorite type of sporting event. If you and your fiancé are huge fans of a certain team, invite your guests to enjoy it with you. Rent out a box so you can have privacy and watch your favorite team score as you celebrate your love for each other.

There are many reasons why couples choose to host an engagement party. It is usually a decision that is made by both partners. Some couples choose to skip out on this tradition so it is not by any means necessary. 

One of the reasons why some couples choose to have an engagement party is to introduce themselves as a couple to family members and close friends. Even if you have met your significant other’s family, it is good to make your official entrance as future Mr. or Mrs. to your partner’s family. 

Engagement parties are also an amazing opportunity to have a fun party for friends. If you are looking for a reason to throw an unforgettable party for your friends, have a fabulous engagement party that everyone will be talking about for months! 

Another reason couples choose to have an engagement party is because some couples want to make their guest list for the actual wedding smaller. Inviting all of your friends and extended relatives to an engagement party can give you a pass not to invite them to the wedding if you and your partner are looking for a more intimate affair. 

Engagements are also just something that people love to celebrate. This is a major milestone in your life, so celebrate it! 


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There is specific etiquette when it comes to engagement parties. It is generally a good idea to make sure both sides of your families are represented at the engagement party.

Invite close friends and family, especially friends that you are thinking of asking to be a part of your wedding party. This is a way to introduce them to your wedding journey and kick it off with a fun time!

Engagement parties are typically much smaller than the wedding. It is advised to not invite every single person who you think might invite to your wedding, because it is a more personal event for just close family and friends. Leave the extended relatives and acquaintances for your wedding guest list. 

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There are many ways to make your engagement party a night you won’t forget. The first way is by choosing a theme that excites you. Having a theme will make guests feel like they are having an experience that is unique and enjoyable. Feel free to go all out on your theme, as guests are likely to appreciate every little detail.

Another way to have fun is by having games at your engagement party. Like a bridal shower or a baby shower, there are many fun engagement-specific games that you can play with your guests. They will make everyone feel included and give your guests something to break the ice with. 

A sure way to make sure a party is fun is by serving lots of cocktails and having dancing. By letting your guests party with one another, you get to prepare for your actual wedding and see who tears it up on the dance floor!

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