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27 Popular Beach Honeymoon Destinations

When you dream of your honeymoon, does it include a tropical beach, piña coladas, and gorgeous sunsets? You’re in luck – there are plenty of beach honeymoon destinations to choose from that fit different budgets and expectations.

couple on beach honeymoon

We have listed 27 popular beach honeymoon destinations and the best places to stay during your trip. A honeymoon should be full of relaxation, fun, and romance. These destinations offer all of the above and more!

Do you want to have fun in the sun and dance until dawn? Then one of these tropical honeymoon destinations might be for you! Some of these beach honeymoon locations offer very popular all-inclusive options while others let you lean into the culture of the destination. 

Enjoy time with your partner in the precious time as newlyweds on the beach! Relax, explore and experience tropical island bliss. 

We have researched for you here. Keep reading to discover your perfect tropical honeymoon location so that you can start planning your trip!

Amalfi Coast 

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Visit the beautiful Amalfi Coast of Italy. Experience breathtaking views at magical hotels like the Hotel Villa Cimbrone. This hotel is located in Ravello, and it is set inside a 12th-century castle. 

Getting to the Amalfi Coast is easy. We recommend flying into Naples and then driving to your destination. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to get to your destination, depending on where you are staying. 

Take a cooking class or go on a wine tour in the land famous for good eats and good wine. A trip to the Amalfi Coast will make you and your partner feel all the romance. 



Located near New Zealand and Australia, the over 300 Fiji Islands are a popular place for honeymooners. The crystal clear blue waters and remote location makes Fiji a tropical paradise. 

There are many all-inclusive resorts to choose from, like the Koro Sun Resort. The Koro Sun Resort offers overwater bungalows and fun activities like snorkeling. Many flights arrive in the city of Nadi, and there are plenty of transportation options to get to your island of choice. 

Look into purchasing your tropical getaway to Fiji today!


Maui, Hawaii
Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a great option for American travelers who do not want to travel “out of the country.” Experience island bliss on the second-largest island of Hawaii. 

Resorts like the Andaz offer a relaxing beach, fun activities like snorkeling and paddleboarding, and excellent dining options. 

You can also take many excursions out to see waterfalls or go on hikes on Hawaii’s beautiful terrain. 


tahiti ocean and mountains

The island of Tahiti itself is heavily populated. That said, you can still enjoy a great honeymoon on this island! 

This is a good option for people who have hotel loyalty accounts or want to use their loyalty points for a place to stay. The InterContinental Tahiti Resort and Spa is an excellent choice! They offer luxurious accommodations, are five minutes from the airport, and villas are available.

The hotel also boasts an amazing spa and unique dinner shows. Tahiti might not be the flashiest of islands, but it is still a wonderful honeymoon spot. 


kauai waterfall

Enjoy the “garden island” on your honeymoon with its lush gardens and activities aplenty! You can go kayaking, hiking, and even zip-lining through its lush greenery. 

Book a stay in the five-star Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa and enjoy island life for a few days. Book your trip between April and November for optimal weather.

Hawaii is a popular destination, so be sure to book your trip in the “off-season” if you do not like to be in crowded places. 


Santorini Island, Greece

Take your pick of the many idyllic villas Santorini has to offer! You can enjoy privacy and gorgeous sunsets at the Aenaon Villas. These villas are located about 25 minutes from the airport and come with private verandas that access an infinity pool.

Taste the many foods indigenous to Santorini like moussaka and keftedes while you are on your luxurious honeymoon! The views and the food can’t be beaten in Santorini, Greece.

There are many villa options in Santorini, and if you are debating on if you need the villa or not, trust us, you want the villa! The sunsets in this part of the world are unmatched, and nothing is more relaxing than sitting on your private porch, watching the sunset. 

If you choose to get married here, be sure to learn about Greek wedding customs to incorporate in your big day!


bali sunset

Bali is known for its magical and tropical feel. Honeymooners often enjoy the many cultural activities the island has to offer. 

Book a stay at the Ayana Resort and Spa. When you want to explore, take a trip to the many photo-op places around the island!

Imagine getting a massage right next to the ocean. We think there is nothing more peaceful than that! Bali can deliver on all of your romantic and peaceful needs for your special getaway. 

St. Lucia 

st lucia

This is the first time we are mentioning Sandals resorts, but not the last. The Sandals in St. Lucia offers all-inclusive options that are meant for honeymooners looking for a romantic beach stay. 

