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34 Wonderful Ideas for Wedding Cake Toppers

Whether you’ve decided to eat your ceremonial dessert or just use it for decoration, picking a wedding cake is still no walk in the park. You will also have to consider wedding cake topper ideas to adorn your cake.

Bakeries provide countless options for a cake’s flavor, size, and design so it might not be any easier to choose even when keeping a wedding theme in mind. For brides and grooms who have finalized these details for their ceremonial dessert, the next step involves looking at wedding cake toppers ideas. 

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Some brides and grooms choose to skip over wedding cake toppers completely if they prefer a minimalist approach to their ceremonial dessert. Other couples are planning for such an extravagant cake that elegant wedding cake toppers would only get lost in the details. 

As new wedding themes emerge out of traditional ideas and remain in popularity, couples continue to search for wedding cake toppers that reflect the memorable qualities of their romantic celebration. 

If you and your partner are hoping to find ideas that go beyond traditional wedding cake toppers of fresh fruit or flowers, then you’re in luck. With unique cake toppers, your wedding cake table will pop!

Learn about all of the most popular wedding cake topper ideas in our list here at YeahWeddings! 


A list of wedding cake topper ideas wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a pair of swans. These lovebirds truly look their best when placed on a monochrome white cake.

Puzzle Pieces

Simple wedding cake toppers make the loudest statements. Highlight the compatibility between you and your partner by adorning the top of your wedding cake with two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. 


Geodes are no stranger to boho weddings as unique wedding cake toppers. These rock cavities look especially remarkable on naked desserts since the bright colors contrast well with the cake’s minimal details.


If you or your partner are planning on changing your surname as part of your romantic celebration, don’t shy away from custom wedding cake toppers that reflect this new identity. Tie your shared surname with colored wire or rope if you want to be creative. 


Who says you can’t use giraffes instead of traditional wedding cake toppers? These iconic animals will look nothing less than endearing when standing on the top of your ceremonial dessert.


Planning a beach wedding means that you can consider glass wedding cake toppers that wouldn’t be found with other themes. Bring some nautical charm to your reception by placing an anchor on your wedding cake.


Balloons don’t have to be reserved only for birthday parties. These decorations still work as wedding cake toppers by playing into the celebratory spirit of your romantic celebration. 

Mountain Silhouette 

Take advantage of an outdoor venue by looking into rustic wedding cake toppers that echoes the gorgeous scenery. Choose the silhouette of the nearby mountains and you won’t regret it.



If you and your partner prefer to adorn your cake with some truly unique wedding cake toppers, think about buying some dinosaur figurines. These fun and unforgettable additions will certainly grab the attention of your entire wedding party.

Rhinestone Hearts

Rhinestone hearts have truly earned their place among elegant wedding cake toppers. These embellishments are guaranteed to impress your guests and look stunning in your wedding photographs.


For brides and grooms who are specifically looking for wedding cake topper ideas that reflect their shared interest in astrology, a moon is the way to go. This ornament brings an enchanting element that can’t be found with other wedding cake toppers.


If you and your partner are searching for unique wedding cake toppers that’ll allow you to get creative, pinwheels are your answer. Feel free to make your own to add a splash of color on your wedding cake. 


It’s no secret that dolphins have remained as a popular choice among glass wedding cake toppers. These beautiful decorations will surely be remembered by your guests for the years to come. 


You can never go wrong with pinecones if you’re looking for ideas that express your love for the outdoors beyond traditional wedding cake toppers. Don’t think twice about including branches and little red berries with your pinecones. 

Honeycombs Balls

Who could say no to honeycomb balls as wedding cake toppers? This kind of decor has become a popular option for couples who want unique wedding cake toppers that are particularly eye-catching. 

Paper Dolls


Not every couple is interested in ornate wedding cake toppers. If you and your partner feel the same way, consider using paper dolls on your wedding cake. Don’t forget to personalize them as a genuine reflection of you and your partner. 


