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27 Best Nashville Bachelorette Party Ideas

One city that has experienced a real resurgence in popularity is Nashville. The state capital of Tennessee, Nashville has a rich history of being one of the most thriving cities in the American South.

Rich with Southern culture, cuisine, and hospitality, Nashville is a great city to both visit and live in.

One of the results of Nashville-mania is that many brides are choosing to have their bachelorette parties there– especially for a music-loving bunch, as Nashville’s hub of country music has given it the nickname “Country City”.

If that sounds like your jam, keep reading for Nashville bachelorette party ideas.

Planning a Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party ideas

There are a lot of different things that go into planning bachelorette parties, a duty typically relegated to the maid of honor.

For one, you need to know who exactly the bride wishes to invite, and find out when they’re available, and if they’re willing to travel– if few people are open to a change of scenery, your plans will be greatly effected.

Even for a local party, it’s important to make dinner and brunch reservations, to make sure there’s a place for everyone to sleep, and to plan out different activities and surprises for the bride.

When you put all of these things together, you’re likely to have a great bachelorette party.


All About Destination Bachelorette Parties

travel plans

When you do have a group willing to travel, there are several other factors that go in as well. 

For starters, you need to know how the traveling is going to go down– are your guests willing to fly? Can you all get seats on the same flight? If you’re driving, who’s driving, and who goes in what car?

For destination bachelorette parties, it’s also important to have a hotel booked for everyone, for however many nights you’re staying. It’s also good to have a sort of itinerary. Keep reading for itinerary items to add to your Nashville bachelorette party.


Planning a Nashville Bachelorette Party Experience

wedding planning

For Nashville bachelorette parties, the same concepts apply. You’ll need to find and book a hotel, schedule travel plans for how to get there, reserve restaurant tables, and schedule activities.

Thankfully, there are tons of fun things to do with your girls in Nashville. From cowboy boots and  bar-hopping, to delicious Southern foods, to some live country music, Nashville has a little something for everyone.


Why Nashville?

If you’re still on the fence, you might be wondering why so many people love Nashville. Nashville is incredibly popular, first and foremost, for its connection to country music.

Some of the most famous country acts to come out of Nashville are Lady A, Martina McBride, and Taylor Swift. Nashville is also home to famous country music venues like the Grand Ole Opry. 

Further, Nashville has fantastic food, safe neighborhoods, beautiful nature, and a thriving nightlife scene. Having a bachelorette party in Nashville in a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get some classic Americana mixed with the chic feeling of a popular city.


Where to Stay In Nashville

The first step to planning bachelorette parties is to find the perfect hotel for all of your guests. Nashville’s Omni Hotel has a classy feel and is right near the downtown area, so stumbling home from the bar is nice and quick.

The Graduate Nashville is a kitschy, fun look at Nashville’s history and aesthetics. Located near Vanderbilt University, this cutesy hotel is a great way to celebrate Nashville for all it is, decked with pinks and tributes to Dolly Parton.

There’s also the Opryland Hotel, a tribute to Music City. This hotel has an elaborate indoor atrium with beautiful plants and shops. 

If you’re not feeling a whole resort, check out the various AirBnB’s listed in the Nashville area– these can often hold many people, giving you a feel for what it’s like to live in Nashville as a local!


Where to Eat In Nashville

One thing you cannot go to Nashville without eating is some classic hot chicken. Nashville hot chicken is often really, really hot, and served with a pickle. Hattie B’s is a famous Nashville-based hot chicken spot that is worth checking out.

For a classic Americana diner experience, you have to check out the Hermitage Cafe. An iconic Nashville spot, you can get just about anything you need at a diner like this.

If you need a classic Southern comfort breakfast, try the Loveless Cafe. Proudly claiming to have the best biscuits in Nashville, this food will surely warm you up after a long night of partying.

For those with a sweet tooth, you’ll have to check out The Legendairy Milkshake Bar. These elaborate milkshakes are an amazing way to get a small taste of wedding cake before the big day!


Nashville Bachelorette Party Themes

If your looking to add a cute theme to the party, one of the most obvious choices is this play on Nashville’s name– every party bride is ready to get Nashty!

This adorable itinerary has all of the things that define Nashville– records, guitars, and cowboy boots are perfect motifs for Nashville bachelorette parties!

