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Bridal Shower theme ideas

15 Bridal Shower Themes to Celebrate the Bride

When planning a bridal shower, you want to create a unique experience that celebrates the bride while still making a space for a social gathering where the bride’s loved ones can connect. This may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually very reasonable with the right bridal shower theme!

When imagining the perfect bridal shower, you might want to start thinking about a theme or idea that you think will make for a great time. If you are having trouble getting started, look no further than some of the bridal shower theme ideas below.

What is a Bridal Shower?

bridal shower

A bridal shower is traditionally a party in which the bride-to-be is given gifts from her loved ones, hence “showering” her in presents. They are typically during the day, and traditionally, the gifts given are related to the household, signifying her transition into a new role in a new home.

However, many have flouted this tradition in recent years, in favor of more personal gifts like jewelry and even cheeky things like lingerie.


Planning a Bridal Shower

bridal shower game

Since it’s a party thrown in the bride’s honor, the organizers of the bridal shower are often the bride’s family members and members of the wedding party.

Bridal showers tend to be women-only, and everyone invited is also invited to the wedding. It should be held within a few months of the wedding. Learn more about the purpose of a bridal shower to make planning easier!


15 Bridal Shower Themes To Consider

After you’ve chosen a date, a venue, and created a guest list, you will want to start thinking about sending invitations. This is when you first nod at a theme. But what theme to pick?

If you’re planning a bridal shower for someone and are not sure where to start, check out some of these 15 themes below. 

Garden Party

garden party

There are few things classier than a soft garden party. Invite the guests to this affair with floral invitations, helping them immediately get the vibe.

One cute way to bring in the floral theme is to have guests make their very own flower crowns from a variety of flowers, as displayed on this bar cart.

If you have to be inside, make sure the theme gets across by hanging flowers from the walls, like this.

Finally, give seed sachet packets as a favor for the grateful guests, so they can bring a little bit of the garden into their homes.


British Tea

If your bride is a fan of Victorian-era TV shows like Downton Abbey or Bridgerton, give her the afternoon of her dreams with a classic tea party bridal shower. Appease guests with a cute tea and coffee station.

A cute chalkboard that drives the theme home, like this one, will be the perfect way to greet your guests.

At a tea party, the traditional foods are mini sandwiches and cakes, so while it may not be the most filling meal, it’s true to theme and very cute.

woman pouring tea

The obvious party favor would be a beautiful tea cup, reminding guests every morning of the unique and joyous event!


European Flair

If your bride has always dreamed of gallivanting down the streets of Paris, do what you can to transport her there for her bridal shower. Let guests know this is going to be a chic event with some Eiffel tower invitations.

To bring in a French vibe without anything too cheesy, take some subtle decorating cues, like famous cherry blossoms, roses, and black and white drapes. This creates a chic vibe without being too on the nose.

wooden tower of macarons

Would it be a French party without a display of beautiful macarons? These sweet cookies are delicious and totally cute.

You could also note the European flair with a French/English saying. “She said oui!” is a cute nod to the theme and the occasion.


Boho Chic

boho wedding decor

If your bride is more of a bohemian soul, you can bring that out through some earthy elements. You could welcome your bride to the party with reclaimed wood or wicker furniture and a rustic color scheme.

Macrame weaving is a beautiful art form that you often see in boho spaces. You could decorate the food table with macrame pieces, giving it a soft and textured feel.

For a laid back way to serve food, set up a table with poufs instead of chairs. This proximity to the ground will fit right in with your earthy theme.

cocktails with flowers

Even though it is daytime, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and your boho bride will certainly appreciate an all-natural, herb-based cocktail to supplement the day.


Tropical Honeymoon

If your bride is quickly anticipating the island honeymoon, give her an early taste with a tropical themed shower. This bridal shower sign makes use of a beautiful tropical leaf motif.

For seating, this table setting makes use of clean linens and the same leaf motif that strikes a tropical feel.

For easy decorations, these gold pineapples are cheap, simple to make, and help you think of somewhere warm and exotic.

mimosa station

You could also do a fruit-based juice (or mimosa) bar with little pieces of cut fruit, like this one. Try to pick sort of tropical fruits, like guava and mango, to give your bride a little taste of island flavor.


Fairytale Fancy

Like many young women, maybe your bride always dreamed of being a Disney princess. Her wedding is her moment– you can keep that going by making her feel like a princess on her bridal shower.

wedding reception alternatives

Some gentle whimsical touches, like lush flowers and candles, evoke the magic of a romantic story.

A cake with romantic rosettes, like this one, is lush and pretty, and totally fit for a princess.

While Alice in Wonderland might be a slightly less romantic childhood story, these little cocktail nods are fun and reminiscent of Disney dreams.


Holiday Party

Your party may happen to line up with an important holiday, meaning that you already have a built-in theme! If you have an October bride, a little nod to Halloween, like in the form of this witchy cocktail, is a great choice without being too cheesy.

