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How To Plan A Bachelor Party: Everything You Need To Know About Bachelor Partying Planning

Even if bachelor parties aren’t a necessary part of a wedding ceremony and reception, many grooms can’t imagine their special days without experiencing them. These cherished times with friends and family are the last before the groom moves into the next stage of his life.

If you’ve been given the honor to plan a bachelor party but don’t know where to begin, know that you’re not alone if you have a few questions. No one knows how to plan a bachelor party until they’re thrown into the planning process!

Who should be invited to the bachelor party? What are the best things to do for a bachelor party? Read on to find out all of the answers when organizing this unforgettable celebration in the future!

A bachelor party is typically organized by the best man and groomsmen, but may also be handled by the groom’s brothers or cousins. If no one else steps up, it’s the best man’s duty to plan the bachelor party.

The planning process can involve anybody else in the wedding party who knows what the groom truly wants during this celebration. 

journal for bachelor party planning

Don’t organize the celebration to happen on the night before the ceremony, especially since that time is often reserved for dinner rehearsals.

The groom should be able to have fun during his bachelor night without worrying about feeling hungover or tired in the morning. He’ll probably be overwhelmed with last minute details otherwise.

It might be helpful to plan the bachelor party for the same time as the bachelorette party too.

Make sure to send out invitations at least a month in advance so you receive the best turnout from the wedding party. Keep in mind about any possible work or college obligations that might exclude some groomsmen from attending the bachelor party activities.

Avoid planning this celebration during the same time as holiday weekends as well.

Who Should Receive an Invitation to the Bachelor Party?

While your first instinct might be to send out a bachelor party invitation to all of the groom’s friends, think about limiting your guest list to the groomsmen instead unless the groom asks otherwise.

The more people invited to the bachelor party means a higher probability of drama and other problems that could potentially ruin this cherished time. 

giving out a bachelor party invitation

If the groom wants older or more conservative guests to attend his bachelor party activities, invite them to the calmer events that are planned for earlier in the day. Save the wilder ideas for the nighttime. 

What Are The Best Bachelor Party Activities?

Once you figure out who will be invited to the upcoming celebration, your next move will most likely be organizing the activities. This part of bachelor party planning might feel overwhelming so don’t be afraid to double check with the groom about your ideas. 

Asking the groom about his favorite activities might ruin the element of surprise, but you want to ensure that he has the best celebration possible. The wrong ideas could ruin his overall experience. 

Easygoing Bachelor Party Activities

Hollywood has often painted these celebrations as being outrageous and raunchy, but you shouldn’t confine yourself to that standard while bachelor party planning.

If the groom has always been more interested in lowkey events, chances are that he’ll prefer to celebrate in the same way. A bachelor night isn’t any less memorable if you decide to incorporate calmer activities instead.

a pub crawl during a bachelor party

You should still go above and beyond your average party, so don’t book any of the groom’s favorite leisurely locations. New places will create the new memories that the groom will treasure forever. 

Pub crawls are a classic choice for any bachelor party, providing the right environment for guests in the wedding party to socialize before the groom’s special day. Spend some time at a beer garden or winery to take advantage of any suitable weather as well.

If your groom enjoys performing in front of others, think about stopping by a karaoke bar as one of the bachelor party activities. 

Golfing is another good option for a sporty bachelor party if your groom wants to include any easygoing activities for older or more conservative guests. Consider variants like water golf or mini golf, especially if members of the wedding party aren’t very interested in sports.

golfing during a bachelor party

Hanging out at a beach, lake, or pool might be the perfect choice if you’re specifically wanting outdoor bachelor party ideas. These places will provide the best time to soak up the sun and play all kinds of drinking games.

Exciting Bachelor Party Activities 

If the groom prefers his bachelor night to be more on the wild side, don’t hold back and look into these exhilarating activities to ensure that his celebration is remembered for the rest of his life.

A list of the best bachelor party ideas wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the opportunity to gamble. Think about stopping by a casino during the celebration so the groom and his wedding party can experience these thrills before his special day.

gambling during a bachelor night

While go-karting, laser tag, and paintballing might seem too immature for some grooms, don’t ignore them as possibilities. The competitive and high-speed nature of these activities might prove to be one of many fun things to do for a bachelor party.

If the groom is completely fearless, don’t shy away from booking a few hours for white water rafting, skydiving, or bungee jumping. He’ll appreciate that you and the other members of the wedding party are putting aside your anxieties to enjoy his bachelor party.

What Else Should I Consider When Planning a Bachelor Party?

When organizing this unforgettable celebration, keep in mind about the budget that you are sharing with other members of the wedding party.

Even if the groom offers to pay for the bachelor party activities, don’t take advantage of his generosity. He’ll already be spending much of his money on the wedding ceremony and reception. He can thank his friends with groomsmen gifts if he wants, but the groom should not pay for his own bachelor party.

transportation for a bachelor night

Make sure to plan out transportation ahead of time, especially if guests are expecting to drink. If your budget allows, go all out with a limo or party bus to maintain the fun atmosphere. Consider taxis, Ubers, or Lyfts if public transportation isn’t available in the area of the bachelor party otherwise.

If you’re bringing your own food or ordering from the places that are hosting your bachelor party activities, don’t forget about the allergies and dietary restrictions of the invited members of the wedding party.

You can’t go wrong with pizza, burgers, nachos, and buffalo wings especially if guests can customize their dishes. Bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages especially if your activities are more on the active side.

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