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winter bride ideas

20 Gorgeous Ideas for Winter Brides

Are you looking for inspiration for your winter wedding? Here are some of our favorite winter bridal ideas!

winter wedding ideas

Summer may be the most popular season for weddings, but there are lots of absolutely gorgeous winter bridal ideas to choose from. Imagine the magic of the holiday season, with the snow falling gently… that is the ultimate romantic winter wedding. 

Winter is the perfect season for a romantic and cozy wedding. There are many adorable ideas for how to keep guests warm and incorporate some holiday magic into your wedding day. Ideas for your winter theme are endless. Themes can range from a winter wonderland to a holiday party with a festive touch. 

The winter months may not be the most typical time to have your wedding, but with so many stunning bridal ideas it will be absolutely beautiful. 

winter wedding ideas

There are lots of options for what to wear to a winter wedding. Winter accessories and gorgeous accents will make your special day a little more special. Things like winter berries, metallic embellishments, and cozy warm drinks like hot cocoa are all things to get inspired by. 

If you decided to get married during the holiday season, festive makeup can bring the whole look together. You can use seasonal decorations like pine sprigs to decorate bouquets or other decorations at your wedding.

Let yourself become inspired by the coziness of the season and wear accessories that are gorgeous for a winter wedding! Things like fur, velvet, layered blankets, or even mittens and gloves can create the perfect winter friendly look.

Here are our favorite ideas for the best winter bridal looks. Let these ideas inspire you if you are going to have a winter wedding. 

1. Velvet

Velvet is a gorgeous touch to a bridal look. Depending on the color palette for your wedding, choose a velvet color that goes well with your color scheme. Depending on the type of accessory, whether it is a handbag or a jacket, the velvet will add a cozy winter touch.

2. Long Sleeves

winter bride ideas

If you are trying to decide on a wedding dress, long sleeves are always a gorgeous option for a wedding during the winter months. There are many styles to choose from, but lacy long sleeves are a beautiful and classy way to wear long sleeves at your wedding. 

3. High Neck, Low Back Dress

winter bride ideas

Another style for a wedding dress is to have one with a higher neckline and a low back. This look will keep you warm from the elements while also not being too modest. This winter wedding dress style is absolutely gorgeous and is perfect winter wedding attire. 

4. Cape

Wearing a cape is a cozy accessory to your winter bridal look. Let your photographer take lots of pictures of you and your future husband wrapped up in your bridal cape for some stunning and cozy wedding photos!

5. Ear Muffs & Mittens

woman in snow

If it is especially cold at your wedding, or possibly you are getting married at a ski lodge, wear winter weather accessories. Ear muff and mittens are the perfect adorable accessories for the winter bride, and they will keep you warm!

6. Winter Color Palettes

Use winter weather as the inspiration for your wedding color palette. Go for colors such as grey, or other muted neutral tones. If you are having a festive occasion, you may want to incorporate other colors such as blue, red, and green. Metallics like silver and gold are always perfect for a wedding too!

7. Silver and Gold Metallics

winter bride ideas

As mentioned before, silver and gold are always in style for weddings. Use these metallics to find accessories that work with your wedding look. Whether it is jewelry, high heels, or a handbag, metallic accessories are an absolutely gorgeous touch for a winter wedding.

8. Winter Wedding Outfits

winter bride ideas

As for your guests, proper winter attire is usually whatever will keep them warm while still being stylish. Long dress coats, leather gloves, and scarfs are common if you are having an outdoor winter ceremony. If your venue is indoors, it is usually more common for women to wear long dresses.

9. Winter White

Take inspiration from the white around you during winter time and incorporate it into your wedding look. Of course wedding dresses are usually white, but you can take it a step further and use white for other accessories at your wedding. A white party theme is also an idea if you want to take a “winter white wedding” to a whole new level. 

10. Lace Accessories

winter bride ideas

Lace is a delicate and elegant touch to your wedding day. If you choose to wear a long sleeved dress, lace long sleeves are absolutely beautiful. Lace is a traditional element for a bridal look, but embellished and more elaborate lace designs are perfect for winter weddings.  

11. Crystal Details

winter bride ideas

Bejeweled details are dazzling and utterly perfect for a winter wedding look. If you want an elegant wedding, add crystal embellishments to your wedding day look. Whether it is jewelry or a bedazzled veil, the crystals will add a sparkle to your special day. 

12. Feathers

winter bride ideas

Use feathers as a light and cozy touch to your wedding. Add them to the bouquet as a magical and cozy touch, or add them to centerpieces at your wedding reception. If you place florals and feathers in vases, you can easily create a gorgeous winter look. 

13. Winter Groomsmen’s Suits

winter bride ideas

Groomsmen’s suits for winter weddings are usually similar to other wedding looks, but you can make them special by going for a specific color or fabric. Velvet or corduroy suits can look lavish and perfect for a winter wedding. 

14. Bridal Party Attire

winter wedding ideas

As for members of your bridal party, like your bridesmaid dresses, there are many options. You can choose a specific winter color that you think suits your theme, or you could do something different like making all of your bridesmaids wear fur or some other warm accessory. 

15. Crown

winter bride ideas

Wear a crown on your winter wedding day. Not only will you feel like a queen, but you will also look like one! You can either choose a crown that is metallic with jewel details, or create a winter florals crown with materials from the outdoors.

16. Pinecone Bouquet

winter bride ideas

Add pine cones to your bridal bouquet to add a wintery touch. Pine cones are the perfect accessory to a winter wonderland wedding. Bring the woodlands into your bridal bouquet and bouttinneers with this idea. 

17. Branches With Flowers

winter bride ideas

Another idea for the bouquet is to add winter branches and winter berries into your floral bouquet. By adding these winter touches, it will make your bridal bouquet stand out and go with your theme. 

18. Faux Snow

winter wedding ideas

For your wedding photos, incorporate faux snow if there isn’t any on the day of your wedding. You can find different types of fake snow on the internet, or you can ask your wedding planner if they can make your dream come true. The photographs will be absolutely perfect!

19. Layered Blankets

winter bride ideas

Use blankets to keep the bride warm on your wedding day. A layered, sweater look will be a cozy touch to a low key wedding. Allow the bride to cover her shoulders with a sweater or blanket to add a wintery touch. 

20. Fur Coat

winter bride ideas

A fabulous accessory for a winter wedding is a fur coat. The fur coat can be real or faux, depending on how you feel about wearing real fur. Lots of brides rock white fur coats with their wedding gowns, but the fur coat can be any color that you want!

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