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Groom’s Cake Explained

Are you curious as to what a groom’s cake is? There is a lot of history in the groom’s cake tradition, and they are a unique touch to your wedding!

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A groom’s cake is a tradition that goes back to England late in the 19th century. The cake then travelled from Britain and became popular in the American south. The reason for the groom’s cake is because it is an opportunity for the groom to show his personality and interests at the wedding. 

Usually wedding cakes are very feminine, with light flavors and floral decorations. A groom’s cake is traditionally designed to be more masculine and incorporate richer flavors than the wedding cake. 

Chocolate and liquor-infused cakes are most common for groom’s cakes. Groom’s cakes could also be fruit cakes traditionally. Traditions with the groom’s cake are common.

One example of a common Southern tradition for the groom’s cake is that single women would take the cake home with them. These unmarried women would then sleep with the cake under their pillow to dream of their future husband.

Common Questions

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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about groom’s cakes. 

When to Serve

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The groom’s cake is most commonly served at either the rehearsal dinner or at the wedding reception with the wedding cake. If it is being served at the wedding next to the cake, then it can display the groom’s personality and their interests next to the bride’s choice for the actual wedding cake.

If you serve it at the wedding rehearsal dinner, then it is a chance for the groom to have his own special moment and get recognized by close family and friends. It is also served at the rehearsal dinner as an extra dessert that you get to enjoy. 


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Most commonly brides design the groom’s cake for their new husband. Usually brides pick a design that incorporates a favorite hobby or something that the groom is into. Some ideas include a fishing cake for the groom that loves fishing, or an alcohol themed cake for your groom’s favorite liquor. 

Groom’s cakes are prevalent at weddings today, but are by no means necessary. Usually a bride just gifts her groom a cake if she is familiar with the tradition, or if she wants something unique at the wedding to represent the groom.

They are more common at Southern weddings, because it is a Southern tradition that is spread from generation to generation. 

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It is up to the bride and groom to determine if they want this special cake at their wedding. The cake is something that needs to be representative of the groom and his hobbies. There are no exact rules for whether you should serve a groom’s cake, it is completely up to the preference of the couple. 

If you want to have a groom’s cake, sometimes brides choose to ask their future husband to give them an idea of what flavor or what design to choose. If you want to surprise the groom, it may be a little bit more difficult as you must know what flavor he would like, his favorite hobbies or another idea for the design of the cake. 


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If you are looking for ideas to decorate your groom’s cake, ask yourself what the groom enjoys most. Usually these cakes are decorated elaborately and creatively. This is an opportunity for the groom to let his personality come through, so make sure it perfectly goes along with the groom’s interests. 


Here are a few groom’s cake ideas for inspiration. Use these ideas for possible groom’s cake themes. 

1. Favorite Sports Team

Use your groom’s favorite cake flavor to gain inspiration for the cake! Whatever type of sport your future husband enjoys, whether it is basketball, football, hockey, or baseball, the cake will be perfect. If it is inspired by his favorite team’s colors he will definitely love the cake. 

The designs can range from sports teams colors, fondant sculptures, or even more elaborate decorations. Ask your caterer or baker what they recommend for ideas. 

2. Occupation

If your husband loves his job, inspire the groom’s cake after his occupation. Use his career to make the cake let his personality shine. For example, if your future husband is a firefighter, design the cake with decorations that are related to that.

3. Favorite Hobby

Use a favorite hobby to design the wedding cake after. If the groom enjoys hiking, design the cake to look like a mountain or hiking accessories. If your groom loves surfing, design it with waves and a surfboard.

4. Favorite Cake Flavor

If your husband enjoys a stronger flavor of cake like the traditional groom’s cakes are meant to be, there are many recipes to choose from. You can also choose another flavor such as cheesecake or another flavor that the groom enjoys.

Usually groom’s cakes have a stronger flavor and have more traditionally masculine flavors. Chocolate and liquor-infusions are very common for groom’s cakes. Some bakers will give you options that are traditional for a groom’s cake or flavors that are more masculine than the actual wedding cake flavor. 

6. Armadillo Cake

Made popular by the film “Steel Magnolias,” armadillo cakes are popular for groom’s cakes. The exterior is decorated to perfectly look like an armadillo and the inside is red velvet. When guests go to get a slice of this cake it looks like the red velvet cake is blood. Not exactly what the bride may want, but perfect for a groom’s cake!

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