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inexpensive honeymoon ideas

Top Inexpensive Honeymoon Ideas

Are you dreaming of an amazing honeymoon but have a tight budget? Here are some of the best inexpensive honeymoon ideas. 

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

The first step to looking for a budget-friendly honeymoon spot is deciding what kind of trip you and your partner want to go on. Depending on whether you want to go somewhere warm and tropical, or somewhere that is more cold or a mild climate, your choice of honeymoon will differ. 

The next step to finding a cheaper honeymoon is to set a budget and find locations that fit it. Consider what type of locations of your preferred climate is best for your budget, and then move forward in the vacation planning process.

You must remember that there are always extra costs that come up during vacations and honeymoons. You must be prepared to have to spend a little extra than what you initially think.

Overall, you must figure out what kind of budget you have before you choose your exact location. If you have a specific type of trip in mind, make sure you set your budget before you fall in love with visiting a specific resort, city, or country. 

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

Here are some of our picks for the cheapest romantic honeymoon spots. 

1. Rocky Mountains National Park

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

Located in Colorado, the Rocky Mountains National Park spans over 415 miles and is home to several gorgeous resorts. One of the most famous honeymoon resort towns in the Rocky Mountains National Park is Estes-Park. 

With gorgeous mountainside cabins and hotels with personal hot tubs, Estes-Park offers the best accommodations for honeymooners. Estes-Park is only 70 miles from Denver and is perfect for “a romantic weekend escape, a magical mountain wedding, or a family reunion” according to their website.

Enjoy excursions of going skiing, horseback riding, camping, and even white water rafting. Enjoy this inexpensive yet adventurous honeymoon destination after your wedding!

2. Riviera Maya, Mexico

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

Riviera Maya is located on the Yucatan Peninsula on the east coast of Mexico, where the peninsula juts out just south of Texas and Louisiana. This city is a very popular honeymoon spot, and there are lots of packages to make this spot even more budget-friendly!

If you are dreaming of a warm, sunny, and absolutely gorgeous honeymoon spot, Riviera Maya is a good place to go! If you live in the Southern United States, this area is usually an inexpensive flight cost due to the close proximity. 

3. Thailand

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

For a beautiful honeymoon, travel all the way to Thailand! With tropical beaches to tan on, ancient ruins to explore, and lots of stunning resorts to relax at, this destination is perfect for a couple who wants it all. 

There are many different cities to go to in Thailand. One example is Bangkok. This is the capital city of Thailand and has luxury resorts. 

4. Ireland

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

This European country is not only romantic but it is also stunning. Ireland has a lot of rustic charm, with castles, monuments, and lots of great pubs and bars to choose from. 

Ireland is a cozy vacation destination and the hotels here are truly luxurious. You can also choose to stay in an Airbnb if you would like to save on your honeymoon. Make sure to avoid any time around St. Patrick’s Day if you are looking to avoid steep costs or are trying to avoid large crowds.


5. Croatia

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

Croatia is a coastal country that is directly east of Italy. It is a Mediterranean country with beautiful architecture and unique views that will leave all your Instagram followers wondering exactly where this gorgeous place that you went on your honeymoon is.

Croatia is almost like a hidden gem because not many people are aware of its beauty. Honeymoon prices are often cheaper here than other places in Europe because it is not as well-known. 

Croatia is unique from other European countries because it offers medieval architecture and gorgeous clear waters on its beaches. If you and your partner are a Game of Thrones fan, some parts of the show were filmed in this country. 

6. Florida Keys

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

Visit the Florida Keys for a gorgeous tropical vacation within the United States. Located at the southernmost point in the United States, the Florida Keys are the place to go for a beach vacation domestically. There are many different islands in the Florida Keys, but the largest and most southern island is Key West. 

Key West is a gorgeous island, known as Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet. It is a great place for a party-like atmosphere that is on island time. Visit historic places such as Ernest Hemingway’s home which is also a museum. Also visit Duval Street for lots of bars and restaurants! 

7. Tulum, Mexico

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

Tulum offers some of the most stunning and interesting Mayan ruins in all of Mexico. It is located on the Yucatan Peninsula in the southern part of Mexico. The Peninsula is basically an area of Mexico with gorgeous beaches due to the geography of the region. 

