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32 Bridal Shower Cake Ideas Your Guests Will Love

One of the most exciting parts of planning any event is the food. If you’re planning a bridal shower, there are plenty of bridal shower cake ideas for a sweet end to your pre-wedding celebration. 

From hors d’oeuvres to specialty cocktails, the snacks at any event are a highlight. At a bridal shower, food is typically served, and food means dessert as well!

One thing you may not be sure about is dessert for your bridal shower. Though a regular party may have cookies or a pie, a bridal shower is an important enough event to break out a big dessert like a cake. Keep reading for 32 bridal shower cake ideas.

Do I Need a Bridal Shower Cake?

Bridal Shower theme ideas

If you haven’t been to many bridal showers, you may not have even realized that people do a bridal shower cake. Well, it depends on what you want.

Of course, you don’t need a bridal shower cake if you don’t like cake or don’t feel like making one. It’s not as important as a wedding cake.

However, it’s a good opportunity to enjoy a great dessert before your wedding and even to have all of your friends try a cake from your wedding bakery beforehand. It can also be a cake that reflects your personality, interests, or aesthetic. You should definitely pick up a bridal shower cake if you want one!


Cake Inspiration for Your Shower

If you’ve decided to go for a bridal shower cake, you may not be sure how you want the cake to look or what flavor you want.

One way to find an idea for your bridal shower cake is to think about the style of food that your shower venue serves– for example, if you’re at a French restaurant, maybe you want a cake with the Eiffel Tower on it.

You can also think about your bridal shower’s theme. If you aren’t sure about a theme for your bridal shower, you can read our list of bridal shower themes and design a cake off of that. Match your cake to the decor at your shower. You could also make your bridal shower cake a smaller version of the design for your wedding cake! 


Beautiful Bouquet

If you desire a floral look, this bright tiered cake will be so cute for a summer bridal shower. 

This incredible watercolor floral cake is so soft and feminine, perfect for a springtime bridal shower.

For a bohemian bride, this wildflower-inspired cake is indicative of a warm, colorful day, perfect for an earthy bouquet.

The rosette look is so gorgeous and is relatively easy to do for DIY brides. Create a gradient of rosette colors for a magical and whimsical look.


Modern Mrs.

For the chic bride, a simple geometric white cake like this will be to die for. She can bring her modern flair into the bridal shower.

These geode cakes are so trendy and artistic, they look so accurate you might forget to eat them!

This marble finishing on a cake is so gorgeous and will impress all of your guests. In fact, it doesn’t seem too hard to do– combine the frosting in a bowl, and then pour it on top of the cake!

A super trendy bride has likely already heard of a naked cake, which uses minimal frosting and puts more emphasis on the cake itself. While this might not be for everyone taste-wise, they are subtly beautiful!


Best Dressed White Cakes

One thing that some brides-to-be really like is a cake that is white with some elements of their dress. This one has a soft feel, like a chiffon dress.

This cake has a beautiful lace finish with some polka dot styles as well. This will look great with any sort of traditional style dress.

For an adorable spin, make a cake that looks like a dress on a mannequin! This will be too cute and a great way to get everyone excited for the bride’s reveal.

This one pretty directly references wedding dress styles, but incorporating a bedazzled belt, some fabric layering, and beautiful ruffles.


Rustic Warmth

This cake just screams rustic chic. It literally looks like the bark of a tree! The couple’s initials carved in add an extra cute touch.

Another naked cake, this one incorporates rustic vibes by using a tree-themed cake stand and topping it off with natural berries.

Simple and cute, this cake combines the floral vibe with the rustic one by incorporating some unassuming floral design and a lemon curd filling.

 You could also use a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for a more winter-y rustic vibe. Dark red flowers evoke a natural winter feel.


Colorful and Bright

For a neon lover, this colorful cake looks like a chameleon’s changing scales. It also looks relatively easy to make!

If your bride-to-be is an artist, this beautiful paint splatter is exciting and even a little luxurious with some gold leafing.

This cake is crazy, spiky, exciting, and slightly overwhelming in the best way possible. The colors give me mermaid vibes for a water-loving bride.

For a 70s loving bride, this cake looks like a colorful shag carpet in such a fun way! The inside is polka dotted and just as fun.


Cupcake Chic

If you’re looking for something a little more cutesy, cupcakes are the way to go. You could do white ones like these to reference the bridal event.

For a floral vibe, these gorgeous flower cupcakes in a variety of pinks will have everyone oohing and ahhing.

You could also enjoy these rainbow pastel cupcakes for a color-loving bride or if you’re trying to show some pride.

These rich chocolate and raspberry cupcakes will be an absolute hit. Nobody will be able to put these beauties down.


Brunch Bridal Shower

If you’re having a morning brunch event, look toward classic breakfast foods to make a cake out of. This donut cake looks delicious and will be a total hit.

You could also do a scrumptious macaron cake. Macaron cookies are super trendy right now and would be great for brunch.

Crepes are a thin, French pancake, often filled with cream and fruit. For a blend of classic and traditional, stack a bunch of crepes to make a cake.

Another French tradition, the croquembouche is a tree made out of cream puffs and decorated with glaze and fruit. This unique structure will have everyone excited.


Unconventional Cakes

If you’re looking to do something totally unique, consider making a cake out of rice krispies treats! Everyone loves these breakfast classics.

Blend the class of a cake with the cuteness of a cupcake with single-serving cakes. Make one of these layered cuties for each guest and some unique decorations!

For something easy, make a sweet strawberry shortcake in a cup, with one for everyone. So yummy and easy!

You could also make a delicious homemade cookie cake like this one. You can even decorate with white frosting and some sparkle to get the bridal theme across!


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