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39 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

For some brides, the bachelorette party can be almost as anticipated as their big day. A bachelorette party is a fun tradition that gives brides one last night out as a “single” woman, and a way to celebrate with her bridesmaids and best friends. 

If you’re planning this event for the bride, you’ll want to come up with a fun bachelorette party idea that the bride will enjoy especially. Check out all of our favorite bachelorette party ideas, from wild nights out to cozy nights in, bachelorette decorations, games, party favors, and more. 

Weekend Away

bachelorette weekend

Can you say road trip? One of the most popular ways to celebrate a modern bachelorette party is to make it a bachelorette weekend! That’s right – the old bachelorette party has transformed into a weekend away, usually in a different city or beach town.

Consider party locations like Las Vegas, New York, or Miami. Ultimately, however, you should pick a location that the bride would love to visit! This gives the bride extra time with her girlfriends and a mini vacation before the wedding. Rent a house, hotel rooms, or an AirBnb!

If you’re thinking about a bachelorette weekend, make sure you plan a bit further in advance so that the bride, bridesmaids, and any other friends can commit a full weekend of their time. You should also consider the location and travel costs – road trip distances are less expensive than those that require air fare.

We’ll list some of the most popular bachelorette weekend destinations later!

Winery or Brewery Tour


If you have a full day but not a full weekend, consider doing a tour of local wineries, breweries, or even distilleries! A wine tasting could be a fun Saturday activity on your weekend away, or it could be the main bachelorette party event. 

Research wineries, breweries, or distilleries in your area to create a tour – you may even be able to call and get special pricing for your group. If your bride loves wines, craft beers, or spirits like whisky and moonshine, a tour of local producers will be make for a fun, boozy bachelorette party.

Girls Night Out 

girls night out

An easy, classic bachelorette party idea is a girls night out on the town. Pick a night a few weeks before the wedding, get the girls together and get all dressed up for a fun night out!

Choose from activities like bar hopping the bride’s favorite bars, clubs, or pick a nice restaurant at which to spend the night. A short bar crawl is never out of the question either! 

For a one-night-only bachelorette party, a night out with the girls may be the perfect way to celebrate the bride. 

Attend a Class

yoga class

Perhaps the bride isn’t a big drinker or partier. There are still plenty of ways to have fun for her bachelorette party! If going out to the bars isn’t her style, consider taking a group class together instead.

This class could be anything – cooking classes, cocktail classes, yoga or fitness classes, candle making, pottery, dance class – the list goes on! A cooking class may include a wine tasting to add some extra fun. 

Pick a class that would appeal to the bride – if she loves art, a pottery, painting, or candle making class may be perfect. If she loves to dance, a Zumba or even pole dancing class could be the perfect bachelorette party for her. Research classes in your area to find one that fits the bride’s style!

See a Show 


If you want more of an activity for your bachelorette’s night out, consider seeing a show! You could go to a concert, travel to NYC for a Broadway play, visit a comedy club, or even check out a drag show. 

There are plenty of options for entertainment, so if a night out doesn’t sound like enough of an event, look for shows in your area. You can still enjoy a nice dinner before your show, drinks after, or include a show in your itinerary during your bachelorette weekend. 

Charter a Boat

Looking to spend time with the girls without a crowd of strangers around? Consider chartering a boat! If you live near a body of water or you’re visiting one for the bachelorette party, taking a boat out for the day is a fun activity out in the sunshine. 

Charter a boat to sail around for the day – the bride and her friends can spend a day drinking, snacking, taking Instagram worthy pictures, and listening to music while enjoying the open sea. Brides who choose this party often use the popular bachelorette saying “One last sail before the veil” as a fitting theme for the event. 

Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be a fun, unique activity for your bachelorette party. The best part about a this bachelorette party idea is that you can make it your own – you can search for items or for tasks that need to be completed, make your hunt low key and PG or more mature, and make it as serious or silly as you want!

Create a scavenger hunt of items for the bride to find, of places to visit that are important to her marriage or for the purpose of the night out, or even make a list of tasks that must be completed. For example, you could enjoy a girls night out with a to-do list that includes tasks like “Take a shot at each bar”, “Get 5 guys’ numbers”, or “High five a bartender”. 

Party Bus 

party bus

A party bus is a fun way to get from place to place while enjoying the journey. Renting a party bus is one of the most popular bachelorette party ideas out there, and you can use it to enjoy a bar crawl, a tour of vineyards or breweries like we mentioned before, or simply to drive around your city and have fun! 