Enjoy the many excursions the resort has to offer and explore the beautiful island!

Sandals resorts offer many nightlife activities on the resort as well as daytime activities on the beach. This is why so many people leave happy customers. Sandals know how to host!


tulum beach and ruins

This Mexican city has many resort options for honeymooners. Some are more private, like the Encantada hotel, while others are more high-end hotels like the La Valise Tulum. 

No matter where you stay, you are sure to have a romantic and relaxing honeymoon with your partner. Maybe even explore some of the ancient Mayan ruins during your stay!

Tulum is an up-and-coming place for tourism as well, so great steps are being taken to be sure all of the resorts are up to the level of a luxurious stay. You can’t go wrong with Tulum!

Bora Bora 

bora bora beach

One of the more well-known islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora is a dream destination for many. There are many resort options with over-the-water villas to choose from. You can’t go wrong! 

If you are looking for a nice hike in a tropical beach setting, Bora Bora has just the thing for you! Many couples enjoy a guided hike on Mount Pahia, which offers 360-degree views of the ocean.  

If you are looking into a hike, be sure to choose a guided option. The mountain is beautiful, and the views are breathtaking, but it is not an easy mountain to climb without a guide. 


mauritius beach

This island nation is located in the Indian Ocean and is a great honeymoon destination for people who love a tropical paradise. 

Explore coral reefs and rainforests one day and sunbathe on the white, sandy beaches the next. Mauritius has it all!

Riviera Maya 

riviera maya cave

Take a trip to the Mexican Caribbean coast and check out Mayan ruins as well as sandy beaches. 

Many people consider this the more laid-back version of Cancun, but it is still a great destination. Many resorts offer excursions and activities that will keep you entertained. 

Relax in one of the many available resorts that are available in a wide range. From adults-only, all-inclusive resorts to a boutique hotel, Riviera Maya has what you need. 


miami coast

Miami is a luxurious and rich beach destination that is sure to impress any couple. From its historic luxury hotels like the Eden Roc and Fontainebleau to the Latin-inspired cuisine, Miami has something for everyone. 

Enjoy your time on the beach or relaxing by the pool at one of the iconic resorts in the city. Visit the lush Vizcaya Gardens for a fun day out!

This south-Florida city has everything you need to enjoy a tropical beach vacation without leaving the country. 

Turks and Caicos 

sunset on turks and caicos beach

Turks and Caicos have one of the longest coral reefs in the world. This is great for diving or snorkeling. One of the most well-known resorts for honeymooners is the Grace Bay Club. 

Another well-known place to stay known for its relaxation factor is the Wymara Resort and Villas. This resort is known for its cleanliness and friendliness, so you can expect excellent customer service throughout your stay. 

No matter what you choose, you are sure to love Turks and Caicos. 

Costa Rica

costa rica volcano

Costa Rica’s motto is Pura Vida, which means pure life. You can enjoy the pure life lifestyle in some of the most private resorts. 

One resort known for its serenity and privacy is the Arenal Nayara Hotel and Gardens. The private villas open up to a volcano-fed plunge pool, and the resort features gourmet dining for all guests to enjoy. 

Take a zip-lining tour through the lush jungles or head to the city center for the market. There are many things to do in Costa Rica that will make you feel like you are living a pure life. 


maldives resort pier over water

The Maldives is another hot honeymoon destination among many newlyweds. However, its popularity does not detract from its appeal as a tropical paradise.

The white beaches and aqua-colored waters are worthy of a computer screensaver! Take this opportunity to turn off the world and sit in a week of peace!

Home to many resort options with beautiful overwater bungalows, the Maldives is the perfect place to rest, relax and enjoy your newfound marital bliss. 



Head to the south of Spain and see what the Spanish coast has to offer! You can look at the picturesque mountains while sitting at the pool at hotels like the Ca’s Xorc or Mirabo de Villamosa. 

You can hike or bike the mountainous terrain in the day and relax in luxury at night. Another day, you can head to the beach and enjoy the white sands. 

Many resort options are not located in the mountains, but the mountainous terrain set against the beach views is what makes Mallorca special. Mallorca has a bit of everything, so you will be sure to be happy with your choice to visit! 

Florida Keys

florida keys

Another good option to visit to celebrate your new love is the Florida Keys. Explore deep sea fishing excursions as well as enjoy the hot sun in the Keys. 