Who doesn’t love the idea of using penguins as bride and groom cake toppers? These adorable animals are never the wrong choice for adorning a wedding cake, especially for ceremonies held during the winter months.


Elegant wedding cake toppers are all about eluding a look of timeless glamour. A crown definitely achieves this effect when placed on top of your wedding cake. Be sure to take this ornament home as a keepsake that you can treasure long after your special day.


Countless couples strive for wedding cake topper ideas that will leave a lasting impression among their guest list without breaking the bank. If you and your partner are looking for the same inspiration, take some Polaroids of each other and sit them on your ceremonial cake.

Cactus Paddles

Cactus paddles might be the last choice that brides and grooms may imagine as their potential wedding cake toppers, but they shouldn’t be written off completely without a second thought. Nopales have so much to offer as beautiful decorations, especially within desert venues.


No choice of rustic wedding cake toppers says forest ceremony quite like a pair of deer. Get the most use of these whimsical ornaments by using them as decor in your home after your special day.

Sugar Flowers

For couples who want a creative spin on flowers as traditional wedding cake toppers, garnish your ceremonial dessert with their sugar counterparts instead. Sugar flowers come in various colors, pairing well with the details of any kind of celebratory dessert.


Bring your boho dreams to life by using feathers as wedding cake toppers. As a relatively new idea for adorning cakes, you don’t have to worry about your guests thinking that it’s been overdone with other wedding desserts.


Don’t hesitate to decorate your wedding cake with Lego figurines, especially if these toys hold sentimental value between you and your partner. The younger people in your wedding party will surely get a kick out of these funny wedding cake toppers.


For a touch of woodland magic on your ceremonial dessert, think about buying a pair of squirrels as your rustic wedding cake toppers. Don’t forget to embellish them with clothes that match the style of you and your partner. 


If you and your partner originate from different countries, pay tribute to the international love with some flags as custom wedding cake toppers. The highlight of cultural differences will certainly start some conversations among your guests. 

Beach Chairs

Beach chairs are some of the most popular wedding cake topper ideas for couples who plan on tying the knot near the sandy shores. Play further into your beach theme by scattering around brown sand to act as sand.


Pumpkins definitely won’t feel out of place as wedding cake toppers for romantic celebrations held during the fall season. Feel free to paint your pumpkins to match your wedding color scheme.


Make the most of an outdoor wedding by purchasing some bunny figures instead of traditional wedding cake toppers. These lovely additions are guaranteed to steal the show on your special day. 


If you’re searching for elegant wedding cake toppers that’ll really make you feel like royalty during your romantic celebration, look no further than a castle decoration. Your ceremonial dessert will truly stand out from the other deserts on the table with this embellishment. 


Garnishing your ceremonial cake with sea stars feels like a no-brainer if you’re organizing a beach wedding. Rock candy becomes a nice touch with adorned next to these wedding cake toppers. 


If you and your partner have a shared love for reading, look into wedding cake topper ideas that echo this shared interest. Don’t forget to customize the books with the name of your favorite love story or poem. 

Cowboy Boots

Don’t think twice about using cowboy boots as unique wedding cake toppers if you’re hoping to have a barn ceremony. Add a pair of cowboy hats to play further into this theme.


Set the celebratory mood of a new years eve wedding with fireworks as your wedding cake toppers. Don’t hesitate to buy a decoration made of paper, crystals, or even real sparklers.

Some decisions in the wedding planning process are easier to make than others. You might still be undecided about which kind of unique wedding cake toppers will be featured on your ceremonial dessert and that’s completely okay!

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your married friends and family members for their opinions on your potential wedding cake topper ideas. 

dessert table with custom wedding cake toppers

Reach out to the bakery that is creating your ceremonial dessert and ask for their advice. They might be able to provide you with some valuable answers based on what customers have planned for their wedding cakes in the past.

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