If you’re traveling somewhere that’s not too far away, a party bus can make the trip itself a party as well. Visit the beach for a day in your party bus, or use it to drive to other activities for a fun-filled celebration of the bride. 

Bike Bus Tour


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If you like the idea of a party bus but you want more outdoors time, a bike bus tour is a great outdoor alternative! Also called a party bike or a pedal pub, you may have seen these bike tours before. Everyone rides a huge connected bike, typically the size and shape of a small bus, while sitting at a bar. You can ride around the city, stopping at bars, restaurants, or other activities, and drink while you pedal.

These party bike tours are a great way to spend some time outside while touring your local area. Plus, you can safely drink along the way! 

Simple Bachelorette Party Ideas 

Some brides don’t want an extravagant bachelorette party, and would be happier with low-key bachelorette party ideas. For the relaxed bride, consider these simple bachelorette party ideas!

You can still have plenty of fun without breaking the budget or spending a wild night out. 

  1. Bachelorette Brunch
  2. Paint Party
  3. Bachelorette Camping Trip
  4. Girls Night In
  5. Spa Trip 
  6. Staycation 
  7. Volunteer Day

Bachelorette Brunch


If a night out isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps a late morning or early afternoon is your preferred time of day! A low key bachelorette brunch can be even more fun than a night out, and it’s a shorter event that’s easier to plan. 

Simply pick your favorite brunch restaurant or host brunch at one of the bridesmaids’ houses. Depending on where you go, you may be able to get a private room so that you can decorate and fully enjoy time with the girls.

Sip mimosas and bloody Marys while you eat your favorite brunch foods like pancakes and eggs Benedict. 

Paint Party


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For an artsy bride, a paint party may be the perfect way to celebrate the end of her single days. You can paint while you eat snacks and drink either at home or at a business or gallery like Painting with a Twist. For brides during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is one of the best at-home bachelorette party ideas!

At a paint party, the bride can enjoy a laid back night with her friends, eating, drinking, painting, and catching up. This can be a more relaxed affair so that you can spend a night together while avoiding the hangover from a wild night out. 

Bachelorette Camping Trip

camping trip

If the bride loves the great outdoors, a girls camping trip may be the best bachelorette party you can offer! For those less comfortable with the outdoors, glamping is also an option.

Depending on how outdoors-y your group is, you can pitch tents or rent a cabin or RV to escape from life at home and sleep under the stars for a few nights. 

A bachelorette camping trip gives the bride and her friends extra privacy to bond and enjoy each other’s company before the hustle and bustle of the big day. Pack snacks, drinks, games, and more and sit around the campfire with the girls.

Girls Night In

girls night in

For some, an elaborate bachelorette party just doesn’t sound fun. This night should be all about what the bride wants, so if she just wants a night with some quality time with her bridal party, consider a low key girls night in! This is also one of the most affordable bachelorette party ideas for those on a tight budget.

Girls night in can mean movie night, at home manicures, crafts, snacks, or anything you want! You can play bachelorette party games, do some at-home spa treatments, or have an old school slumber party. A night in can be whatever you want it to be, and it can be just as fun as a night out. 

Spa Trip

spa trip

Invest in some R&R by turning your bachelorette party into a spa day! Take the girls to the spa to enjoy massages, facials, saunas, and other treatments.

This is not only a fun and relaxing way to bond with the bridal party, but it will also have you all looking your best for the wedding day! 

Some spas will offer group rates, especially for special occasions like a bachelorette party. A spa day doesn’t have to be expensive, so this bachelorette party idea can work on various budgets. A day at the spa is the perfect way to kick back after months of wedding planning stress.



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Maybe you don’t want to take a trip out of town, but you do want to mix it up and do something different at home. A staycation offers you the chance to experience your city like a tourist. Look for hotels or rent a cool AirBnb in your city for a weekend or just a night and enjoy a staycation bachelorette party with the girls. 

A staycation can be a creative bachelorette party idea, whether you want a night out on the town or a girls night in. If you’re going out, pick a hotel or rent somewhere in walking distance to the bars, clubs, or other activities you’re planning to attend.

If you’re staying in, rent a place big enough for all the girls and break out all of your bachelorette party decorations, games, and snacks for a fun night in a new setting. 

Volunteer Day


For the bride who loves to give back, the best gift may be a volunteer day with all of her best friends. If your bride is less interested in partying and more concerned with her favorite cause, she’ll love a day volunteering for something she cares about with her best friends by her side.

