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Adorable Flower Girl Basket Ideas

For many, the flower girl is one of the most adorable parts of a wedding ceremony. The flower girl, or sometimes multiple flower girls, can be a much needed comic relief or adds cute factor in a long wedding day. There are plenty of flower girl basket ideas for the cutest member of the wedding party to carry!

However, there are some logistics that come into getting kids to follow instructions for a ceremony.

One of the best ways for the flower girl to hold her petals is in a cute basket. Otherwise, she may not disperse them evenly, or they may all fall out. Below, we list some flower girl basket ideas to help you decorate the perfect basket.

6 Flower Girl Basket Ideas

When designing a flower girl basket, you should keep the themes and flower schemes from the rest of your wedding in mind. If all of your flowers are yellow and purple, you should have some yellow and purple elements in the basket so that it matches.

Another element to keep in mind is the flower girl’s dress. If the flower basket clashes with the dress, it will look pretty strange. Try to use the dress you have picked out as a blueprint for designing a matching basket.

Traditional Wicker Flower Girl Basket

wicker flower basket

This wicker flower girl basket is sweet and simple, with a light colored finish and a variety of pink decorative flowers. This is great for an outdoor wedding, or one where your bridesmaids dresses and key colors are shades of pink. It is also dainty and small for a young flower girl.

For a slightly larger alternative, a picnic-style wicker basket is a nostalgic option. This one is lined with a soft white lace, which will look especially nice if the flower girl is wearing a white dress, as they often do.

This one also has a personalized message sewn in– something for the flower girl to keep so she always remembers her special role.


Whimsical Flower Girl Basket

For a fairy tale forest wedding, a flower girl basket wrapped in ivy is something straight out of a storybook. This lush basket is entirely hidden in greenery, with a sweet white rose poking out in between.

This basket is sure to make your flower girl feel like a princess in her very own way. It would be great with rose petals inside.

If you’re trying to combine whimsy with the unconventional, this basket is completely coated in moss, like it has been hidden in the forest, just to be found for your wedding. Sprouting beautiful orchids, this is a unique touch for a garden or forest wedding.


Flower Girl Basket for a Winter Wedding

For a winter wedding, a white flower girl satin basket, like this one, is a perfect touch. The bright white of the fabric will remind your guests of fresh snow, and the texture of the satin looks warm and smooth like a blanket. It will also be easier to hold in gloves than potentially splintery wicker.

If your wedding is more of a Christmas theme than a Winter Wonderland, you might want to decorate your basket with Christmas elements like red and green ribbon, pine needles, and holly berries.

This flower girl basket shown also has a large, square shape, so it can hold plenty of flower petals.


Small Basket for a Young Flower Girl

If you have a very young flower girl, you may want to give her a more simple or smaller flower girl basket than you’d give a slightly older child. A small, metal basket, like this one, might be a good option for a toddler attracted to shiny things.

This pretty design has a lace motif and a big white bow.

This ivory satin flower girl basket has a tulip design that is perfectly sized for little hands. It also has a pearl handle, something that will keep your young flower girl’s eye on her job. It is also a simple white design, for a very clean and minimalistic look.


Beach Wedding Flower Girl Basket

This metal bucket wrapped in rope is a more nautical alternative to a traditional basket. This one is also topped with a large starfish, which is perfect for a wedding with a beach theme.

Since it is a bucket, it also looks rather large, which is perfect for holding a lot of flower petals or even something bulkier, like seashells.

This incredibly unique flower girl basket is made out of a Nautilus shell, but even if you’re unable to access an authentic seashell, crafting something in a seashell shape is a perfectly adorable way to nod to your love of the ocean. Your flower girl will think that it’s so fun!


Flower Girl Basket for a Rustic Wedding

For a country-cute rustic flower girl, a barrel-inspired flower girl basket will be perfect. This one has a lace finish and burlap beige flowers, giving a DIY feel.

This will look great in a barn ceremony or outside on a farm. It is also perfect if you incorporate barrels into your reception space, as rustic weddings often do.

This shabby-chic flower basket has vintage vibes. Painted in a wood finish and featuring a heart engraved with the couples initials, this flower girl basket is absolutely perfect for a down home country affair. The large opening to the petals is also good for a younger rustic flower girl.


Alternatives to a Flower Girl Basket

If you love the idea of having a flower girl featured in your ceremony, but are not keen on the flower petals and baskets, there are plenty of other sweet ways to feature kids in your wedding.

They could carry a sign announcing the bride’s arrival– this would be a very sweet personal touch with a child the couple is close with.

For a fairy tale inspired wedding, or a very young flower girl, you could give her a wand to dance down the aisle with. This touch of whimsy will warm your guests’ hearts. Some also give their flower girls bubbles!


More Flower Girl Ideas

Find more creative ideas for flower girls on Pinterest and other sites, and learn about the flower girl’s official duties in her important role at your wedding!

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