Key West is home to LGBTQ+ friendly bars, shops, and entertainment venues as well! The nightlife of Key West leaves nothing to be desired and is perfect for the ultimate honeymoon experience. 

Take a good look at all the Florida Keys have to offer before making your itinerary, but don’t worry, it is easy to get from one Key to the next if you decide you want to branch out. 


jamaica coast

Like we mentioned before, the Sandals resort family is an amazing resort for honeymooning couples. There are many of these resorts in Jamaica all over the country. Look into the area or town you want to go to, and there is probably a Sandals resort around! 

These all-inclusive resorts also offer excursions to zip-line through the forest or ride horses. Take advantage of the great options Jamaica has for honeymooners today.

Since there are so many Sandals resorts in Jamaica, oftentimes if they are within a few minutes of each other, you can visit both resorts during your stay. Double the fun and double the restaurants to enjoy!


seychelles beach at sunset

This African country is known for being as close to heaven on earth as you can get. Seychelles is a destination frequented by celebrities, so it must be good enough for your very special honeymoon!

The Four Seasons Seychelles is a great option for people who are not familiar with traveling abroad since it is a chain of hotels. Though it is a chain, you won’t experience a downgrade in quality. 

Enjoy the lush jungles of Seychelles on your honeymoon. 


thailand beach

Thailand is one of the most versatile destinations on our list. You can find a place to party, a place to relax, and a place to eat the best food, all in the same tropical destination! 

The Andara Resort and Villas located in Phuket is the most luxurious and romantic place in Thailand. Check it out!

Many people spend lots of time in Thailand because each place has something different to offer. Even if you are making your stay shorter, like one week rather than two, you can plan something that you and your partner will enjoy while still getting variety. 


beach in the bahamas with beach chairs

There are many great resorts in the Bahamas, but the most exclusive, top-tier resort is Kamalame Cay. It is a private island resort, so if you have a large budget, this might be a good choice for you! 

Your villa will be isolated from other guests, and you will be able to enjoy the white sands of this Caribbean island. 

Take a boat trip around the island, enjoy the nightlife at the resort or just sunbathe at their exclusive pool. No matter what you decide to do on your trip, you are sure to have a blast. 

Zanzibar Island

zanzibar coast

This African island is home to white sands and blue waters. Take advantage of the many resorts and spas on this island during your honeymoon!

Many resorts have special theme nights for the people staying there. You can enjoy a drink and a show with your loved one or a calm breakfast overlooking the beach. 

Zanzibar Island is a non-traditional option for a tropical honeymoon, but it is a great option. The tropical climate of Africa is a unique backdrop for your romantic getaway!


belize waterfall in cove

Like many other destinations, Belize stands out due to its quality of services and lush jungle. The Blancaneaux Lodge offers a peaceful atmosphere. Twenty huts are sitting on the property, and each one offers privacy.

In your spare time, ride horses, sunbathe, or visit the Mayan ruins! In Belize, you will never want your honeymoon to end!

Cook Islands 

cook islands water view

Good news! Getting to the Cook Islands is easy since there are weekly flights out of Los Angeles. These South Pacific islands are fairly secluded and generally within a good price range for accommodations. 

Many local restaurants serve local cuisine and seafood. Take advantage of the lower price point and add an excursion to your budget. 

There are many tours where you can explore the beautiful terrain of the Islands. 

Hayman Island

hayman island beach

Hayman Island is situated off the coast of Australia in Queensland. This is another destination known for its blue waters and white sands, so take a look at Hayman Island on your search for a honeymoon destination. 

Many hotels originated on the Island, but the InterContinental is a very nice hotel that has 5-star reviews from many customers. 

Staying at a chain hotel will also help you use and obtain loyalty points, so you might as well make your honeymoon work for you! Take your tropical beach honeymoon to Hayman Island. You won’t be let down!


nicaragua aerial view of statue and beach

Visit this gorgeous Central American country between November and May, and you won’t be disappointed! There are lush gardens, safari tours, and many volcanoes. The volcanoes are a popular attraction for tourists and honeymooners. 

The culture of the country is rich and welcoming. You can discover local cuisine and learn about the traditions of Nicaragua through several tours that are available through your hotel and other services. 

Managua is a good choice for a honeymoon. You can experience top-tier spas, relaxing beach days, and stunning spas.

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