Figure out what organization you’d like to volunteer with – the bride may have a cause that’s close to her heart already. Choosing an organization that is important to the bride makes for one of the most meaningful bachelorette party ideas!

Reach out and see if you can offer your service for a day. Volunteering doesn’t have to be all work and no play – you can still have fun while giving back to a worthy cause, and go out for well deserved drinks after!  

Bachelorette Weekend Ideas 

Weekend bachelorette parties are becoming more and more common. Why have one night of a bachelorette party when you could spend a whole weekend celebrating in a new place? The biggest question when planning a bachelorette weekend is where to go. Check out these popular bachelorette weekend destinations. 

  1. Nashville
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Miami
  4. New York City 
  5. Cancun



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Nashville has become the epicenter of all bachelorette parties. This Tennessee city is known for live music, delicious Southern food, and for being the perfect destination for many bachelorettes. Take pictures with your bridal party in front of Nashville’s many famous murals, hit the bars on Broadway street downtown, and enjoy all Nashville has to offer.


las vegas

There’s no party town quite like Vegas. For a wild bachelorette party, consider visiting Las Vegas. There is endless entertainment in Vegas, from the bars, clubs, and restaurants to magic shows and other extravagant performances.

Just because you choose a Vegas bachelorette party doesn’t mean it has to be like The Hangover movies!


Miami is another great party town for a bachelorette party, and you can enjoy beautiful beaches as well! This city is known for its beaches, delicious food, and nightlife! Sunbathe in South Beach or check out some of the best restaurants in Miami.

The city has a large Latin American population, so you can enjoy the Latin influence on food, music, and culture in Miami. 

New York City 


The Big Apple is a great place to spend your bachelorette weekend. The city that never sleeps has endless activities, from Broadway shows, some of the best shopping opportunities, and any type of restaurant, bar, or club you can imagine. 



Celebrate your bachelorette party on the beaches of Mexico! Cancun is a favorite spring break destination, but it also makes a great destination bachelorette party (just avoid the weeks of college spring break). Enjoy margaritas, white sand beaches, and a relaxing but fun weekend with the girls. 

Bachelorette Party Decoration Ideas

No bachelorette party is complete without decorations! Whether it’s the hotel room, AirBnB, home, or the place that you’re pregaming, set up some bachelorette party decorations for a backdrop to your photoshoots.

  1. Balloons
  2. Photo Props 
  3. Banners & Signs 
  4. Confetti Poppers
  5. Sashes
  6. Pinata 
  7. String Lights



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You can’t go wrong with balloons! Get colors that match your theme or the bride’s favorite colors to decorate your hotel room, AirBnB, or the house where you’ll be celebrating or pregaming! For added fun, splurge on some letter balloons to spell out your bachelorette hashtag or saying, like “Bride Tribe” or something funny! Check out these balloons available on Amazon: 

balloon kit

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ring balloons

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bach balloons

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bottle balloons

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champagne balloon

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Photo Props

photo props

What’s a bachelorette party without a photoshoot? Decorate with photo props like frames, silly sunglasses and hats, or other props. You can buy a pack of bachelorette themed props or make your own at home with a few simple supplies like construction paper, cardboard, scissors, and tape! Check out these bachelorette photo booth props from Amazon: 

photo booth props

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bride squad props

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funny photo props

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Banners & Signs 

pop bubbly sign

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Surprise your bride with a room decked out in decor. Create banners with funny bachelorette sayings or your theme for the night or weekend. Hang cute tassel banners to add color to the room. Create signs with slogans, sayings, or even directions to make your signature cocktail for the weekend! You can hang banners or use those LED light box signs to create your own! Here are some more options from Amazon: 

beach bach

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same penis sign

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light box

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Confetti Poppers

Add an extra splash of fun with confetti poppers! These can help add more color to the room with matching confetti, or they make for a fun photoshoot idea with live action shots of you popping the confetti. 


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confetti popper

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push up confetti

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Make sure the bride gets the attention she deserves with a “Bride” sash and matching bridesmaid sashes to wear out! This way, everyone can see that you’re celebrating a bachelorette party. You can get generic sashes or even get them custom made to match your colors and theme. Check out these options from Amazon: 

funny sashes

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team bride sash

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bachelorette sashes

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Add some extra fun with a piñata! Go all out for the bachelorette party with a piñata that matches your theme or colors. If you can’t find the perfect piñata to fit your theme, there are diamond ring piñatas that should do the trick! Fill the piñata with the bride’s favorite candy or other small party favors. 

diamond pinata

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heart pinata

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cheers pinata

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String Lights

For a pretty glow around the room, add string lights! These can be great for a pregame before a night out, or they can set the perfect lighting for a girls night in and movie night. String lights are cheap and easy to set up, but will really elevate your decorations. 

pom string lights

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ivy string lights

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globe lights

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Bachelorette Party Game Ideas  

Try out these bachelorette party games to get the party started!