Tulum has some gorgeous all inclusive resorts that will offer honeymooners deals on their trip. Make sure you book early with this location, as it is highly sought after for newlyweds and you will get cheaper prices by booking early. 

8. Cancun, Mexico

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

If you’re dreaming of white sand beaches and an affordable honeymoon, Cancun is the place to go. Cancun is a gorgeous backdrop to your dream honeymoon, and a fun party-like atmosphere if you and your partner are looking to party the night away. 

Visit local historical ruins like the Mayan ruins in neighboring regions around Cancun. Although this area of Mexico is well known for its resorts, there are many other local activities that you can safely enjoy around the region such as zip-lining, scuba diving, and parasailing.

Cancun is a great choice for the couple who is trying to save some money on their honeymoon. 

9. Lake Tahoe

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

Located on the border of California and Nevada in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this gorgeous lakeside resort has lots of fun for honeymooners. This location is both for the adventurous couple and the couple who wants to relax because it has it all. 

From mountain excursions, to being home to one of the largest freshwater lakes in the United States, Lake Tahoe has lots of things to do. Although there aren’t many all inclusive resorts, guests can still find great hotel deals here. 

10. Bali, Indonesia

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

Bali is a popular vacation spot in the country of Indonesia. This province offers everything you may need to have a relaxing and gorgeous honeymoon. With the stunning beaches, naturally beautiful rainforests, and lots of wellness inspired activities to choose from, this is the perfect location for your honeymoon. 

Some of the hotels in Bali are extremely high end resorts, and therefore very expensive. Hotels such as the Four Seasons Resort Bali or COMO Uma Canggu are some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. Make sure you research resorts that are not so expensive or one that offers savings or packages. 

11. Portugal

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

For a truly adventurous couple, Portugal is the perfect place to go for some memorable vacation moments. One idea is to go backpacking in Portugal. This can allow you to see many parts of the country while keeping costs down. 

One area to travel to if you enjoy the outdoors is the Azores Islands. These are a good place to visit to get off of the beaten path and see some absolutely gorgeous waterfalls. Over 930 miles away lies the capital city of Lisbon. It has a unique history and traditional Portuguese foods and is a must go spot in this country. 

12. San Francisco

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

Located in Northern California, this American city is romantic for a honeymoon. If you are looking for the least expensive time to go to San Francisco, the spring is ideal because of the mild climate while it is still off season.

The peak season in San Francisco is actually the fall, because it gets warmest here in September and October. 

There are many different places to explore in the city. Some couples enjoy museums like the Conservatory of Flowers inside of Golden Gate Park. This location is truly romantic because there are over 2,000 types of flowers and plants grown there. 

Ways to Save Money on Your Honeymoon

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

There are many ways to be frugal when looking for your dream honeymoon. Besides setting a budget, many couples decide to use the following hacks as ways to save money while going on their dream honeymoon.

Book Your Trip Early

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

One way to save money on your honeymoon is by booking your trip early. Travel experts say that if you decide to book your honeymoon seven to nine months in advance, that is when you will get the cheapest prices. 

Use Your Wedding Registry

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

Honeyfunds are a popular choice for wedding registries. If a couple would rather be given a honeymoon rather than traditional wedding gifts, honeymoon funds are a good choice. 

A honeyfund can be tailored to exactly where you want to go, with excursions, airfare, and your hotel all paid for by your wedding guests. The only downside to honeyfunds is that you will miss out on traditional wedding registry gifts. 

Some couples choose to use cash gifts from their wedding gifts that they received towards their honeymoon. This is a good idea if you need some extra funds, but do not solely rely on getting enough cash gifts to afford your whole honeymoon. 

Look for Special Deals

inexpensive honeymoon ideas

Another way to save money on your honeymoon is to look for deals online. Many resorts or travel agencies offer special deals that can make your honeymoon cost way cheaper. 

Many resorts offer off season deals, so if you have a specific location in mind, search for the off season for that area. Plan your trip to be during the off peak season and it will be cheaper. If you want to go to the Caribbean, plan to go on your honeymoon in January or February to be a part of the off season deals. 

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