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What To Wear for Engagement Photos

When it comes to outfits for your engagement photos, you have the option to dress up or stick with a casual, everyday look.

Some couples struggle with what to wear for engagement photos, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something that fits your style! 

There’s no need to be overly extravagant; after all, that’s what your wedding day is for! However, wearing a suit or a cocktail dress can elevate the pictures and make them feel truly special.

Some couples prefer their engagement photos to be less formal, so you can also wear t-shirts and jeans if that’s what you enjoy. 

How To Choose an Engagement Photo Outfit 

Talk to your partner as you’re planning your outfit and coordinate so that you look good together in the photos. Discuss what to wear in your engagement photos so that you’re ready to meet with your photographer for an engagement session! 

Pick Outfits Ahead of Time

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Plan what to wear for your engagement photos well ahead of time. You don’t want to find yourself scrambling for an outfit on the day of your photoshoot. Rushing to pick an outfit last minute can leave you with an outfit you don’t love, or it can ruin the whole photoshoot if you’re not feeling confident in your clothes. 

Pick your outfit for engagement photos ahead of time, and try everything on to make sure it fits well and looks great! 

Be Yourself 

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It’s important to be yourself in your engagement photos. To be more comfortable during your engagement session, wear clothes that reflect your personality or that you would really wear in real life. 

It’s perfectly fine to buy a new, fancier outfit for your engagement photoshoot if you want to dress up. You shouldn’t have to change your personality or style just to fit into what you think your photos “should” look like, however. Be yourself so that your real personality and your real love for one another can shine through! 

Consider the Season

winter engagement

Consider the weather and the season when choosing an engagement photoshoot outfit. If you’re taking engagement photos outside, it’s especially important to consider the weather so that you are dressed comfortably for the temperature.

There are lots of great engagement photo ideas based on seasons, so consider when you want to take engagement photos.

If your engagement photoshoot takes place in the fall, for example, you can take advantage of the gorgeous fall colors in the leaves as backdrop. You may want to choose seasonally inspired colors and outfits for your photoshoot, especially if you’re outside. 

Account for Location

engagement photo outfits

Don’t forget to account for the location and look of your engagement photoshoot. If you’re taking photos outside, again, account for weather. You should also consider the background and surroundings of your photoshoot, however.

If your engagement session takes place at home, work with the colors of your home and wear clothes that will compliment your surroundings. 

Taking engagement photos in a forest? Wear colors that will stand out against the backdrop. If your background is all greenery, you probably don’t want to wear green, as it won’t stand out. Instead, wear white or other colors that will pop against your woodsy background.

If you choose to take engagement photos somewhere with a largely whitewashed or neutral backdrop, wear darker or bolder colors to stand out. 

Consider the background of your photos and be sure to dress appropriately so that you stand out, or so that your outfit colors compliment the other colors surrounding you. You wouldn’t want to wear a bold pattern in front of a bold mural – the results would be busy and hard to comfortably look at.

You should also consider location in terms of the overall theme of your engagement photos. If you’re at the beach, opt for beachy colors and styles. If you’re in a romantic garden, match your outfit to the romantic theme of your surroundings. For a trendy, urban photoshoot, opt for more modern, stylish outfits.

If you haven’t picked a location, ask your wedding photographer if they have any ideas! 

Use Your Wedding Colors

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An engagement photo session is a great time to put your wedding color scheme to use! 

If you already have your wedding colors chosen, considering working those colors into your engagement photos. This way, your photos can preview the colors of your wedding. Plus, there’s a good chance that your wedding colors are already your favorite or most flattering colors. 

Wearing your wedding colors for your engagement photos can set the tone for your wedding, and it makes it easy to create invitations and a wedding website that sticks to your color scheme throughout! 

Complement One Another, But Don’t Match

complementary colors

One mistake that couples tend to make is that they wear matching outfits to their engagement photoshoot. While this idea is good in theory, it’s better to wear complementary outfits that aren’t too matchy. 

To make your engagement photos look their very best, you should still coordinate your outfits. You don’t want to show up to the photoshoot in clashing colors or drastically different looks.

Wear different colors, but work within the same color palette. Each partner should have a different main or dominant color for contrast, but you may have similarly colored details.

For example, let’s say your color palette includes a pale pink, dark green, natural greens, and greys. 

The bride might wear a pale pink dress for her dominant engagement photoshoot color, perhaps with accents like dark green or grey shoes, earrings, or a purse. The groom could wear a dark green button down shirt for his dominant color, paired with grey pants. 

This way, the couple is wearing complementary colors without directly matching and blending into one another in photos. 

Consider Neutral Tones

outdoor engagement photo

Many wedding experts recommend wearing neutral colors for engagement sessions. The idea behind this concept is that most people look good in cool colors like neutrals and pastels. This also helps so that the main focus of your photos is the happy couple, not a distractingly bright shirt. You want family members to focus on your faces, not your clothes. 

We recommend avoiding intensely bright or neon hues. These aren’t usually the most flattering on film, and they can distract the eye from the happy couple. Opting for cool tones will ensure that you are the main focus of your wedding photos. 

That being said, if your personal style includes bold colors, don’t be afraid to wear what makes you confident and comfortable! Just consider how the colors you choose will look against your skin tone, background, and on camera. 

Pick Flattering Pieces

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When choosing your engagement outfit, be sure to dress for your body type. Opt for flattering silhouettes that accentuate your best features and draw attention away from any features you feel self conscious about.

Our philosophy at Yeah Weddings is all about body positivity – as long as you feel comfortable and confident, we’re certain you’ll look beautiful. Dress however you like, but if you’re worried about feeling confident, opt for pieces that naturally accentuate and flatter your body. 

Choose Classic Looks 

When it comes to your wedding, you want your photos to have a timeless beauty. The same is true for engagement photos, so we recommend choosing more classic styles. Avoid super modern looks and passing trends – this way your kids won’t look back at your engagement photos and ask what you were thinking.

While a trendy outfit may look cool today, some looks simply do not stand the test of time. Consider wearing more classically beautiful styles that look good in any era.

Dress Comfortably 

comfortable engagement

Wear something comfortable for your engagement photos. Those six inch stilettos are not the right choice for a photoshoot in the woods. 

We recommend dressing comfortably so that you can take the best possible engagement photos. You don’t want to be physically uncomfortable in painful shoes or jeans that are too tight. That physical discomfort will most likely be evident in your photos, as you may have trouble smiling or find yourself in awkward positions to find relief.

It’s also important to consider comfort on a less physical level. Pick clothes that you feel confident in so that you can comfortably pose, smile, and enjoy your engagement session. If you choose a skin tight dress that leaves you worried about your stomach, you won’t be as comfortable or confident in your photos.

The same goes for an outfit that simply isn’t you – if you don’t feel like yourself in an outfit, you won’t be as comfortable for photos.

At the end of the day, you can – and should – wear whatever you want for engagement photos. Be true to yourself and dress comfortably to create the perfect engagement outfit. 

Have a Backup Outfit

spring engagement photo

Although a change of clothing isn’t necessary, it’s better to be prepared! Plus, if you do decide to go with another outfit last minute or want more variety in your photos, you’ll be glad you had something packed.

Pack backup engagement outfits in case of stains, rips, or other damage, or just to get a second look so that you have plenty of photo options. One outfit change is probably enough, however; depending on how long you’ve booked your photographer, you won’t have time for various outfits anyway. 

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