  1. For the Girls
  2. The Newlywed Game
  3. What Do You Meme
  4. Drink If 
  5. Prosecco Pong
  6. How Well Do You Know the Bride? 

For the Girls 

for the girls game

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For the Girls is a new card game made just for the girls! Made by the creators of What Do You Meme, For the Girls is an adult party game that includes “Truth or Dare” cards, “If You’ve Ever” cards, “Most Likely To” cards, “Best of the Best” cards and “Rapid Fire” questions. This game is a surefire way to get the party rolling!

The Newlywed Game

It’s not a bachelorette party without The Newlywed Game! Play this classic by asking the bride questions about the groom. You can get his questions and answers ahead of time, or just play with the bride! See how well the happy couple knows one another and quiz the bride on her groom. 

What Do You Meme


Check Prices on Amazon

This popular game is sure to get your bridal party laughing and ready for a night of fun. Come up with funny captions for memes or play the full game – this card game is easy to turn into a good time. You can even play a What Do You Meme drinking game! 

Drink If

The concept behind the game Drink If is simple – it’s basically “Never Have I Ever” but reverse engineered. Go around the table and come up with funny or crazy tasks and say “Drink If” you’ve done those tasks. You’ll learn a lot about the group you’re with and you may even hear some wild stories as a result! 

Prosecco Pong

prosecco pong

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The boys can have beer pong while the girls enjoy prosecco pong! The same rules apply – toss a ping pong ball across a table into a glass of prosecco and the other team drinks if you make a cup! You can buy the official Prosecco Pong game – complete with cute (but unbreakable) prosecco glasses, or play with your own cups! 

How Well Do You Know the Bride?

Focus on the bride with this easy-to-play bachelorette party game. Create a list of questions about the bride to ask the group and see which of her bridesmaids knows her best! The bride can even come up with the questions herself to make them a bit harder. Get whiteboards or just scraps of paper for the bridal party to share their answers!

Bachelorette Party Favors 

Send the party guests home with bachelorette party favors! You can match the party favors to the theme of your party – for example, popcorn and movie snacks from movie night – or use some of our ideas below! 

  1. Hangover Survival Kits 
  2. Bachelorette Party Cups 
  3. Bachelorette T Shirts
  4. Fanny Packs
  5. Self Care Kits

Hangover Survival Kits

If your bachelorette party includes plenty of drinking games and bar hopping, the best party favor to give is a hangover survival kit. These kits can be cute and fun, while also being a practical way to recover from a fun night out or weekend away. You can include water, pedialyte, snacks, Advil – whatever helps you through a hangover!

hangover kit

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bachelorette hangover bag

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i do crew kit

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Bachelorette Party Cups 

Create a special glass to commemorate the bachelorette party! This could be a wine glass, a champagne flute, a pint glass, a coffee mug, a shot glass, or even a travel wine or coffee cup. Whatever best matches your style – then add a saying that fits your theme or personalize with each guests name. This is a cute and useful keepsake. Here are some options from Amazon: 

bride wine tumblers

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personalized mugs

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bridesmaid shot glass

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Bachelorette T Shirts 

A common trend during bachelorette parties is matching t shirts – usually the bride has a shirt that says “Bride” or some other saying, and the rest of the guests wear matching bridesmaids shirts. This is a party favor that you may want to give at the beginning of the bachelorette party so that everyone can wear their shirts together!

bride squad shirt

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bride babe tanks

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bridesmaid shirts

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Fanny Packs 

For a busy bachelorette party weekend, give the girls matching fanny packs! Fanny packs are back in style, and you can get cheap customized ones with funny sayings or your names on them. Carry around your necessities, confetti poppers, and more in a cute matching fanny pack.

fanny packs

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bride tribe fanny packs

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funny fanny packs

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Self Care Kits 

Not quite the same as a hangover kit, a self care kit is another great gift idea! You can include face masks, candles, snacks, and other cozy treats. Treat your bachelorette party to some R&R after the event with a self care gift kit. 

spa box

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rose gift box

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rose all day

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