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When Should I Take Engagement Photos?

When an event as exciting as an engagement happens, it is natural to want to share it with the whole world. Since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, there are many questions around engagements and new trends like engagement photos, like when to take engagement photos.

Below are your answers to any questions about when to take your engagement photos. We discuss engagement photos in a timeline to your wedding, different seasonal engagement photos, and times in the day to take engagement photos.

When To Take Engagement Photos Leading Up to Your Wedding

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After you get engaged, wedding planning may seem like a daunting undertaking that you’re not ready for yet. However, scheduling and taking your engagement photos are a great way to get the wedding ball rolling. 

Engagement photos are a meaningful way to announce your engagement or your wedding plans. They are also practical, as they give you the opportunity to meet with several photographers prior to your wedding to see if there are any good fits to help choose your wedding photographer. They are also a memorable keepsake to cherish a special time in your relationship.


How Far in Advance You Should Take Your Engagement Photos?

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For engagement photos, the sooner they’re taken the better. The earliest you can take them is about a month after getting engaged, where even if you don’t have a wedding date set yet you have the photos at your disposal.

Most often, people do get their engagement photos done once they’ve set a date and likely chosen a venue. This will usually be at least 10 months before the wedding or 6 months at the latest. This will give you enough time to book your photographer and use the photos for your wedding website or save the dates.


How Long Does It Take to Get Engagement Photos Back

As soon as you decide you want to take engagement photos, be sure to research photographers and find a nice day to take your pictures. If you want to be shot outside, you might want to discuss a rain date with the photographer as well. 

The photographer will probably suggest a date around a month after you reach out to them. Once your photographs are taken, they will probably take from two weeks to a month processing and editing the photos so they are in their best shape for you to use.


Scheduling Your Engagement Photos

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There are a lot of different aesthetics and looks that you might want to go for your engagement photos. Since many people choose to take their engagement photos outside, you need to take the seasons and the weather into account when scheduling your engagement photos.


Best Time of Day to Take Engagement Photos

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Depending on the type of lighting you want, there are various different times of the day to schedule your engagement photos. In the early mornings and late afternoons, the sun is lower in the sky, so it is bright but soft. There is also the availability of sunrise or sunset photos in this time. 

While mid-day might seem like the most readily available time for most couples, the sun is directly above you and the lighting will be very strong, which can give you some cool sunshine shots. Some photographers may also offer full-day sessions so you can try all of these times.

Lastly, very few couples shoot their engagement photos at night, but if you live in a bright city and want an edgy, urban look, the right photographer can do wonders.


Seasonal Engagement Photos

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Another aesthetic aspect to take into account when considering when to take your engagement photos is the season and what kind of look you’re going for. 

For example, if you’re planning a summer wedding on a beach, and you want your engagement photos to be of the same theme, you’ll have to take them around a year before the wedding so that the beach still looks warm and bright. 

Similarly, if you really want engagement photos that capture changing autumn leaves, you should research leaf peaks in your area and schedule them when they’re at their most vibrant fall colors.


When to Take Your Engagement Photos for Different Uses

Depending on what you want to use your engagement photos for, there are different timelines. People use engagement photos for many different reasons, like save the dates, wedding websites, invitations, and to decorate the wedding space. 

All of these different uses change when the best time to take them is.


Ways to Use Engagement Photos


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If you want to use your engagement photos for a save the date or a wedding website, which will often be referenced on the save the date, then further away, like 8 or 9 months, is more practical. 

Invitations go out later, so taking engagement photos around 6 months should be okay for that. If you’re hoping to use them for placeholders or commemorative favors at the wedding, then try to schedule them so that they arrive at least a week before the wedding. 

If they are just for social media circulation or personal use, then you have more flexibility in your wedding timeline. If you’re posting them on social media, figure out the perfect engagement hashtag to share them with!


Types of Engagement Photos

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When to take your engagement photos is also influenced by the type of photos you want and where you’re taking them. If there is a certain venue you want to take them in, you’ll need to take them when the area isn’t too busy. Similarly, if a natural area has a best season, you should schedule them around that. 

There are plenty of engagement photo ideas to consider, so figure out what you want your pictures to look like so that you can schedule them for the right season, time, venue, and in time for your big day!


Engagement Photo Timeline 

There are many different aspects of planning a wedding to juggle and your engagement photos are just one of them. Figuring out when to take your engagement photos is a relief and brings you one step closer to the pictures of your dreams. 

For more about wedding timelines, this one from offers a clear picture of the wedding process.

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