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5 Amazing Honeymoon Registry Websites

Planning for the perfect honeymoon is super easy with these amazing honeymoon registry websites!

honeymoon registry websites

If you and your partner want an amazing honeymoon, opt for a honeyfund instead of a wedding registry. A honeyfund is a honeymoon registry that is for couples that want an amazing honeymoon instead of traditional registry gifts.

If you would rather have instead of dining sets or a new appliance for your kitchen, opt for a honeymoon fund. A honeymoon fund is just like a traditional registry, but it is to raise money for your honeymoon. 

Many couples decide to have both a traditional gift registry and a honeyfund. Many honeyfunds are on websites, so many people choose to link the honeyfund website on their online registry from websites like The Knot. 

The Pros of a Honeymoon Registry

honeymoon registry websites

A positive of a honeymoon registry is that you will not have to spend a ridiculous amount to plan an amazing honeymoon. A honeyfund will allow you to travel to your ideal location, without having to pay for it. 

Another positive is that if you do not need anything on a traditional gift registry, you can get what you actually want. You won’t have useless kitchen appliances lying around after your wedding, you will be laying on the beach on your fabulous (and free!) honeymoon. 

The Cons of a Honeymoon Registry

honeymoon registry websites

Some of the cons of a honeymoon registry is that some people may not want to donate to your honeyfund. Some guests prefer a traditional gift registry because they feel like it is a personal gift they can give you.

To deal with guests like this, make a traditional gift registry as well as a honeyfund. This way, all guests are happy and you will get twice the gifts!

Here are some of the best honeymoon registry websites out on the internet for you to try!

1. Honeyfund 

honeymoon registry websites

Honeyfund is perfect for the couple who wants a cash gift instead of a traditional gift registry. Honeyfund’s website says to “think of it like a dream bank” where you can get the money for your amazing honeymoon.

According to their website, “Honeyfund’s online wedding gift registry makes it easy to give and receive the perfect wedding gift — one that reflects your unique style and makes giving quick, easy, and budget-friendly for your wedding guests!” 

You can receive gifts by cash, check or other custom payments. Honeyfund prides itself on being the “most trusted honeymoon and cash registry,” and is proven to be a reliable site. Honeyfund is free to use, but if you want to pay for their premium account, you can get Honeyfund Elite for $39.99. 

2. Blueprint Registry

honeymoon registry websites

Blueprint is a website that can help you plan your entire wedding, not just your honeymoon fund. Blueprint offers the ability to create a wedding website, a one-stop registry, handle RSVP’s, and has a database of wedding planning information on their website. 

On the registry website, Blueprint offers a selection of traditional gifts and honeymoon experiences. On this website, you can either choose from pre-made honeymoon packages, or you can create a custom honeyfund of whatever cash amount you want.

According to its website, Blueprint Registry says that “Blueprint is a David’s Bridal company allowing newlyweds to create a beautiful, free wedding website, build your registry with gifts from any retailer, and streamline everything from RSVPs to your honeymoon fund.” 

3. Honeymoon Wishes

honeymoon registry websites

Honeymoon Wishes credits itself as the “America’s most trusted honeymoon registry.” This website dedicates itself to exclusively being a honeymoon registry website. This specific site offers many deals that other sites do not have.

Honeymoon Wishes is partnered with travel brands such as Hilton Hotels, Carnival Cruise Lines, Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas, and Royal Caribbean International. These are exclusive partners for this website, so they get good deals on certain travel brands.

Honeymoon Wishes prides itself as “the highest-rated, hassle-free honeymoon registry in the industry. Since 2003, we have worked with some of the top travel and hospitality brands in the world and make over 1M honeymoon dreams come true.”

4. Wanderable 

honeymoon registry websites

For the creative couple, choose Wanderable to create a unique honeymoon fund page. On this site, you can make a custom and aesthetically pleasing web page for your honeymoon fund.  

On this site, you choose a template and then you can customize it as much as you want. You can choose from the many fonts and layouts to make your page perfectly custom to you and your partner. 

There is a page of previous couple’s pages on Wanderable for you to get inspired by. Click here to look through other couple’s pages so you can see some ideas of honeymoons others have gone on and what the design looked like.

According to the website, Wanderable says that “Layout, font, color – these little details add up to equal something greater than the sum of its parts. Here at Wanderable, we have crafted the most beautiful parts so you can design your honeymoon registry to be an expression of you, through and through.

5. Traveler’s Joy

honeymoon registry websites

Traveler’s Joy is one of the first honeymoon fund websites. It was founded in 2004 and it is completely free. This site allows you to create a honeymoon registry online that is exactly what you want. 

One couple who used Traveler’s Joy said,“We wholeheartedly recommend Traveler’s Joy as a registry to anyone who wants less stuff to stash and more stories to share.”

Another couple said “Traveler’s Joy made it possible for us to trek across Italy for the honeymoon we didn’t dare dream possible. Mostly, though, it gave us a profound appreciation for the friends and family who helped bring our travel itinerary to life.”

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