This invitation uses standard bachelorette colors like pink and gold while still adding a bit of Southern flair with a country-style font and the shape of Tennessee.

You could also ride on the classic Tennessee whiskey theme, with these cute and cheeky tank tops for the entire bridal party!


The Cutest Nashville Bachelorette Accessories

If you’re looking to buy the cutest themed accessories for the party, look no further than this adorable cowboy hat with a little veil for the bride!

Of course, the partygoers will have to match with these super cute pink matching cowboy hats.

These “Babes on Broadway” matching tees are an adorable way to declare your intentions to bring the party!

For more cute shirts, try these “Nash Bash” tanks to show your love for the Music City!


Nashville Bachelorette Activities

Once you’ve planned out things like travel, lodging, and theme, it’s time to fill up the itinerary with fun activities that the whole group will enjoy. Many bachelorette parties choose their plans based on what the bride and her friends like, so keep that in mind!

For example, some brides know that they want to spend their bachelorette party hitting clubs, dancing, and drinking. However, that’s not every bride’s speed!

Some would prefer more nature-based or athletic activities or others just want to window shop with their girls! Thankfully, Nashville has options for all kinds of brides.


Party on Broadway

Nashville’s Broadway strip is it’s most famous and oft-visited spot for bachelorette parties. Located in the heart of the city, Broadway is home to 32 different bars of all kinds of themes and vibes. It’s Nashville’s hottest and most historical spot.

It can be a bit overwhelming that there are so many options to enjoy on Broadway! For that reason, you may want to do a bit of research beforehand so you know where will fit your vibe.

This Buzzfeed writer went to all 32 of the bars and listed her favorite 15, so that might be a good place to start!


Water Activities in Nashville

While it may be deeply inland, Nashville is home to many wonderful lakes and rivers that are popular destinations for both tourists and locals. Lakes like Percy Priest Lake and Old Hickory Lake and rivers like Cumberland River and Harpeth River are great spots for waterside parties.

Most notably, a lot of bachelorette parties in the area will rent a party boat or a “booze cruise” to enjoy the sun and water while still having a party. There are certain services in which you can rent out a party boat, like Nashville Toons and Pontoon Saloon.


A Bit of Southern Charm

One of the most fun things you can do to get the full Southern experience is to visit a classic Tennessee whiskey distillery. Tennessee is famous for its whiskey– it’s America’s most famous liquor export!

Going to a distillery is often a really fun experience! You can look through the barrels, learn about the history of the liquor and the brand, and have a tasting of the different ages and types of drinks that the distillery offers. 


The Home of Country Music

You can’t hit Nashville without checking out some honky-tonk country music. Nashville’s nickname “Music City” comes from its thriving and magical country scene, offering country vibes like bluegrass, blues, and full, authentic country.

If you’re looking for find spots where you might hear some up-and-coming crooners, there are some famous areas that are full to the brim with music.

Further, you can learn more about the history of country music by exploring famous locations like the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame.


Shopping in Nashville

One of the most fun things to do with your girls is to go shopping. Whether you plan on just picking up knick-knacks or are looking for cute accessories for the wedding, there are some adorable shops in Nashville brimming with Southern charm.

For some of the best locations to do some shopping, there are various shopping districts in Nashville.  Some window shopping is a great daytime activity to walk off your bachelorette party hangover and to bond with one another.


Tennessee Nature Activities

If your girls are athletically inclined and early risers, there are some beautiful spots for sunrise hikes in Nashville’s surrounding areas for all levels of skill and athleticism. There are also other appealing things like waterfalls and natural water holes for everyone to enjoy.

A hike just outside of Nashville is a great place to start if you’re looking to get some fresh air after a long night. Just try to drink a lot of water beforehand if your group has a hangover!


Group Activities for a Bachelorette Party

If you’re looking for even more fun group activities in Nashville, something like bowling is fun for everyone. This trendy bowling alley is a great place to start.

For a bit more Music City charm, you can check out Belmont University’s gallery of iconic guitars.

If your bridal party includes some adrenaline junkies, go ziplining at the Nashville Adventure Park!

For animal lovers, you can check out the Nashville Zoo. From safaris to casual observation, a zoo experience is unique and fun for a bachelorette party.


More About Bachelorette Parties

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Here at Yeah Weddings, we’d love to help you plan the perfect bachelorette party. From fun favors to the perfect hashtags, we have you covered.

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