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24 Inspiring Elopement Ideas For A Special Ceremony

After seeing the complex logistics of traditional wedding planning, you might be imagining the process to be a nightmare instead of an exciting time for you and your future spouse.

The simplicity that comes with organizing an elopement might be a better fit than a typical marriage ceremony and reception. 

If you already have your heart set on this kind of intimate occasion, you may be having trouble with finding advice on how to personalize your elopement. 

eloping couple

Just know that you’re alone with your questions and we’ve come to the rescue with plenty of elopement ideas that will make your special day even more unforgettable!

After deciding where to elope for your marriage ceremony, you might be wondering how to make the most of your location so you can fully enjoy your special day. 

With elopements becoming more socially acceptable among families, especially in the middle of a global pandemic, discovering inspiration is easier than ever for couples who want a micro wedding

Read on about our favorite elopement ideas in our list here at YeahWeddings!

Decorate Your Wedding Space With Flowers

wedding flowers

Whether you’re staying at home or planning a destination elopement for your private ceremony, nothing will inspire romantic feelings more than being surrounded by beautiful flowers.

You can never go wrong with roses, carnations, or another kind of gorgeous arrangement. 

Hire a Musician

live string instruments

When picking a location from your list of places to elope, just know that you don’t have to sacrifice having music or the first dance for the sake of your intimate event.

Recruit somebody who can play your favorite love song and enjoy the moment of being close to your significant other.

Write Your Own Vows

writing on paper

Let your creativity shine through with your elopement ideas by creating your own vows for each other. While avoiding the anxiety of speaking in front of a crowd during your marriage ceremony, you won’t have to worry about following a format either.

Walk Down the Aisle

flower petal aisle

Embrace a traditional wedding practice by laying down some rugs and walking down the aisle to your spouse. Feel free to swap out the floor coverings for flower petals if you have plans for a waterside celebration for your destination elopement. 

Book a Boat Ride                                           

boat ride as elopement ideas

For any husband and wife who feels at home by the waterfront, booking a boat ride adventure after their wedding ceremony feels like a no-brainer.

Aim for a time around sunset so you can have a breathtaking backdrop for your elopement photography.

Go Hiking

hiking as elopement ideas

Take advantage of your mountain elopement venue and hike the landscapes together towards the end of your nuptial. You’ll have the chance to enjoy the scenery while enjoying some privacy together as a married couple. 

Photograph the First Look

romantic first look

Despite being a relatively new tradition for a marriage ceremony, capturing the first look between a husband and wife still works for these intimate celebrations.

The results can be quite dramatic, especially if you and your partner have selected a destination elopement with a picturesque background. 

Wear Alternative Attire

non traditional wedding dresses

If you’re already searching for elopement ideas, chances are that you’re interested in approaching your private event in a way that differs from the usual expectations.

When it comes to your wedding attire, consider ditching the classic white dress for another color or outfit altogether.

Have a Toast

who gives speeches at weddings

After finalizing where to elope for your intimate ceremony, set the celebratory tone by indulging in a bottle of champagne so you can have a toast with your significant other. Use your favorite alcoholic beverage instead if neither of you are fans of sparkling wine.

Go Stargazing

couple stargazing

Who wouldn’t love to go stargazing on a clear night after their nuptial? You’ll experience a greater appreciation of the scenery with your spouse, making the location of your mountain elopement even more meaningful than before. 

Tie Your Hands Together


Handfasting originates from Irish traditions and becomes perfect for any bohemian ceremony. Use a fabric that carries sentimental value so your elopement photography of your tied hands becomes even more wholesome.

Take a Helicopter Ride

helicopter ride together

For a husband and wife who want an exhilarating time for their marriage ceremony, a helicopter ride stands out among all of the rest. You’ll see the beautiful landscapes of your destination elopement from a unique perspective if you choose this activity.

Jump the Broom


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Having a large nuptial isn’t required for brides and grooms to jump the broom after they have tied the knot. The simplicity of this traditional African custom allows couples to participate within countless places to elope.

Plan a Picnic

picnic after an elopement ceremony

Not all brides and grooms are interested in having dinner at an upscale restaurant after their private ceremony. If you feel the same way about your elopement ideas, don’t think twice about having plans that involve homemade meals instead. 

Go Wine Tasting

wine tasting

If you and your significant other have chosen a vineyard as where to elope for your romantic occasion, make some time to enjoy some wine tasting and you won’t regret it. The two of you may even like the drinks enough to take a bottle home.

Swim Together

couple swimming together

For a destination elopement or any intimate ceremony that is scheduled for the summertime, don’t hesitate to take a swim with your partner after the marriage ceremony. This bonding moment as a couple will live in your memories for the years to come.

Have A Small Bonfire

wedding bonfire

Having a mountain elopement isn’t truly complete without creating a bonfire. Let the flames sit in the background of your nuptial or sit along with your spouse after you exchange vows to feel cozy. Be sure to retell your favorite stories about your relationship. 

Invite Your Pets


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Who says you can’t include your pets in your elopement photography? Bringing your cats and dogs might be too much of a hassle for a traditional wedding ceremony, but the relaxed nature of this intimate occasion allows for this option. 

Tie Cans to The Getaway Car

getaway car with cans

This practice has fallen out of popularity among modern events, but still proves to be fun for couples as part of their elopement ideas. Get creative by painting the cans with your favorite colors and tying ribbons to them.

Go Skiing


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For husbands and wives who are elopement planning during the colder months of the year, skiing becomes the perfect activity for their winter wedding ideas. This thrilling adventure in the snow will be remembered by you and your spouse for the rest of your lifetime together.

Include Bells in Your Wedding Bouquet


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If you’re scheduling a mountain elopement and are looking for rustic touches for a private ceremony, make sure to embellish your wedding bouquet with tiny bells.

While originally chimed to keep the evil spirits away from affecting a marriage, the sound of bells will definitely put you and your partner in a celebratory mood.

Cut a Wedding Pie


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After deciding where to elope for your romantic occasion, picking your ceremonial dessert is the next significant decision. If you’re craving something else besides wedding cake, pie is your way to go.

Be sure to personalize your sweet course with a cute topper.

Create A Wedding Slideshow

projector for a wedding slideshow

Even if your significant other is the only person who will be watching your slideshow after your marriage ceremony, it makes for a great time to reminisce together. Your partner will appreciate the effort and sentimentality of your elopement ideas.

Include A Chalkboard Sign


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Most places to elope will provide you with the flexibility of being able to adorn the space with some decorations. A chalkboard sign works for brides and grooms who want something that is thoughtful and effortless. Write your romantic quote and incorporate photographs of you together as a couple.

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