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How Long Should You Date Before Getting Married To Your Partner?

Although couples are now getting married later than the previous generations due to marriage costs, job insecurities, high divorce rates in society, or the general need to be cautious, most people can’t imagine moving through their lives without getting married. Countless numbers of Pinterest boards are dedicated to people planning out their dream weddings. 

If you’ve been lucky enough to find your ideal partner and started a life together, chances are that questions surrounding how long to date before marriage have crossed your mind. 

how long should you date before marriage? every couple is different

How soon is too soon to propose? How long do people date before getting engaged on average? Check out what we have to say on YeahWeddings about figuring out how long to date before getting engaged!

If you’ve ever felt curious about other people and their cultural beliefs towards the expected length of dating before marriage, statistics from a YouGov survey can provide those answers for you. 

When YouGov asked Americans about how long you should date before getting engaged, twenty percent of people reported that couples should be together for at least 12-18 months. Another fifteen percent of participants thought 18-24 months is how long to date before marriage.

how long do people date before getting engaged? after important life conversations

Another fifteen percent from the YouGov Survey favored being together for two to three years before popping the big question. Only two percent of people answered with six months or less as how long to date before getting engaged.

The average age of marriage is also something to consider – if you’re young you may not want to rush in too fast!

How Soon is Too Soon to Propose? 

If this question has crossed your mind, don’t feel alone and just know that many couples have wondered the same thing before making their life-changing decision. 

Some people are less concerned with following the expectations of society, but prefer living their lives on their own terms. Knowing how soon is too soon to propose really comes down to evaluating your relationship, especially if it’s more brand new than long term.

You should also talk to your partner about their general feelings on marriage. If you’ve never talked about marriage with your partner, you may be surprised to learn that you have different views on the matter. 

How Else Do I Know That I’m Ready to Get Engaged?

The YouGov Survey only reinforces the fact that people have relative opinions towards how long to date before getting engaged to a partner. One person’s long-term relationship might seem short to somebody else. 

how soon is too soon to get married? not feeling comfortable around a partner

While those answers are helpful as points of comparison, every couple is still different so the length of time surrounding a relationship shouldn’t be the only determining factor. 

 Feeling Comfortable With Your Partner

If you’re wondering how soon is too soon to get engaged to your partner, one of your biggest indicators is how comfortable you feel around them. 

Couples need to establish a deep sense of communication with each other so their unions can truly stand the test of time. If you’ve been together for longer than the average dating time before marriage but still find trouble when talking to your partner, those misunderstandings will only continue into your married life. 

a couple who has been together for the average dating time before engagement

So how long does it take to get to know someone and make sure that they would make the perfect spouse? If you’re aware of your partner’s values, you’ll have a better grasp of their motivations and feel more comfortable towards making potential compromises. 

Make sure you’re on the same page about awkward topics like future career goals, financial expectations, and family plans. The easier that you find yourself navigating these conversations, the more comfortable you will end up feeling towards a proposal. 

Knowing How You Live Together

How long do people date before getting married? Most couples find their answer after living together. If you’ve been in a committed relationship with your partner for longer than the average dating time before marriage but are still unaware of their daily behavior and quirks, getting engaged might be more anxiety-inducing than exciting. 

when do couple get engaged? when they live together

Sharing a space before tying the knot allows couples to see how well they mesh with each other in their daily lives, not just the exciting dates but the boring daily routines as well. Consider taking a vacation as a couple if living together isn’t an option.

Having A Good Balance

When do couples get engaged? Your married friends and family would say that you’re ready to get engaged whenever you feel as if you have enough of a balance to handle your future with other parts of your life.

Although matrimony is often painted to be a magical and effortless experience, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your marriage will only become another stressor in life if you’re already overwhelmed with your career and social life. 

how soon is too soon to propose? not having a good balance in life

If you’re wondering how long to date before getting engaged to your partner, make sure that you are able to make your marriage a priority from the start. Showing your gratitude and support for your partner is only the first step. You need to have realistic expectations for yourself and your partner.

Being Happy With Your Partner

Knowing how long to date before getting engaged really comes down to evaluating your feelings towards your partner. If you’ve known your partner for a long time before getting together, you may not care about the average dating time before marriage and feel comfortable with an earlier proposal. 

Be sure to wait for these feelings of certainty before getting engaged. Waiting longer before tying the knot might provide you with the needed confidence to take the next step in your relationship. It doesn’t make your eventual marriage any less meaningful if you want more time. 

when do couples get engaged? when they're happy

Figuring out how long to date before marriage involves experiencing the good and bad times with a partner, knowing how to show them support and how they deal with conflict. You’ll have these same experiences later as a married couple. 

Leaving The Honeymoon Phase

How soon is too soon to get engaged? You might be asking yourself this question if you feel like your relationship is moving too fast. Making sure that you’re out of the honeymoon phase before tying the knot to ensure that you actually want to be with your partner. It doesn’t feel like just an infatuation. 

The honeymoon phase hits everybody differently, but most people recognize this part of a relationship as when they start idolizing their partners to the point of where they can’t recognize their flaws.

Feeling the need to constantly impress a partner and desiring to be around them at all times is another indicator of the honeymoon phase.

how long should you wait to get married? being out of the honeymoon phase

This emotional high is addictive and euphoric, especially after a period of being previously single. You may feel so happy with your partner that you don’t care about reaching the average dating time before marriage, but taking a step back for the honeymoon phase to pass will be the best choice in the long run.

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