Christmas wedding ideas

For a Christmas bride, decorate the shower space with all red, green, and white, and items like holly and pine needles. 

new years eve drinks

One of the most fun holidays is New Years Eve, and a New Years bridal shower would be a great way to celebrate two new chapters in the bride’s life. A New Years bridal shower would have to include a lot of champagne and even a roaring 20s flair.

Another great holiday for a bridal shower is Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate romance and include a lot of hot pink and red touches– balloons like these are so flirty and fun.


Beachy Ball

There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach, but you can definitely recreate it for your party. Aqua blue and seashell decorations bring back the best beach memories.

These nautical seashell invitations are such an artistic and classy touch for your party!

beach wedding decor

Use blues, seashells, starfish, and other beachy place setting keeps the same motifs with the soft touches of white flowers and a burlap tablecloth.


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Send your guests home happy with the cutest starfish cookies they’ll ever see!


Campfire Fun

If your bride is still missing her summer camp days, you could bring them back with a backyard campfire theme. This whole table set up is full of inspiration, from the lantern to the little pine tree.

These invitations are perfect for a campfire soiree.

Using barrels to serve drinks like ups the ante on rustic appeal. Consider classic camp flavors or even add popsicles to your drinks!


What would a campfire be without s’mores? Share your best scary wedding stories while helping yourself to a s’mores bar.


Country Barbecue

For a no-fuss, no-frills bride, a simple country barbecue will do the trick. Use sunflowers and red gingham to emphasize the at-home vibe.

This hot dog bar stocked with all the toppings and root beer floats you’ll need for a nostalgic backyard event.


Slices of watermelon on sticks are a delicious and sweet way to bring in some country flair.

drink dispenser

Mason jars with sweet tea emphasize that southern country vibe while still keeping your guests cool.


Bubbly Brunch

These adorable donut-themed invitations will let your guests know that they should come hungry.

The best part of a brunch bridal shower is the mimosa bar! Stock some champagne and a wide variety of juices so that guests can make their own drink.

These little french toast shooters with some syrup are an adorable way to serve breakfast food while still staying clean– nobody wants to deal with spilled syrup!

Donuts designed as engagement rings are a sweet nod to your bride’s exciting news.


Retro Romance

For the vintage-lover, a 1950s theme shower will be a fun throwback. Pop on some Elvis and print out these cheeky “housewife” invites for guests.

Aqua, red gingham, and cat-eye sunglasses work as a perfect aesthetic throwback.

Keep the theme going with diner-style desserts like mini pies and cherry cupcakes!

Take the sock hop theme even further with diner-themed decorations– and plenty of milkshakes!


Seasonal Soiree

wedding hot chocolate

For a winter shower, warm your guests up with a cozy, decadent hot chocolate bar. This is a subtle and classy nod at a wintertime theme.

Springtime favors are obviously flowers! Beautiful potted arrangements like these will be greatly appreciated by your guests.

For a warm summer shower, do something creative with a sweet and sour lemon theme. This will bring back fond summer memories of a childhood lemonade stand with a classy twist.

If your bride loves the changing leaves, wrap them into an autumn shower with beautiful touches, fall colors, and details like this sweet chalkboard.


Spa Day

To imitate the calm camaraderie of a girl’s spa day, decorate with soft-colored flowers like this light pink and cream set up.

You could set up affordable foot soaks in large buckets, like this one, and provide your guests with luxurious soaks and scrubs.

These cookies are an adorable nod to the spa theme, especially the little cucumber slices and woman in a face mask.

For favors, you must give cute spa nods, like eye masks, lip balms, and smelling salts. This will get all of your friends prepped for the wedding in a few weeks!


City Cool

For the modern and chic bride, be sure to keep things cool and collected. These minimalistic invitations keep things simple.

If you live in a big city, look for a venue with unique touches, like the airy ceiling here. An open space like this one will do more to modernize the space.

Black and white table settings are straightforward. You can never go wrong with sticking to the basics.


Cake-scented candles as favors will bring a little bit of the wedding into many city apartments, helping create a homey atmosphere and excitement for the wedding. Match your candles’ scent to your theme! 


Picking the Best Bridal Shower Theme for You

If you’re planning a bridal shower for a loved one, try to think about what kind of themes she has always liked. Was she someone who always wanted to go to the beach, even in the winter? Has she always wished she was a Disney princess?

If a theme doesn’t seem that obvious, think about other things– when are you having the shower? What kind of location is it? Play to the strengths of the space and time of year. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration on each of these themes, just put in the theme’s name and “bridal shower” after it on Pinterest. You will find tons of ideas for all kinds of parties on there! Don’t forget to come up with a bridal shower hashtag to share your pictures from the bride’s special day!

More on Bridal Showers

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If you’ve never been to a bridal shower and are looking for some bridal shower etiquette tips, Yeah Wedding has that covered. After choosing a theme, try to incorporate some of these bridal shower games and activities.

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